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Red Bull London

  1. BBC Red Bull London

    After the failure to buy West Ham, Red Bull have moved on to taking over a far smaller side, like with Leipzig, in an attempt to recreate there success in Germany in the biggest league of them all, the premier league. Taking over Leyton Orient, Red Bull will start their English adventure from the bottom of the football league, league two.
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  2. Good luck mate! I did a similar thing, but with Portsmouth instead

  3. Red Bull London Finances and Rules

    After the success of Leipzig, Red Bull will be investing huge amounts of money into the project in London, starting with a new academy, youth players are the main goal of Red Bull's ideology, shown in Germany with Poulsen and Werner etc. A new stadium will also be built, with the current Brisbane Road stadium only having a meagre 9,271 capacity, not fit for the premier league (new stadium names are needed plz ). The chairman will also be putting huge amounts of money into the budgets, with the hope of attracting may young talents from around the world to help Red Bull London's rise.

  4. 1st Comment

    Quote Originally Posted by iamauser View Post
    Good luck mate! I did a similar thing, but with Portsmouth instead
    Cheers mate, got any tips or tricks from your playthrough?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by olliewebb View Post
    Cheers mate, got any tips or tricks from your playthrough?
    It depends on how you edited your team. I gave my side sugar daddy owner and a boosted starting budget (Not stupidly unrealistic, but more than enough). I went around getting the good youth players who will help you through the leagues so you wont need to be buying every season

  6. I did something similar with Charlton via the create a club and edited badge etc etc...


  7. Season Ambitions (Performance and handicaps)

    As our first season, the targets are set pretty low by the game, but my personal targets are higher. The Checkatrade trophy is pretty low down on my list, with the competition turning into a place to try out youth teams in recent years. The capital one cup is also very similar in my eyes, with us most likely going to be dunked in the deep end with a difficult draw. However, the FA cup is always a huge competition for small clubs, like Lincoln this year, despite the chance that we could be handed a tough draw, I hope to lose to a Premier League club a few rounds in. The league will be my main focus however, with my aim to be reaching the top flight within five seasons, with the base of players that I have started with, I'm sure we can reach the top half, but with my signings, I'm expecting a promotion, whether by playoff, automatic or by winning the league.

    Personally, I don't want this career to become too easy and I am happy to add in extra rules to keep it exciting, ideas include things like 'FA limits spend' or arranging qualifying matches with weaker teams (friendly matches) in awkward times mid-season, with headlines like 'FA wants to clamp down on new and emerging teams buying their way to glory).

    PS. If you like these ideas or want to have an influence on how this story is played out, add to the thread, I can assure you that I'll read all the comments.

  8. Pre-Season and Signings

    We had a fairly easy pre-season, giving me a chance to experiment round with the squad, thankfully, the team performed and gave us an 80% win ratio, despite a disappointing loss. Our team seemed quite well rounded, with us being able to put weaker teams to the sword and keep clean sheets, although we struggled to cope with stronger teams.

    Pre-Season results:
    Vs. Our U23s 4-1
    Vs. Brentford 0-1 (not bad against a championship team)
    Vs. Lewes 2-0
    Vs. Boreham Wood 1-0
    Vs. Wealdstone 5-0

    Due to the fairly impressive pre-season, I felt I had a strong squad but wanted to keep to my ideology of young players who could take us to the top.

    Signings (with a budget of 6m, extended to 8m a few weeks into pre-season):
    Alan Browne, a young centre mid from Preston North End, 3million cost
    Nico Yennaris, a 22 year old wing back from Wolves, 2million
    Andre Green, 16 year old winger from Aston Villa, 1million
    Paul Downing, an experienced 26 year old centre back, I brought him in to regulate the back and control the youth, FYI, played in India, 750k from Mk Dons
    Ademola Lookman, everyone knows him, the young superstar from Everton, brought in on loan to carry us up to league one.

