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Teithio Cymru (Traveling Wales)
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  1. Teithio Cymru (Traveling Wales)

    **After frustratingly running into problems with my laptop and then my save game becoming funny with loading and back dated versions a little way behind I had to call time on my journey around the world. Such a shame as I was enjoying visiting the 'different' countries thats for sure. But here goes one last save of the version and its going to be a long, tough one again.

    Teithio Cymru (Traveling Wales)

    Back in 2012 (I believe) I tried this challenge and its a simple one, win a Champions League trophy in Wales and if I can manage that, repeat it with another club, building them up. Effectively this should strengthen the league over the seasons and make it more competitive and more challenging with some of the bigger teams and leagues across Europe and the world. Thats the aim anyway.

    Database: 17.3.0 Update
    Leagues loaded as playable: Wales
    Leagues loaded as view only: China, Hong Kong, Mexico, USA, Belgium, Croatia, England, France, Germany, italy, Holland, Northern Ireland, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Scotland, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, Ukraine, Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay.
    Approximate Player Count: 8,320
    Game Speed: *****

    So as you can see, the latest database is loaded along with Wales as the only playable nation simply as I have no thoughts of moving out of the country, not for a long time at least. Whilst loading a wide batch of countries across the continents to keep up to date with whats happening and hopefully eventually pick up some gems along the way.

    Normal guy in charge, 'Dan' as he looks to gain some credibility in Wales. The only difference to my normal saves is that I've started with maximum past playing experience of International footballer whilst also the best coaching qualifications of the Continental Pro Licence. This will hopefully help me along the way especially in the early days of the career and boosts my stats nicely.

    Only one 'real' place to start and thats at the already dominant force of TNS (The New Saints) who seem to win almost everything every year. The challenge will still be ridiculously hard even getting into the Champions League groups, let alone winning the bloody competition but maybe one day we'll get there.

    The finances aren't fantastic in Wales, competition money is small and that leads to us having to fund our own way. We'll have to keep tight on the signings and probably focus on free transfers if we can as well as trying to keep wages down where possible. But if we can get a good run in the Champions League and begin hitting the group stages, the money will soon fly in.

    Finally the squad I take control of. There is already a lot of talent here and with them being the dominant force I wouldn't of thought many changes will occur over the first summer as I try and find out how things are going to work here. Some aging players and some who perhaps 'lack' the quality required for the first team and just unnecessarily eating into the wage budget will probably be shipped out to pastures new.

    I'm going to focus on this save and really play it to the strengths I can find, will also only be updating seasonal reviews with transfers, results and competitions as it'll be quick. The game is running quick with just one league loaded properly and only thirty two league games per season.

    Next Post: Career History
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  2. Career History:

    Clubs Managed:
    TNS - 04.06.2016 - Present
    2016/2017 - Welsh Premier League - Winners , Nathaniel MG Cup - Winners , JD Welsh Cup - Winners , Scottish League Challenge Cup - Semi Finalist, Champions League - Third Qualifying Round, Europa League - Playoffs

    2017/2018 - Welsh Premier League - Winners , Nathaniel MG Cup - Winners , JD Welsh Cup - Winners , Scottish League Challenge Cup - Winners , Champions League - Group Stage

    2018/2019 - Welsh Premier League - Winners , Nathaniel MG Cup - Winners , JD Welsh Cup - Third Round, Scottish League Challenge Cup - Winners , Champions League - Group Stage

    2019/2020 - Welsh Premier League - Winners , Nathaniel MG Cup - Winners , JD Welsh Cup - Winners , Scottish League Challenge Cup - Fourth Round, Champions League - Group Stage

    2020/2021 - Welsh Premier League - Winners , Nathaniel MG Cup - Winners , JD Welsh Cup - Winners , Scottish League Challenge Cup - Fourth Round, Champions League - Group Stage, Europa League - First Knockout Round

    2021/2022 - Welsh Premier League - Winners , Nathaniel MG Cup - Winners , JD Welsh Cup - Quarter Finalist, Scottish League Challenge Cup - Winners , Champions League - Group Stage

    2022/2023 - Welsh Premier League - Winners , Nathaniel MG Cup - Winners , JD Welsh Cup - Winners , Scottish League Challenge Cup - Winners ,Champions League - Group Stage, Europa League - Quarter Finalist

    2024/2025 - Welsh Premier League - Winners , Nathaniel MG Cup - Winners , JD Welsh Cup - Winners Scottish League Challenge Cup - Winners , Champions League - Group Stage, Europa League - Semi Finalist

    2025/2026 - Welsh Premier League - Winners , Nathaniel MG Cup - Winners , JD Welsh Cup - Semi Finalist Scottish League Challenge Cup - Quarter Finalist, Champions League - Group Stage

    2026/2027 - Welsh Premier League - Winners , Nathaniel MG Cup - Winners , JD Welsh Cup - Winners Scottish League Challenge Cup - Winners , Champions League - Group Stage, Europa League - Second Knockout Round
    ** This page will get updated after each season is completed and the update fired out.

