From Humble To Hero - A Football Manager 2017 Story

  1. From Humble To Hero - A Football Manager 2017 Story

    June 10th 2016 - I was released from my job after throwing something at a wall in frustration and instead hitting my boss square on the eye. I never felt so low. 35 years old and unemployed - what on earth do people think of me? I wasted away a few days on my favorite game Football Manager to keep myself sane. Honestly I felt a bit worthless at this point, and I was desperately searching for a new opportunity to work. Then, my local club Gloucester City sacked their manager and begun to search for a new man to take the hot seat.

    I met my mate Sean the next day and we discussed everything football - naturally the topic of the vacant manager position came up. I was taken aback by what he said, though.
    "You should apply. Look, there is their business e-mail. Contact them! What's to lose?"
    The more I thought about it the stupider the prospect seemed. Well it was worth a shot in any case. That evening I sent in my application to Mike Dunstan (Chairman)
    I sat around the house doing nothing until June 21st, when Gloucester City came back by telling me I was a main candidate and to come in for an interview the following morning. I froze, having expected to be scoffed at by the board and for them to hire someone with experience rather than a complete nobody.
    I won't go into detail on the interview as I don't wish to bore you. Lets just say it went rather well!

    The biggest day of my life so far came on the 1st July 2016 when I was offered a role as manager of Gloucester City AFC - my local team, a side close to my heart. Without a second thought I accepted, being offered £190 per week on a 1 year contract. I was ecstatic.
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    My scouts sent a report for two players I could try and sign if I liked them, one of which I liked the look of. I approached the young full back to sign for my team
    From Humble To Hero - A Football Manager 2017 Story-2.png.

    I had a think about what sort of system I'd like to play as a manager, and settled on a 4-4-1-1 formation after great consideration of a classic 4-4-2. I wanted my players to try and control games, knocking the ball around nicely and creating good opportunities for the striker to finish off.
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    The first day was over, and the second day came. I used that particular day to look over the squad itself and look for any weaknesses and ultimately review the current players. I immediately saw Ross Hopkins stand out - he was a 15 year old training with our first team and he certainly didn't look out of place. His intelligence and work rate worked nicely to help him pull off some great tackles and our mini match at the end.From Humble To Hero - A Football Manager 2017 Story-4.png

    Jack Deaman deserves a mention - a good old fashioned warrior at the back. He struggles technically, but he was strong both physically and in the tackle. At 23, he could improve and be a key player for us.
    From Humble To Hero - A Football Manager 2017 Story-5.png

    Joe Hanks seemed quite the talent too - of course, he was one of my favorite players as a fan and he impressed me in training too. He was undoubtedly our best free kick taker, and his team play really shone, with him pulling off some impressive passes.
    I was actually unimpressed with our strikers - I noted that as a potential area for improvement. The day ended with me a happy man, seeing a good squad that can only improve, and one I was more than satisfied with.
    I was dipping into the market behind the scenes and was actually able to confirm a few signings.From Humble To Hero - A Football Manager 2017 Story-7.png
    Ismaël Diallo - A young full back on a free transfer.
    From Humble To Hero - A Football Manager 2017 Story-8.png
    Vences Bola - A striker who, whilst not being a complete package, had the pace and finishing to cause damage.
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    The next signing was not a player, but a coach. I was very happy with Tim joining our staff.
    From Humble To Hero - A Football Manager 2017 Story-10.png
    Matty Collins - A backup CM providing depth. (Note: Shocking in the air.)
    From Humble To Hero - A Football Manager 2017 Story-11.png
    Brodie Litchfield - On loan from Sheff Utd, Striker, Target Man.
    From Humble To Hero - A Football Manager 2017 Story-12.png
    Tom Brown - Young midfielder joining on loan, decent talent. Probably only a backup, though.
    From Humble To Hero - A Football Manager 2017 Story-13.png
    Dylan Forth - Loanee keeper, will fight our current options for first team places.

    The hectic month of July had come to an end, and we were days away from our opening match.
    July results:

    Gloucester 0-2 Bristol Rovers
    Gaffney (11), Harrison (42)
    Gloucester 2-0 Macclesfield
    Hopper (10, 55)
    Gloucester 0-1 Kettering
    Stevenson (pen, 90+1)

    I wasn't too disheartened in picking up 1 win, we performed well in all three games, just unlucky in some.
    What does August hold and, more importantly, how will we start the league season?

  2. Quick update,

    I just realized my manager profile does not fit the story and all I can do is apologize. I have set him to have International experience and the best qualifications when my story suggests he played nothing above Sunday League. I could turn this into something, but really it was just a mistake lol. Sorry.

  3. 6th August 2016 - The biggest day of my life to date, as my beloved Gloucester City take on Salford, but instead of sitting with the crowd I'll be sat by the subs, as the manager. Nerves take over me. As a fan, I know how reactions of the supporters will probably be, and the word that comes to mind is harsh. A loss is not the end of the world, but for me personally its unacceptable. A win is what we look for here at Moor Lane.
    From Humble To Hero - A Football Manager 2017 Story-14.png
    I pick my eleven, realizing a lack of depth in the wide areas in the process, and we begin our journey to Salford. Later on we arrive, my heart beating at an unhealthy rate which was not helped by our close call with a crash along the way. Imagine that being the end, with me almost making it my first match, but not quite making it. But I'm here now with my hands shaking uncontrollably as I enter the ground and begin preparations, the players step out to warm up, leaving me and Matt Rose to mull things over.
    It wasn't long before it was time for a pre match team talk. I had no idea what to say, but I came up with something eventually.
    "Go out there and impress everyone"
    They seemed to like the opening sentence, so I explained our tactical plan and they went off to play the game.
    From Humble To Hero - A Football Manager 2017 Story-15.png
    I was made aware of Salford's 4-4-2 system, slightly more attacking than our 4-4-1-1 but still dangerous, especially with their quality of players. We must watch out for a few of them, so I told Hopper to deliver a message to Hamilton. He will man mark James Poole today.
    Then, the boys took to the pitch and Hopper got us underway.
    The first 45 minutes didn't go as planned, to say the least.

    Salford went into the break 3-0 up, leaving me both upset and angry. I might've took it out on the players a little, saying how disappointed I was in a somewhat aggressive tone. In fact, what I said might've been closer to "absolutely terrible" rather than "disappointing".

    Ignorantly, I changed nothing come the second half. They were back out before long and another onslaught of Salford attacks ensued.

    It was at 4-0 when I finally thought 'Hang on, somethings wrong here' and switching to a 4-4-2 with Williams playing a deep lying forward role and Hopper being the more advanced of the two. Of my five subs, none were strikers, as I stupidly thought Hopper would be the only one I needed.
    A long pass from Hamilton put Ed Williams 1 on 1 to net our first of the season, and to give us a small bit of hope for a point.
    Williams was able to score again through another long ball and suddenly a comeback wasn't so unlikely, but Salford brought us back down to Earth with their fifth goal, followed by a Tom Brown red card.
    The final whistle blew and we had lost 5-2. I managed to keep my calm in the dressing room this time, but I made sure the players knew how I felt.

    The result lead me to rethink my approach. We looked much better in a 4-4-2 system hitting them on the break.

    Ultimately, we went home empty handed, and I think its fair to say I let my emotions handle the game rather than me. My desire to deliver the results left us pretty vulnerable, and I know this group of players can bounce back. You have to ask the question - Were we expected to beat Salford? Realistically, no.
    I just hope this doesn't become routine.

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