    Any suggestions, leave them in the thread, squad report out next and then the season will begin (although I've already started it)

  9. Squad Report

    So I played a few more friendly games (naming them FA reputation matches), setting the story up for some more handicaps and experiments and used these matches to experiment with the youth team. In the under 23s I found an extremely good looking central midfielder, having controlled these matches and provided tonnes of assists, named Dozzell, I decided to play him in the team, this was the starting line-up that I went into my first match with:

    Playing 433 wide, Stockton started in the central striker position, with Lookman on the left and Green on the right, trying to inject some youth and pace into the forward line. Halliday, Collins and Browne controlled the middle, with Halliday playing slightly further back but not quite in the DM position, Collins and Browne were up for rotation with Dozzell who started on the bench. And at the back I played Dickenson, Speace, Downing (c) and Yennaris, with Norris in goal.

    The draws for the Checkatrade trophy group stage and Capital one cup were also in:

    Checkatrade Trophy: Colchester, MK Dons and Norwich U23s
    Capital one Cup: Wolves
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  10. The Season Begins

    Starting with my First team, the Sky Bet league two season begun on the 6th of August, starting against newly promoted Cheltenham, I was hoping for the perfect start to this clubs story.

    6/8/16-Sky Bet League Two - Cheltenham Away - The game started slow, with no real chances in the first half, so I brought on Dozzell and Jamar Loza to add attacking power, thankfully, this paid off with Brennan Dickenson scoring off a Loza pass in the 53rd minute, our first every goal! However the FM Gods were not with us, with Cheltenham scoring in the 81st and 83rd minute too take the points away from us. Final score was a 2-1 loss.

    10/8/16-Capital One Cup - Wolves Away - To put it briefly, we were outclassed by the championship side but suffered a 2-0 loss, which was bearable in my eyes.

    13/8/16-Sky Bet League Two - Newport County Home - Our first game didn't start well, with Dan Butler scoring for the visitors after just 8 minutes, however after an inspirational team talk the lads responded well with Dickenson turning provider and setting up Stockton for the final goal of the game in the 86th minute, final score 1-1 draw.

    16/8/16-Sky bet League Two - Stevenage Home - After a frankly dreadful first half, Dickenson, the man on fire scored twice in three minutes (46 and 49), from Collins and Stockton passes respectively, however the visitors replied with two in the next five to give a final score of a 2-2 draw. Still unbeaten at home. POM: Brennan Dickenson

    20/8/16-Sky Bet League Two - Grimsby Away - From kick off my trust in Dozzell was rewarded, a beautiful passage of play led too a 30 yard screamer from the 17 year old, goal of the season already? Assist to the man on fire Dickenson, and just 7 minutes later, in the 9th minute Will Wood pulled back a pass for big man Stockton to score. but it was not too be .... again, with Grimsby scoring in the 60th minute and than from a frustrating mistake at a corner in the 91st minute, final score 2-2, please can we win. POM: Andre Dozzell

  11. Please can we have more story, like you suggested, it will make this stand out
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  12. We Won!

    After a disappointing run of form last time out, we were still looking for that elusive first win, but after good performances, I was sure that we could find one in the next few fixtures.

    27/8/16-Sky Bet League Two - Mansfield Home - They took the lead early through a penalty but we stood strong and came back quickly, with Downing, the centre back, netting a penalty and Dickenson scored again in the 43minute assisted by Will Wood to give us our first win! 2-1 win. POM: Paul Downing

    30/8/16-Checkatrade Trophy - Colchester Home - Bore draw sadly, first of the series and hopefully the last, but too my surprise we went to penalties (in the group stages?0 which we lost 4-2, not the best start in cup competitions. Lost 0-0p

    20 day break for the internationals, caused only by Dozzell's addition to the England U19s and Yennaris's place being won back in the Cyprus national team, well done to them and I'm especially pleased that my home grown talent has been selected, and played in all three games against San Marino, Scotland and Portugal (all U19s) respectively.

