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FM Base FC - The Return
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  1. Quote Originally Posted by Godfish93 View Post
    I'm going to try get an update out for you tonight, but first I want to clarify a few things. This isn't directed at anyone, but I feel it necessary so that we don't get any wires crossed re. updating and the thread going quiet.

    - Weekends are likely to be quiet. I'll update if I have the chance, but don't count on it.

    - Weekdays are more likely. However... my work hours see me get up at half 5 in the morning and get home at 6 in the evening. So more often that not, I'm shattered when I get back, and would rather chill than type and screenshot. I get that it doesn't take massive amounts of effort, but I'd like to see you try and tell my tired self that.

    - Updates won't cover a set period of time, more how much I've got done before I'm ready to go again. Could be 3 weeks, could be 6 months. Who knows. In the case of key games though, I will try and do a singular match report, such as the Arsenal game. Again, it's time dependent.

    Either way, I'm sticking with this for the long haul, so don't worry, you'll see your players in the top leagues soon enough. In the case of one original FM Base member, you've already made it there...
    Update when you can man! writing stories is harder than most people think, you need a lot of spare time to keep it regular so don't worry if you don't get an update out often, take it as a compliment we are all super excited for the mighty FM base.
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  2. woo 5 goals from defense, although Chance needs a move away from Concord.

  3. Any idea why Mick Sully is unhappy? Lack of playing time?

  4. I will take my chances if and when they come at FM Base! Cheers for the update Godfish!

  5. Quote Originally Posted by naterr View Post
    Update when you can man! writing stories is harder than most people think, you need a lot of spare time to keep it regular so don't worry if you don't get an update out often, take it as a compliment we are all super excited for the mighty FM base.
    Well said Naterr

  6. Mate people have got to understand that there is a world outside football manager that all of us sadly have to take part in.
    Update as/when you can, obviously more frequently is better haha.
    That aside, im not happy with how things have been going for me personally, not taken my chances to impress, am i even improving stats wise?
    How is the winger training going? Any chance id be better at amc?

  7. Quote Originally Posted by naterr View Post
    Average Rating:

    Naterr: 7.63

    Barthernon: 7.59


    Also the change to a back 3 is a bit scary! They could be limited to chances Woolly!
    You forget Barthernon is also an attacking Wing Back so there is a chance there. 11 games to 8 plus one as sub say no more!
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  8. Not getting as many games as I'd like, but nice to see the team doing well. The team comes first, afterall!

  9. Wonder how much longer I'll be happy playing second fiddle to Willie and Fish in the middle. Superb start to the season though!

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  10. Update out on Sunday evening, in which one of the Concord Rangers stalwarts has moved on, plus other bits and pieces.
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  11. ????

  12. Yeah I think it seems like this one's dead, such a shame I was enjoying it

  13. Quote Originally Posted by Godfish93 View Post
    Season Two So Far

    So, after a largely successful campaign last time out, we set ahead with going for promotion number two. My chairman and I had a significant falling out however..

    Attachment 1109558

    Yup, he sold the captain on deadline day from underneath me. It sucked. Urquidi took the armband from him, Bond remaining as the vice captain. In the meantime, we needed a replacement. Lewis was on loan at Watford from Arsenal, and Zimmerman had just been joined by Darnho at West Ham. So...

    Attachment 1109559

    Keeping the squad at a nice 25, we bring in Steo from Hemel. I'm not expecting fireworks immediately, but he'll go into the ranks pushing for that open spot. Fish and Willie take over duties in the centre of the park to start with.

    Results-wise, everything is going great. We haven't lost yet, and after our opening day thrashing of Aldershot, we've gone from strength to strength. Granted, we've had a couple of poor results mixed in, but I'm not getting too worried about those.

    Attachment 1109560

    In recent times, our matches are usually sparked into life by a Telstar goal, with the Estonian winger leading from the front in the last month or so. Having said that, it's been an allround effort so far. Steo has his first goal for the club, whilst Fish, Willie and Birch have helped the forwards with goals. Even Lowerson has chipped in.

    All of that means we are sat at the top of the league. Undefeated. Not really much more I can to that is there?

    Attachment 1109561

    The players have been a mixed bag. There are those that have led from the front, and those that have failed to impress me when they've started. Players like Tracz and Jablonksi for example have not take the opportunity when afforded to them. However, I am looking at retraining them into other positions to suit my everchanging needs. Jablonski and Murley are both being trained as wing backs, whilst Tracz is being trained to go out wide in an effort to help him challenge the established order a little more.

    I'm also looking at bringing in a 3 CB formation, so competition back there is even more fierce. Same goes for the keepers too, both have been good yet again.

    Willie and Fish have been first choice in the centre of the park for the most part, but Birch has really impressed when played. Steo is finding his feet still, and is being given time to adapt to the new role of CM(au) he now plays in the centre, rather than the playmaker.

    The strikers have all done ok in spells, but injuries have hit hard. Dover missed two months with a dislocated shoulder, whilst Alarcon and Odd-Willy both missed a month or so each. Urquidi has been ok, but international journies leave him tired out, poor thing. Dahnert is now essentially striker number 5, but is yet to score. Hawkins, while able to play up front, finds himself in the BBM role rotating with Willie.

    The relevelations really have been the wingers. Silva has been on fire on the right, and in the absence of injured or inconsistent strikers, Telstar has been on hand to fire home. I expect interest to mount for both players over the next year or so, I need my chairman to stick to his guns and reject any offers.

    Attachment 1109562

    The others have had variable seasons. Some haven't yet moved, so DanW and Kronos among others are still big fish in a small pond. Others like Talent and Zimmerman have found chances limited after finally getting a dream move. Darnho remains the success story so far, with his big money move, while his new internation team mate Branagan enjoys success on loan at Peterborough from West Brom (?). Kovsonejro is the one I expect to move next, the tricky winger yet again having a good season.

    Attachment 1109563
    I am very sad to leave!! Hopefully I dont turn out to be a flop at West Ham!! haha

  14. Quote Originally Posted by darnho View Post
    I am very sad to leave!! Hopefully I dont turn out to be a flop at West Ham!! haha
    Dude, this is dead why're you even responding? :p

    Last meaningful post was like a month ago

  15. I mean it's not technically dead, but it's not alive either atm. A shift in my role at work means I'm getting home after 12 hours, covered in some sort of chemicals, and I really don't have any motivation for FM. That said.. I'll look at uploading the database file for you at some point this weekend, then at least you can have a crack at it.
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