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FC Barcelona - Spanish La Masia Youth Challenge - Youtube Series!

  1. FC Barcelona - Spanish La Masia Youth Challenge - Youtube Series!

    Hey guys, this is my new FM17 save on Youtube.

    I will upload new episodes daily, and you can follow here as well or on my Youtube Channel. I hope you're going to enjoy this.

    Team: FC Barcelona
    Challenge rules:
    • Only sign under 18s players and they have to be spanish citizens.
    • Only sign 1 not under 18s player every transfer window but spanish only.


  3. Next Episode in on Youtube Check our first game in the Champions League against Borussia Dortmund, it was an excellent match! Stay tuned for the next episode!

  4. Episode 4 is online, we had our next game in the Champions League against Rome. It was 2-1 but who won this game? Check in this episode.

  5. Hey guys, I played a couple games in advance to move this story forward faster and in this video you can check the results.

    Maybe they gonna fire me? Lets look the episode for the answer!

  6. Group G ECC

  7. Hey guys, thanks for following the series so far, another episode is now on Youtube. We had a great run in the last 1,5 months and in today's episode we are againts Real Sociedad. Check the episode for the result

  8. 1st leg, great result

    Click image for larger version

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  9. Hey guys, i know my videos were not the best, thats the first time i make videos on youtube, but i made a couple great changes, and it looks amazing. Have a look and follow the series with Episode 7 - Half Time Show

  10. 8 points difference, can we do it?

    Click image for larger version

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  11. sry guys for the lack of updates, i was sick and had no voice to record new episodes, but i hope tomorrow evening there will be a new one. stay tuned

  12. Hopefully you'll catch Real
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  13. So as I said yesterday I was able to record a new episode. El Classico result 6-2, but who won that important game? Check in this brand new video.

  14. We are getting closer and closer...can we make it? Check the latest episode from yesterday, there was a massive win for us.

    Click image for larger version

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  15. After yesterday's amazing game in the Camp Nou, here is a new episode as well, check our race to the title. Real Madrid is in big trouble now.

  16. Here is the 2nd leg in the Champions League Quarter Final with Manchester City. Can we beat them finally? Check the next episode and the 1st leg as well in the previous one.

  17. Click image for larger version

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  18. Great comeback! KUTGW!
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  19. Quote Originally Posted by Rick1990 View Post
    Great comeback! KUTGW!

  20. Todays episode will be ready in the evening, with 2 awesome games (ATMA and PSG)

  21. Hey guys, latest episode is now arrived on Youtube, including 2 important games before the grand finale.

  22. I finished my first season, new episodes with the last games will be ready on Monday.

  23. Season Finale Part 1 is ON Youtube! Check it here

  24. Here is the 2nd part of the Season Finale, check check check

  25. Next episode is on Monday, season review and also other infos.

  26. Wow, this is a GIANT transfer...Real is on fire...

    Click image for larger version

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  27. And after this long season, lets look back what happened in this season review episode! Thanks for following the story.

  28. Hey everyone,

    In the 2nd season I will upload all games with live commentary, so let's start!

    We won the Spanish Super Cup again, you can see the result in the video, and also our first La Liga game with Sevilla in the Camp Nou.

  29. Our next game is here with Valencia, i can tell you it was a tremendous game and my youth player played as well. Check it here.

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