    10/9/16-Sky Bet League Two - Carlisle Away - Well, Downing is the man for penalties, scoring two in twenty minutes to give us a 2-1 lead, they scored after the first penalty. then a beautiful pass from Alan Browne gave Andre Green the chance to score his first for the club, and hopefully not the last. 3-1 win. POM: Paul Downing

    13/9/16-Sky Bet League Two - Morecombe Away - Shut out. They struggled a single shot on target as we washed them away 2-0, Browne and Stockton scoring and Yennaris assisting. 3 on the trot, 2-0 win. POM: Nico Yennaris

    17/9/16-Sky Bet League Two - Yeovil Home- Well there goes our streak and unbeaten at home record, we were shown a masterclass by Yeovil who thrashed us 4-0, hopefully that's the worst. 4-0 loss

    Not bad from the back may I say, the defensive players taking part in 4 goals and grabbing all 3 POMs this time round, strikers need to step up or they will be replaced by Downing!

  13. Bye Bye Form

    After getting our first wins last time out, our form decided to take a turn for its former state, promotion could be fairly difficult.

    24/9/16-Sky Bet League Two - Notts County Away - A boring first half, although filled with 4 yellow cards. However on the hour mark, Lookman scored his first goal, or at least he should have, but the game gave it as an own goal. We looked on course for a win until the 82nd minute, when the game decided to annoy me even more by gifting the home team an equaliser. 1-1 draw, POM: Paul Dickenson again

    27/9/16-Sky Bet League Two - Plymouth Home - Bye bye unbeaten home record, the tight schedule after internationals took its toll with a poor performance and a loss, Green set up Lookman early on, but it wouldn't last. 2-1 loss.

    1/10/16-Sky Bet League Two - Barnet Away - The skipper to the rescue! An early penalty from Collins in a foul filled game looked like it would be the only goal and give us 3 points until FM decided to mug us off with an 80th minute equaliser from Barnet, why all the late goals? 1-1 draw.

    4/10/16-Checkatrade Trophy - MK Dons Away - Well, we started well at least, oh wait... two goals in the first 10 minutes made it look like we were up for the slaughter against the league one side, but Sam Dalby turned in Lookman's pullback after 21 to give us a glimmer of hope, but it was not to be as MK Dons shut up shop and gave us our 3rd cup loss in 3. 2-1 defeat.

    15/10/16-Sky Bet League Two - Luton Home - Finally! Our bad form is over, again, Jamar Loza plays his second game and brings home the goods with a goal and an assist, with Dickenson netting his fifth of the season and his first which wasn't a penalty, first player to reach this landmark. Lookman grabbed 2 assists, first player to do this and Collins scored the other, a goal from attack, midfield and defence. Sadly they grabbed a consolation goal but it wouldn't matter in the end. 3-1 win, POM: Ademola Lookman.

  14. Win Win Win

    After last times poor performances and duly awful results, our table position was 10th, and we were hoping for a lift to help us gain towards the top, thankfully we got it.

    18/10/16-Sky Bet League Two - Portsmouth Home - Playing the league leaders, I wasn't expecting too much, but I was proved wrong, the team rallied and forced Portsmouth into an own goal early in the second half, we withstood a barrage in a nail-biting game until Lookman intercepted a pass and gave a 50 yard pass to Loza who, with the whole half to himself, slotted it past the keeper. 2-0 win, POM: Paul Downing

    22/10/16-Sky Bet League Two - Hartlepool Away - After the great performance last time out, the team rallied again to win a penalty early in the match, which Downing converted, after an equaliser from them, the game was destined for a draw until Lookman locked on to a Dozzell pass and won it for us in the 89th minute, 2-1 win. POM: Ademola Lookman

    29/10/16-Sky Bet League Two - Crewe Away - After a weeks break, the tiredness left our legs, but the form didn't as we hammered Crewe thanks to goals from Loza, Browne and Lookman and assists from Dozzell and Loza(2). 3-0 win, POM: Jamar Loza.

