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    Bradford Park Avenue have today announced they will be closing as a club due to financial struggles with rumours of administration. The club, currently residing in the Vanarama North have worked with the FA to try and cure their struggles but it has come to no prevail with as the club have been forced into closing with immediate effect.

    More news will follow on how the gap will be replaced in the Vanarama North. It is currently expected that a team from the below tier will be promoted into the division in order to fill this gap.

    More to follow...

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    FA Considering BPA Options

    Rumours continue to circulate in regards to the replacement for the former Bradford Park Avenue and it is now believed the FA are considering two options proposed to them.

    The first is that they are replaced with a team from the division below, which would be the loser of the play-off final. This was the original idea and was considered to be set in stone until today.

    It is now believed that form BPA chairman John Dean and directors Gareth Roberts, Kevin Hainsworth and David Bruce have pushed forward a new proposal to the FA. Whilst the details are still uncertain at this time it is believed we will find out more in coming days about this proposal.

    The FA have announced a decision will be made by July 1st 2016 in regards to this...

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    July 1st 2016

    The FA have announced their plans to introduce a new club into the English football system to replace Bradford Park Avenue. The team to replace them will be lead by former BPA chairman John Dean and the former directors of the club as they look to bring back another team to Bradford.

    Further details have been released though confirming that they will be working with the University of Bradford and Bradford College and only using players under 21 as they look to bring through talents from the University and College rankings in order to build for the future.

    The board have been allowed to bring in a small squad for this season made up of youngsters from the near area who are believed to have join for the chance to work with this new development and also fight for a starting place in a new team.

    The details of the team and staff members are yet to be released but it is believed that these details will be given to us within the next week as the news continues to roll in....

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    UCB Backroom Announced

    UCB chairman John Dean has today announced his backroom set up for new club UCB. The most breaking news is the announcement of manager, F.M.Saddler, who has no previous managerial experience and is believed to be a student at the University of Bradford.

    The unknown manager will be joined by 7 other backroom members as the club begins to build for the upcoming season.

    In the coaching department Saddler will be joined by Bradford born Des Hazel as assistant manager and then local coach Mike Stevenson and Head of Youth Bill Gee.

    Stephen Lockett and Fraser Hurst continue the local feel to the club as they join the scouting department along with Justin Clarke who is believed to be a family friend of new manager Saddler, both of whom are from Walsall.

    Finally is physio Paul Teather who will be leading a one man physio team in an attempt to bring some fitness what will be a young team.

    The club have also announced that the current squad will be announced tomorrow along with the clubs friendlies.

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    UCB Squad Announcement

    The club is proud to announce the squad available for the upcoming season. We would also like to note that whilst this is the squad in place now it could change coming into the new season.

    We would like to thank all the players for getting on board with the new regime and being happy to join us, especially those who were working with bigger clubs who have joined for a chance to be a part of this fantastic set up.

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    We are pleased to see that we have managed to attract a lot of quality to the new regime. Players such as Jacob Marsden and Jack Dyche have joined from clubs where it was apparent they would have a future but have made it clear they have a hunger to play and a hunger to be a part of this club.

    We believe to have built a strong squad for this level and whilst promotion is unattainable this upcoming season due to the agreement with the FA we believe we should be able to reach the upper realms of the table this season.

    Once again we would like to thank the FA, the University of Bradford and Bradford College for their help in putting this together. We would like to thank the backroom staff including manager F.M.Saddler and also the players for willing to be a part of this new journey.

    - Chairman, John Dean

    The club is also proud to announce our pre-season fixture list. We will start by hosting premier league side Everton on July 9th before trips to Rocester (July 16th) and Harrogate Railway (July 23rd) before we round out pre-season with a home game against Thackley on July 30th.

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    So there is the introduction. I'm pretty sure I've covered the majority of things. I'm aware some of the names in the squad are a tad farfetched but that will be covered in the story. I am going to be doing an news update style story. I'll try put some back story into it as well and hopefully all goes well. I'm looking forward to this save and it should be interesting to follow for you guys too.

    If you have any questions just ask, if you want to see anything just ask and hopefully you enjoy!

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    Saddler's First Press Conference

    Newly appointed UCB manager, F.M.Saddler conducted his first press conference today in his new role. The press conference started of with general welcomings where Saddler said the following:

    "I'd like to thank John for this opportunity. We met when he came to the Uni to discuss the plans with senior staff members and I was part of the committee to help build the proposal. I do actually have a coaching qualification, a National C License, which I obtained a couple years back so I do have some knowledge."

    He went on to be asked questions about transfers and the current squad to which he replied:

    "I think it is pretty obvious we have managed a fantastic coup with some of the players we have brought in but in all honesty whilst it looks superb now I think looking at the long term they will have to be shifted to keep the club going. I aim to use them this season and then build a cheaper squad as we don't have the financials to keep this core.

    In transfers coming in we will have to be cheap. Non-contract type deals will be handed out to add some depth. I know we have the quality in the starting 11 but beyond that we are a bit weak. I think we could bring in 3 or 4 players to fix that."

    Finally he was asked about his expectations for both the club and this season, he replied with the following:

    "For the season, top. Why not? I mean we have the quality. I mean this season is just a chance to settle and look to the future. There shouldn't be any real issues in doing well with the quality but we need to look ahead to being stable. Long term I don't see why we can't progress. You see what the likes of Salford, Burton and others have done and I don't see why we can't try replicate that."

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    UCB 0 Everton 3

    UCB played their first ever game today in front of a bumper crowd at Student Central. With 1500 travelling supporters the home support was equally as impressive with 3258 "students" attending the game.

