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    June 1st 2016

    Reports this morning are suggesting that Bradford Park Avenue, a 6th tier side residing in the Vanarama North have gone into administration.

    The club had been working closely with the FA over the summer to try a resolve ongoing financial struggles but had failed to come to a resolution as chairman John Dean didn't have the funds to pay existing debt.

    It is believed that the FA will promote a team from the below tier in order to replace them however this has not been confirmed. The FA isn't making further comments on the current situation and nobody has been able to get in touch with any directors from the club.

    More to follow...

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    Further Bradford Park Avenue Updates...
    June 12th 2016

    John Dean has today released a statement in regards to the ongoing situation with his former club Bradford Park Avenue...

    "I am upset to announce that the club has entered administration and will cease to exist this coming week. We would like to thank all fans for their support of the club and hope that they will be able to continue to enjoy football despite this loss.

    I am currently working with the FA on the potential of bringing non-league football back to Bradford with a proposal which is in it's early stages. The FA are willing to listen as the financial issues encountered were out of the clubs, and my hands due to mismanagement of finances on several staff members behalf.

    Whilst the FA continue to see the promotion of a lower team into the division as the front runner I believe that the proposal on the table will encourage them to back me and allow me to return to my previous position at the head of a new club."

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    UCB Plans Announced
    July 1st 2016

    The FA has today announced that new club, UCB will be entered into the Vanarama North for this coming season. The FA has worked closely with John Dean, former BPA chairman, to put this in place and believe this is the best option moving forward.

    The club will be working with the University of Bradford and Bradford College. Games will be hosted at the University sports centre at Student Central and players from the University and College will be inducted into the team over coming years.

    The club has been allowed to create a team of players from the UK & Ireland who are under the age of 21 to start up due to the small amount of time available to build for the upcoming season. The club will announce the squad in upcoming days as they look ahead to the new season.

    The club will also announce staff members and pre-season fixtures in coming days.

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