    6/11/16-FA Cup - Millwall Away - After MK Dons, I wasn't expecting a win against the league 1 side, but again I was gladly surprised, two goals within the first 20 minutes from Pearce, a new addition from the bench to our defence, and Green, set up by Collins and Lookman respectively gave us a 2-0 lead, sadly they pulled one back but aw-well. 2-1 win, POM: Krystian Pearce.

    8/11/16-Checkatrade Trophy - Norwich U23s Home - Two cup games in 3 days meant we were fatigued, but my confidence was rewarded with a win against a young Norwich side, although with some stars, Lookman putting in the only goal off a Loza ball. 1-0 win, POM: Ademola Lookman

    Sadly, Colchester got as draw against MK Dons, meaning that they went through in second place one point above us, not the best of starts.

  15. Quote Originally Posted by Messi5000 View Post
    Please can we have more story, like you suggested, it will make this stand out
    OK, I'll maybe integrate some new rules and regulations in the second season, along with running through the 'FA Cup Qualifiers', from the start of the season to add some extra backstory and make this more interesting and different.

  16. We cant stop winning!

    After last times 5 wins from 5, this section could only let us down, or so I thought in my ignorance.

    19/11/16-Sky Bet League Two - Blackpool Home - Well, that's a first. Lookman scores the first hat-trick of the series with a collection of cool, slotted finishes from two assists from Browne, and then a wonderful solo strike. And, as per usual, Dickenson stepped up for a penalty in the 40th minute, which he converted with ease. 4-1 win, POM: Ademola Lookman, obviously.

    22/11/16-Sky Bet League Two - Exeter Home - Dickenson has returned! Since Lookman's performances have increased,= he has been playing at left back, but today was his day as he played at right wing and scored. Other goals from Collins and Loza, Lookman providing the assists. 3-1 win, POM: Brennan Dickenson.

    26/11/16-Sky Bet League Two - Doncaster Away - Doncaster had struggled all season, with the newly relegated team lounging around 15th, and we added to their sorrows. Despite conceding early on, Loza tapped home a Dozzell pass and Collins scored a penalty to give us a win. 2-1 win, POM: Jamar Loza.

    1/12/16-Sky Bet League Two - Colchester Away - Boring start to the advent calendars. Nothing to report in a pretty boring 0-0 draw.

    3/12/16-FA Cup - Carlisle Home - Our 8 game win streak has said goodbye with 2 draws on the trot, thankfully it left us in 1st however, Lookman converting of a Collins through ball this time. 1-1 draw.

    Shout out to Dozzell and Yennaris, who were called up for internationals again. Dozzell playing against Italy, Moldova and san Marino (U19s)
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  17. Cup Runs

    Lets just hope the form continues...

    10/12/16-Sky Bet League Two - Accrington Home - Pretty bland game in all fairness, Pearce flicked on a Dozzell corner for Downing to finish for the only goal. 1-0 win, POM: Krystian Pearce

    14/12/16-FA Cup Replay - Carlisle Away - Just like the first game, not many chances, taking the game to extra time. 9 bookings in this one, but we stayed cool and Lookman latched on to a Downing ball to win it for us in the 113rd minute. 1-0 win, POM: Paul Downing

    20/12/19-Sky Bet League Two - Wycombe Away - Our 13 match unbeaten streak is finally over, we conceded two early goals and pulled one back late on from Browne, assisted by Loza, but sadly it wasn't enough. 2-1 loss.

    26/12/16-Sky Bet League Two - Crawley Home - This is going to be a short section, another bore draw sent us down to 2nd, but with 2 games in hand. 0-0 draw

    31/12/16-Sky Bet League Two - Cambridge Home - Ahh, something to write about, after falling behind early on Lookman slotted home a Pearce pass to equalise. I then subbed on Dozzell in the second half and within 5 minutes he scored a worldie of a free-kick, the series' first, before winning a penalty for Downing to convert. 3-1 win POM: Andre Dozzell.