    The performance on the pitch wasn't too bad either as Everton fielded a strong side including premier league stars such as Lukaku, Barkley and Baines. Ollie Bassett gave away a penalty just 20 minutes in which Baines converted before a quick fire double by midfielder Ross Barkley made it 3-0 by the half hour mark.

    The Students stood strong though and managed to keep Everton at bay for the remaining hour whilst also creating a few chances as well which Dyche and Ricketts-Hopkinson failed to convert.

    It was an impressive start for the club as they showed they won't be pushovers with a decent performance against the premier league side. However their small squad was shown to be an issue as late injuries left them with 9 men on the pitch after making all 6 subs at half time.

    UCB Starting 11: Formation 4-4-2
    Wildin - Smith - Burns - Williams
    Knight - Venney - Bassett - Green
    Dyche - Ricketts-Hopkinson

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    Rocester 1 UCB 1

    It was a better result for UCB in their second outing as they got a draw away to Rocester. The impressive crowds from Everton didn't carry over as 6 travelling fans saw the first result for the club. After a poor first half all round which saw them go 1-0 down UCB dominated the second half from the get go.

    Early in the 2nd half UCB came out and looked like instantly scoring. On the 50th minute Ricketts-Hopkinson scored the clubs first goal after a beautiful ball over the top by Clifton was proded home by the striker. They looked like getting a winner but some solid defender stopped it from happening.

    Harrogate Railway 0 UCB 3

    15 travelling fans turned up to witness the clubs first ever win. An impressive start saw the wingers link up with a ball from Green coming across to Knight who hammered home just 6 minutes in. UCB continued to control play throughout but it wasn't till the 73rd minute when Ollie Griggs hit a stunner into the bottom corner from the edge of the box to double the lead. Ricketts-Hopkinson then added a late goal to double his tally for the club.

    It was an impressive performance as the squad continue to improve and gel together with the tactics setting in. Saddler has got them working a simple system which sees the team quickly break but with short passing to remain on the ball.

    UCB 2 Thackley 0

    UCB ended their pre-season on a high. After a tough first half which saw both sides battling for possession, let alone a shot at goal, UCB came out with a mission in the second half. They controlled the possession but rarely failed to create the chances. It took just two minutes to break the deadlock though as NRH made it 3 goals in as many games after punishing a defender's mistake.

    Thackley continued to be a threat on the counter and ended up having 6 times as many shots (12 to UCBs 2) but they failed to make them count with just the 4 on target. At the other end though UCB made their chances count as a wild shot from the right wing forced an own goal.

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    UCB Transfer Round Up

    UCB have finalised what Saddler has said will be the clubs last movement in the window today after making the clubs 5th signing since the original squad was announced. The 5 signings bulk out what was a small squad and provide much needed depth for what the media predict to be a tough season for the club, despite the chairman and managers optimism.

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    Diallo arrived just days after the 2-0 win over Thackley so it is unknown what role he will play but the 19 year old right back is expected to at least rotate with current make shift option Wildin.

    Ganiyu provides cover on what was a bare left wing for the club. Green was previously the only man who could operate on the left wing comfortably but 18 year old Ganiyu is expected to fight for the starting role.

    Lewis Lacey was initially brought in to provide cover to the backline however after some impressive performances in pre-season Saddler has made it clear that 21 year old Lacey will start at the heart of defence.

    Lilly, on loan from Telford, is again a depth option on the wing. The right winger was impressive in pre-season but is unlikely to win the starting role ahead of Knight who was equally as impressive.

    Finally is 19 year old Scott McArdle. The central midfielder will provide some extra depth in the middle of the park but could possibly become a first team regular after some impressive pre-season games.

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    After playing pre-season games in training kits the club is proud to release it's first set of match kits. The club colours will be the same as the Universities which are red, white and black and this is a common theme throughout all three kits.

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    The goalkeepers home top will be blue and white. The goalkeepers away top will be purple. The goalkeepers third strip will be yellow and black.

    For more information either visit the club store or look online at ucb.web

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    Gainsborough 2 UCB 1

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    UCB's first game ended in heart break as a late goal from Ashley Worsfold sent the home with nothing. It was an equal affair but as UCB continue to search for the winning tactics they fail to come away with any points.

    The first half saw a back and forth affair. Neither team could get a hold of the game as both defences stayed stubborn. The best chance of the half fell to Jarman for Gainsborough who was played through on goal only to see his effort clip the post.

    The second half was better from UCB but a defensive error by Bassett with the own goal before a late winner cost them the game. Griggs took one of many chances that the visitors had but it wasn't to be.

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    UCB 2 Curzon Ashton 1

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    It was a good start at Student Central for UCB who came away with all three points in their first competitive home game.

    After dominating early possession UCB frustrated Curzon and won a free kick on the edge of the area 20 minutes in. Lee Knight stepped forward to take the free kick and curled it into the corner beautifully. The first half continued to be controlled by UCB but they failed to take any further chances with Curzon keeper, Hakan Burton, superb in goal.

    The second half was a lot more even but UCB doubled their tally 61 minutes in. Venney scored his first for the club after some calm possession play saw him played through to slot home. Curzon did pull one back to set up a nervy final 15 minutes but the Students held on for all 3 points.

    Click image for larger version

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  14. Right guys, sorry to do this but I will be starting this story again. I have noticed the mistakes I made when building the club in that I failed to look at wages. Whilst the players I have do have sell on values none of them will be able to leave until January at which time the club could be £1m in debt....

    So I'll be starting another story, similar name and I will link it on here when it's started I just want this to be as realistic as possible and the finances will quickly destroy the club meaning it won't last. To those who have been reading I hope you have enjoyed and hopefully you'll enjoy the new set-up just as much.

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