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Non-league to legend series, join the journey
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    Hey everyone I'm Joey. I have started new youtube series going from non-league and beyond. We might succeed or we might not, what is important is the journey of it so that's why I'm happy to invite you to join me in my journey.

    The story,
    After getting a loan of few thousand euros I finally was able to fly to UK and manage Curzon Ashton, I've just recently finished my National C Licence and was ready to face my challenge that is Curzon Ashton.
    Immediately I noticed we have 4 very good players on the but we have no budget. Striker Adam Morgan, goalkeeper Hakan Burton, midfielder Tomsett, defender John Hunt real veteran of the team. So basically we had little of everything. We start hiring scouts left and right we have nothing in the team not even physios. Later on I checked we have the smallest budget of them all and.... almost no fans, one of the lowest attendances in the league. So if I want to return that loan I should be very creative with my budget.
    Curzon Ashton hired me on the basis of my previous management experience that was Football Manager series, they wanted to try something new and I decided to give them something new. I immediately decided I shall use FM tactics 5-2-1-2 I used previously but decided I need something stable that would work in other clubs. I'm more of a defensive type of manager so I just decided to transform that to 4-3-1-2 and it....failed. Lost to under-23s.

    <a href=";t=1" rel="nofollow">

    Don't read next text if you don't want spoilers!!! You have been warned.

    After quite few matches and changes to tactic I've decided to stick with defensive minded 4-3-1-2 in friendlies we were pretty poor buuut we mostly played against poor teams against which this wouldn't work well, we were very unstable. After all the transfers we kind of had a team but still only 1 quality striker that is Adam Morgan.
    We couldn't have asked for worse opponent in the first match, it's Kidderminster team that is aiming for the top of the league. While we are scrambling for survival.

    <a href=";t=1s" rel="nofollow">

    Third part / spoilers alert!!!
    To my surprise tactic is working amazingly, we are currently 3rd in the league with only one loss. Can we actually do it and stay in the league maybe even surprise people?!? Is that even possible??? Next two league games are against Altrincham and Salford we should be beating both of them based on results before but team is very shaky in defence, I don't know how to fix it... Maybe dropping defense a bit deeper and no offside trap? John Hunt is great player but very slow. I don't know about our defense yet. We didn't do any transfers or anything after start of the season and we have lowest salary in the league. How are we doing it? Can we keep going here? Or will Altrincham and Salford get us from the clouds... See everything in the next episode.

    <a href=";t=1s" rel="nofollow">

    I hope you like it, any criticism is welcome.

    Best Regards, Joey

    P.S.I edited everything after writing the story and adding it, new episodes will have stories. Whole playlist
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  2. New episode of my non-league to legend journey is out!

    After quite good start we are losing momentum a little bit can we get it back? Last two matches ended in a draw, we are hoping to bounce back in cup and make a little of a run since we are in dire need of money, we have no attendance and even with lowest budget in the league we are still losing some money.
    Can we start with a good cup run? Can we beat Stockport to go for promotion in the league? Find out in next video:

    Hope you like it feel free to ask any question or make suggestion. I even wouldn't mind more subscribers!

    Best Regards, Joey

  3. New episode of my series is out!

    After bad FA Cup match can we make better impression in FA Trophy and gain some of the very needed money? Or is it going to be a dissapointment? Find out in the next video.
    We are also playing against Boston with hopes to establish ourselves in the playoff position.

  4. Promotion push?!?

    Can we prove ourselves against two better teams in the league Fylde and Telford and gain much needed points for promotion?
    After some bad run can we regroup ourselves and gain promotion? Find out in the next video!

  5. We are so close to the top of the table with just one match everything can change, can we beat bottom of the table Nuneaton and Stockport to take the lead in the league? We just beat Alfreton 7-3 can we repeat that performance today? More in the next video!

  6. Exclamation

    Epic 3 game season finish in this episode. After up and downs we are in danger of slipping out of playoffs, recently we have been in weird form and right now we need wins against these team. We even play against first team on the table Boston. Can Adam Morgan find his form again? This episode is amazing I must say I went from frustrated to happy and back to frustrated multple times. It's been an amazing season let's finish like it!

  7. Playoff semifinals are here! We are playing Boston who we just beat for a playoff spot! Can we do it again and get to the finals?!?