  18. What A Result!

    If your looking for league success, this isn't the one, but for cup upsets, well.

    2/1/17-Sky Bet League Two - Exeter Away - After a boring half I brought on Dozzell, who played through a great ball for Loza to finish, sadly it wouldn't hold, with an 80th minute equaliser for the home side, 1-1 draw.

    4/1/17-FA Cup - Middlesbrough Home - A great result, holding the premier league team to a draw, the two Andres combining for the goal, Dozzell with his second assist in 2 and Green finishing, 1-1 draw, POM: Andre Dozzell.

    10/1/17-Sky Bet League Two - Barnet Home - First win of the part, Green scoring twice from Collins and Browne assists, with the only downside being a solo goal conceded. 2-1 win, POM: Andre Green

    14/1/17-Sky Bet League Two - Portsmouth Away - I rested some firepower for this one due to my priorities lying tin the FA Cup replay, due to a 6 point lead at the top of the league,, and thus I was happy with the draw that we got, Stockton doing well on his chance in the team again by assisting Lookman, 1-1 draw, POM: Ademola Lookman.

    18/1/17-FA Cup- Middlesbrough Away - What a game! A boring game till the 90th minute mark when our lads took off! Loza, Lookman and Callum Chambers (obviously an own goal) getting on the end a Browne pass in the best win of this series thus far, 3-0 win, POM: Ademola Lookman.

    And now the monthly Dozzell and Yennaris call-ups, Dozzell with some tough games against Luxembourg, Lithuania and Slovenia U19s

  19. Scoring Drought

    After our upsets last time round we were drawn Leicester and I was, optimistically, hopeful.

    21/1/17-Sky Bet League Two - Morecombe Home - Good to see we kept up the performance from Middlesbrough, brilliant 2-0 loss.

    24/1/17-Sky Bet League Two - Mansfield Away - Well, we kept up that performance with our joint worst ever defeat, lets play guess the score, the right answer was a 4-0 loss.

    28/1/17-FA Cup - Leicester Home - Seriously, three games no goals, ok it was a premier league team but still, positives are that we kept a clean sheet I suppose, 0-0 draw.

    4/2/17-Sky Bet League Two- Carlisle Home- Yay we scored, well only one but still, the substitute Dickenson netting after a Loza pass, 1-0 win, POM: Jamar Loza.

    7/2/17-FA Cup- Leicester Away - And.... its over, another lack of goals makes it 1 goal in 5 games with 7 conceded, 1-0 loss.

  20. Concentrating on the league

    After a bad time out last time, surely this could only improve... right?

    11/2/17-Sky Bet League Two - Yeovil Away - New month new us, Lookman grabs the series' first hat trick of assists with Loza grabbing another assist as Adams, Loza, Pearce and Green score, the only real downer was Will Wood scoring an own goal and also getting sent off, but ahh well, 4-2 win, POM: Krystian Pearce.

    14/2/17-Sky Bet League Two - Plymouth Away - Lookman's back at t again with the assists, this time playing through right back Nico Yennaris for the only goal of the game after 10, 1-0 win, POM: Nico Yennaris.

    18/2/17-Sky Bet League Two - Notts County Home - 5 in 3 for the loanee, Lookman this time sets up Stockton on the hour mark, 1-0 win.

    25/2/17-Sky Bet League Two - Cheltenham Home - That is a first, Downing misses his 9th penalty in the league, losing his 100% ratio in the process, luckily, Green scrambles home Loza's ball for the winner 10 from time. 1-0 win (again), POM: Jamar Loza.

    28/2/17-Sky Bet League Two - Stevenage Away - Bad end to a good episode, the fourth 1-0 win in a row sadly doesn't go to us, 1-0 loss.

    New faces in the international call-ups today, Lookman plays for England U21s and Yennaris plays for Cyprus, whilst Dozzell plays against Andorra, Liechtenstein and Italy u19s

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