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MLS in Scotland

  1. MLS in Scotland

    Hello Everybody and welcome to the start of what promises to be an interesting story.

    What has happened here is that the 20 teams from the MLS in the USA have been swapped with the teams from the Scottish Leagues 1 and 2 with the highest reputation teams in the latter, just to add that wee bit more interest.

    The aim here is to answer many questions;
    Can an American team win the Scottish Premiership and topple Celtic?
    How will American teams cope in Europe?
    What affect will excessive travelling have?

    Plus, after every season there will be a scoreboard of the overall results of all competitive matches between Scottish clubs and American clubs (excluding matches involving youth teams.

    This promises to be an interesting and as of this stage, unpredictable story. We'll just have to play and see what happens.
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  2. Original idea, I like it! All the best...

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