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Why I LOVE but sometimes dislike FM Match Engine

  1. Question Why I LOVE but sometimes dislike FM Match Engine

    HI im new here! :-)

    I love football manager!! Ever since the CM days, its just so satisfying to jump into the managers seat and give it your best shot. I am especially fond of FM 2007 as the first one I played multiple longer term saves. I also played a lot of FM 2011.

    The game has gone through man changes and dynamic improvements that has added beautiful depth to FM. I must admit I struggled a lot to adapt and even quit playing between 2013 and 2016 because some of the changes were difficult for me to figure out.

    I picked up 16 determined to learn everything I missed over the years. I read a lot of the forums and the different tactical ideas that everyone had, but the main thing was that I needed to understand for myself how the game actually works and how to bring a team together with my ideas

    After many trail and error saves in FM 16 and a lot of reading, I finally got it. I recently got FM 17 and I am enjoying it a lot. The tactics are deeper and more dynamic, the AI managers are smarter than I remember in the old FM, so now I actually have to do my research and preparation or else things won't go well.

    So far I have been able to win promotion with Leeds by finishing 2nd in the Championship, and also having a great cup run in the EFL, reaching the semi-finals and beating teams like Liverpool on the way there.

    On another save I have taken Southampton and so far things are going really well, challenging for a top 4 spot and also doing pretty well in the Europa League in the first season.

    Despite all that, there are still some RARE but annoying things that on occasion tend to make the game feel imbalanced or unrealistic. Like on one occasion when I only drew in a tough game. My tactics were sound, and I managed to shut out the opposition (they had very few shots, and none on target), but I conceded an own goal when my GK failed to pick up a slow awkward shot/cross from like 35 yards out, and somehow fumbled it in for an own goal.

    I obviously don't have many examples like this because the game is very solid, and I have learned how to see when a bad result was because of my own tactical error.

    But I still think there are few occasions/scenarios that are a little unrealistic. Like with Leeds United on my very first season, they are not a great team, but I worked with what I had, played to their strengths and had a good unit that could fight for a result. Imagine my shock when I came up against an in-form Liverpool in the EFL and smashed them 4-0. Sure my tactics were good, and I prepared well to face them,but it was a little weird. I could have imagined scrapping it 1-0 or 2-1, but not 4-0, especially with the quality they had on their side.

    It seems sometimes as a lower rep team, the bigger teams are more likely to roll over against you despite having world class players and tactical masterminds as the head coach.

    But as a slightly higher rep team, you are more prone to the random out of the blue mistake that will cost you, despite building a great tactic, great morale, and having great form. Maybe its the AI's way of attempting to balance the scales a little bit? Idk, maybe it could be done more realistically? I don't actually know whats going on under the hood with all the numbers and algorithms.

    Again I don't think this stuff happens frequently enough to be a real issue, but its enough to be surprising and slightly annoying.

    It would be nice to feel more balance, to see that I didn't get a result because I was tactically out-classed or had a neck n neck battle. But not because my otherwise solid and consistent team decided to give the opposition a gift.

    And on the flip it would be nice to see that the presence of certain world class players can have a stronger impact on the game. Sure this game requires that you do your homework and are tactically prepare for the opposition. But I would think that world class players would be able to apply a set of instructions better than the average player? Or even if your opposition isn't tactically up to par, that the presence of top tier players should carry a little more weight?! I just don't think that Leeds should beat Liverpool 4-0 with the different lineups both teams have to offer. LOL

    I also think there could be a better way for the AI to calculate chances created vs chances scored. I used to have many shots but hardly any on target. Then after I learned the tactics more, and about creating spaces, then the numbers started changing. My players were getting into better positions and creating more higher potential shots.

    But I don't think its realistic to have 15 plus chances created per game. Unless you are playing against a team that has far better players. but when facing teams on an a similar level, its usually a battle, and maybe 7 chances are created (on the higher side). And if you have a good day then probably 5 shots are on target, and maybe you score 2 or 3. That would feel a lot more like real life. Idk if I explained that well?? lol

    But all in all, I really love FM. I am proud that I actually took the time to learn how to play the game because it is so much fun and really deep.

    Btw I still love the 2D classic match view, the 3d just feels a little off..(am i just weird?)LOL

    Look forward to seeing any replies

  2. Alternate Title - Why I LOVE FMBase, but sometimes hate the members for posting in the wrong section...
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  3. just my first time was not absultley sure where to or if anyone would read it... I reposted on the FM general discussion .. Thanks for letting me know

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