Drew's Journeyman Save

  1. Drew's Journeyman Save

    So this is my first ever documentation of an FM save. I've been playing for the past 3 years and i thought I'd finally give it a crack and start with a Journeyman style save. I've started unemployed with Slightly reduced skills, but not to the point where i wouldn't get the jobs i'd really be interested in. Also for the the sake of keeping interest I kept my skills higher than most Journeymen saves usually do. I'll do monthly updates and update once I've found a team. Please feel free to give me any advice, tips or anything that would help me become a better writer. Cheers.

  2. First Job! And i haven't even left the country

    Drew's Journeyman Save-482730_20170508110324_1.png
    When i set out on my Journeyman career, i thought i'd visit wonderful places! Like Brazil, Spain, Italy, Mexico. Instead i've moved and hour south into the heart of Toronto to take on the under-performing Toronto FC. For those of you that aren't MLS followers, TFC is one of the bigger sides and with players like Altidore, Giovinco, and Michael Bradley, you'd expect us to be in the playoffs every year. Somehow, someway, TFC are in 8th in the eastern conference and 16th in the MLS. 2 Positions off playoffs, and 4 off bottom of the league. It's my job to turn my home town team around and AT LEAST qualify for the playoffs.

    The Tactics:
    Drew's Journeyman Save-482730_20170508110854_1.png
    Drew's Journeyman Save-482730_20170508110857_1.png

    Above are the tactics i'll be starting off with. I want to sit deep with my 5 defenders to try and patch up what has been a leaky defense that the strikers haven't quite been able to keep up with. I also want to control the ball once we're in possession. Right now i have Higher tempo because in the early stages i'd like to catch teams out on the 'counter' to try and snag some 1-0's. Latter stages of the match will see me switch to 'Much Deeper' and 'Lower Tempo' to try and see out victories. The game plan is to utilize Giovinco's pace and creativity and get him and Altidore scoring.

  3. August 2016 Round-up.

    So our first month was a fairly successful one. Our record stands at 2-2-1 with us moving into contention for the final playoff spot. Wins against Huston and Philly were well deserved as Osorio bailed us out of the Philly game however, as we had been pegged back 2-2. But he stepped up and scored the game winner to complete the hattrick. We were unfortunate not to pick up all 3 point against Kaka and Orlando, but the Canadian, Cyle Larin pegged us back 2-2 in the 90th minute. The first loss of my tenure came against Montreal Impact and boy did it sting. Being a TFC fan myself, i really wanted that victory against our rivals. Sadly, we conceded on half an hour and Montreal were happy to tighten up and make it hard to break them down.
    Drew's Journeyman Save-482730_20170508111531_1.pngDrew's Journeyman Save-482730_20170508114515_1.pngDrew's Journeyman Save-482730_20170508135357_1.pngDrew's Journeyman Save-482730_20170508135344_1.pngDrew's Journeyman Save-482730_20170508135256_1.png
    So in our first month the first notable thing to happen was Giovinco ending a goal drought after scoring in my first game in charge. He hasn't had the most consistent run this year and he's still got 18 goals in the league. double Altidore's current record. However the shock player of the month has to be Jonathon Osorio. With 4 goals and 3 assists so far under my management. When i took over we were in the negative goal difference and i'm happy to report that after the first game of September, we're back into the positive GD. Hopefully we can kick on and qualify for the playoffs, otherwise i reckon i'm in for the sack.

    League Table:
    Drew's Journeyman Save-482730_20170508144728_1.png

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