  8. End of season is here, we are going to play against Tamworth in playoff finals. We have just beaten Boston quite easily can we do it again? We had a lot of ups and downs and we were very inconsistent.

    After the match there's gonna be end of season review, we are gonna take a look at players and finances and some other things.

  9. New season ahead of us! News about transfers, preseason and first match of the season! Right now we have even lower budget than previous season, can we do the miracle again and get to the playoffs?!?

  10. Top of the league match ahead of us! We are still unbeaten for now.
    Also in the future from next wednesday new episodes will be shorter and with the new microphone!

  11. Exclamation

    After dissapointing loss against second team in the league at the time we are slowly getting back on the track even though we suffered another devastating loss in FA Cup against against team in even lower leagues than we are.
    We play against Fylde and Guiseley today.

  12. Sky Sports

    New mic/shorter episodes from now on!

    FA Trophy match coming up against FC United, we are finally making a run in cups.
    Also in this episode derby against Ashton Utd.

  13. Rematch against Macclesfield, we are still top of the table and we are in a bit of a slump right now. We need to get back in the form as soon as possible!

  14. Finally a FA trophy run, we are playing AFC Fylde in this match! Also a league match against Solihul Moors. We have picked up form a bit and are getting better slowly.

  15. Season finale! Review coming up tomorow. We are playing last 4 matches of the season only 1 point behind automatic promotion, we can actually do it our form is average at best but I have high hopes for this run, hopefully we can beat teams and Macclesfield makes a mistake.

  16. Season 2 review.

  17. Season 3 begins today! Transfers, preseason, job offers and first match of the season!

  18. National league is going to be a bit tougher than previous VNL North. Some tough matches ahead of us!

  19. FA Cup and Dag & Red matches ahead of us. We are struggling a bit right now let's hope we can get back to it in this match!

  20. Comfortably in middle table right now, two quite easy matches ahead of us we need to use this chance to win again!

  21. Unbeaten for sometime now, we have some tough matches in this episode against Grimsby and Wrexham.

  22. 3rd FA Trophy round and league match in this episode!

  23. End of season review today, it's been quite good third season.

  24. Season 4 starts today! Transfers, preseason and first match of the season

  25. It's been a weird start of the season to say the least, tactic changes soon?
    Also looking to apply for new job as managers get fired soon hopefully...

  26. We keep struggling with out form in the league. Let's hope FA Cup can give us some form boost.

  27. Really poor form right now and looking for a new job...

  28. Time for a new start in the league! League Two here we come!

  29. Still slowly adjusting to the new club and new environment, tactic is a bit messy right now...

  30. Time for new tactic! 41212 is my choice maybe a bit more attacking no more counter attacking I guess. We'll see how it goes, slowly preparing good tactic for the next season. Early results show promise for the new tactic.

  31. Last 2 matches of the season, end of season review coming up tomorow!
    P.S. New season is going to be bombastic

  32. End of season review is out!

  33. Start of the new season is here! Preseason, transfers, first match of the season and new tactic.

  34. Big match in EFL against Wolves, league going quite well right now!

  35. New tactic is amazing. Long unbeaten run right now.

  36. Another amazing run in the league. I guess we are going for promotion this year. Totally unexpected!

  37. FA Cup third round after a bit of a struggle in the league!

  38. Time for the grand match against Man Utd in the FA Cup. Also in this episode match against Ipswich where reserves will get their chance. It's going to be tough episode!

  39. We are back in form! Finally few games unbeaten and ready to steamroll through the league!

  40. Champions?!? Time to confirm first place in league two! After an amazing season of overachieving I think we deserve this. I don't know how we did it but here we are promoted to League One against all odds.

  41. End of season 5 review!

  42. Season 6 starts in League One! Transfers, preseason and first match of the season!

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  43. Still going strong in League One after a bit of a beatdown against Chesterfield.

  44. Form improving slowly let's see what can we make of it. Currently really close to playoffs.

  45. Same old unstable team rolling through League one

  46. Time to find new club in championship or maybe even premier league?!?

  47. New beginning at the new club. Wolves here come!

  48. New tactic for Wolves! Match against Barnsley which is a must win!

  49. FA Cup match against ManUtd!

  50. Finishing up the season!

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