Guernsey to the top

  1. Guernsey to the top

    welcome to my conquest to take the small island of Guernsey and making them the best team in the world I will be doing kit unveils every season and player unveils as well hope you enjoy as I hope I will as we try to take Guernsey to the top

  2. do you have link to the database you used would love to start a save that low down

  3. link

    type level 11 on steam workshop

  4. the squad

    Guernsey to the top-482730_20170325214844_1.pngGuernsey to the top-482730_20170325214913_1.pngGuernsey to the top-482730_20170325214915_1.pngGuernsey to the top-482730_20170325214917_1.pngGuernsey to the top-482730_20170325214924_1.pngGuernsey to the top-482730_20170325214920_1.pngGuernsey to the top-482730_20170325214921_1.pngGuernsey to the top-482730_20170325214923_1.pngGuernsey to the top-482730_20170325214931_1.pngGuernsey to the top-482730_20170325214926_1.pngGuernsey to the top-482730_20170325214929_1.pngClick image for larger version

Name:	482730_20170325214923_1.png
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ID:	1109392Click image for larger version

Name:	482730_20170325214931_1.png
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Size:	482.1 KB
ID:	1109393Guernsey to the top-482730_20170325214932_1.pngGuernsey to the top-482730_20170325214934_1.pngGuernsey to the top-482730_20170325214937_1.pngGuernsey to the top-482730_20170325214905_1.pngGuernsey to the top-482730_20170325214908_1.pngGuernsey to the top-482730_20170325214910_1.pngGuernsey to the top-482730_20170325214911_1.png

    this is the starting team there is room for improvement we are predicted to be 7th but I wish to finish 3rd or above

  5. July Transfers!!!

    Guernsey to the top-482730_20170325233954_1.pngGuernsey to the top-482730_20170325234000_1.pngGuernsey to the top-482730_20170325234010_1.pngGuernsey to the top-482730_20170325234005_1.png

    Boosted the defence dramatically

  6. Pre Season Completed

    Guernsey to the top-482730_20170326105427_1.png
    we have done decent in pre season getting a win against Bristol under 23s hopefully we have a good season

  7. 3 month update

    Guernsey to the top-482730_20170329205830_1.pngGuernsey to the top-482730_20170329205843_1.pngGuernsey to the top-482730_20170329210052_1.png Click image for larger version

Name:	482730_20170329210052_1.png
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ID:	1110026

    doing well but unfortunately ross allen is out till march on a sabbatical hoping to get there will be using st louis instead

  8. well done i giving this a go aswell top at the mo with 16 games to go and allen is my best player to he got 29 in the league so far keep it up will be reading

  9. End of season Update

    Guernsey to the top-untitled.pngGuernsey to the top-untitled-3.pngGuernsey to the top-untitled-2.png

    well we did it we won the league hopefully we will finish around 16th next season and from no on there will be updates only in January and at the end of the season plus transfers and if anything big happens

  10. kit reveal!!!

    Name:  guernsey_h.png
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Size:  52.7 KBName:  guernsey_a.png
Views: 177
Size:  56.9 KB

  11. January results and Transfers!!!

    Guernsey to the top-4.pngGuernsey to the top-5.pngGuernsey to the top-6.png
    we are doing well we are 2nd 3 points of top with 3 games in hand so doing great

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