Oviedo: Rise From The Ashes

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    Real Oviedo has seen a huge amount of media attention in the past years, this is because thousands of people came together and bought shares in the club to keep it alive. I was one of them, all be it I only bought 5 so I probably own a tile in the toilets or something but I can still say I'm a shareholder. Last year they were promoted to the Segunda Division (Spain's Championship) and now I've decided to try and complete their rise back to the La Liga, then hopefully become champions of Europe!
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  2. First Team
    Looks like a good challenge there fellow Gashead.

  3. Own a tile in toilet - haha good laugh there mate xD

    too bad last time when they opened up their shares for sell I didn't earned any money yet, really really want to buy shares that time.

    Good to see one FM player willing to take up this task to bring them higher. All the best lad!

  4. Pre Season

    Pre Season was kind of a success, we looked good picked up good results; including a 0-0 draw against Sunderland. Defensively we looked good however we struggled to create chances, which meant a lot of tinkering. This means I still don't know what is a) my best tactic and b) my best starting line-up. Also any transfers, loans or free transfers are off the table; we simply have no funds. thankfully we have quite a strong squad and I think play offs is definitely possible, I don't think we'll win the league because we don't enough quality outside of our starting line-up and some subs. injuries will affect us a lot this season.
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  5. August & September

    RECORD: P-3 W-1 L-1 D-1

    Overall, not a bad start. We were robbed in our opening league game versus Huesca. We were starting to create chances but we couldn't finish them; whereas Huesca couldn't create anything. They had 2 shots all game and one of them was a penalty we gave away a minute before half time, of course they scored it and we lost 1-0. Typical. however we were solid for our remaining 2 games that month and we managed to beat Getafe 1-0.

    RECORD: P-5 W-3 L-1 D-1

    Our league form was starting to pick up, winning 3/4 league games that month and drawing the other meant we flew up the table. in our final two games that month we finally managed to score more than one goal in a game. Those last two victories were good wins as well beating Elche and Almeria who have both been in the La Liga recently. But the main disappointment this month was obviously our only loss which was in the 2nd round of the Spanish Cup, we were expected to reach at least the 4th round and I wanted to get a big team to come to the Estadio Carlos Tartiere. At least now we can focus on promotion.
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  6. Just started a career with Oviedo also! Hopefully make it to La Liga and Europa League.
    Any advice about some players or youngsters?

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