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  3. Looking forward to following this mate. Pob lwc, you're going to need it.
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  4. Thanks a lot yescomeon, it'll take a while to find ay success in Europe but I'm here for the long haul.
    __________________________________________________ _____________________
    TNS - Season One Review - 2016/2017

    Okay, being three seasons in already I have limited screenshots available to me but I'm hoping I have all the important ones to get you up to date. In this update I am going to go through the transfers we made in season one along with bringing you the competition reviews as I aimed to get out the blocks and start with a small trophy haul, also seeing if we could get on a Champions League run first season of my reign.

    As I said in my previous post the next few seasons would be all about small transfers, free if possible to improve the side and keep the wages down, same for getting rid of players who are on wages unnecessarily eating it up. So the first season saw me bring in five new players in total and they are below.

    Two midfielders and three defenders joined in the first season *Note the screenshots are three seasons old so stats have changed and some players have moved on. We really did strengthen first season though and I just had to hope that they didn't take too long to gel so we could have a successful season on the pitch as I and the board expected.

    Our league form was as solid as you'd expect from a side predicted to walk to the league title. However there is expectations and making sure you do it, these were the results. The big news was Wes Fletcher who constantly found the back of the net, having a grand season. Our biggest defeat was only three one in the league throughout the season but only kept fifteen clean sheets, almost half our matches.

    A league title in our first season, expected but we lived up to it. Taking the league title over Bala by a huge fourteen points. It was easier than expected as we also hit a huge goal difference of plus fifty, the next biggest was seventh place Aberystwyth with plus twenty. Rhyl had a shocking season, finishing rock bottom with just twenty three points whilst Newtown also went down.

    The Scottish League Challenge Cup saw us go to the Semi Finals with the only goal we conceded knocking us out. We beat Dumbarton two nil away from home in the Fourth Round. A trip to Stranraer saw us win four nil in the Quarter Finals. Finally crashing out against Dundee United in the Semi Final, losing out one nil.

    Breezed through the Nathaniel MG Cup to clinch trophy two of the season. A trip to non league league Haverfordwest saw us win two nil in the Second Round to get us off the mark. At home against Barry we won four one in the third Round before a Neutral Venue in the Semi Final saw us beat Merthyr T four one. The Final against Bala a thriller, we trailed two nil at half time, came back to clinch a leveler before Marriott netted the winner in injury time.

    And a domestic treble was secured with ease as we ran through the JD Welsh Cup almost unchallenged. Two three nil wins in the Third and Fourth Round saw us then step up again as we welcomed Ton Pentre in the Quarter Final, beating them eight nil. Bala tried to upset our run in the Semi Final however we came through with a two one nil, before beating Connahs Quay four two in the Final to lift that.

    No real 'success' in my first Champions League run, we faced B36 in the First playoff round, winning three one away from home and then eight nil in the home leg, easing through eleven one on aggregate. Vardar were next on our last, an away draw, nil nil in the first leg left us in good stead for the second, winning two one at home, coming back from a goal down with Saunders and Cieslewicz netting. Unfortunately FC Red Bull Salzburg were a step too far for us, beating us three nil on aggregate. We dropped into the Europa League where FC Midtylland beat us in the playoffs four one on aggregate. A round short of the group stage.

    Next Post: TNS - Season Two Review - 2017/2018
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  5. Looking good, unlucky in the Champions League but the co-efficient points earned should really help out short term
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  6. Thanks TheLuckDuck domestically should be straight forward for us just making an impact in Europe will do the club the world of good short and long term. As I said I'm already four seasons in now so just getting up to date.
    __________________________________________________ _____________________
    TNS - Season Two Review - 2017/2018

    My first season in charge everything went to plan from what I could tell, we scooped a domestic treble from a possible four trophies, missing out on only the Scottish League Challenge Cup which I didn't see as a huge issue. Our Champions League run went on to a round before the Europa League group stage, a strong start but I want us to get better and better as the money would help us big time.

    Once again I went to work in the window and the early transfers up to the end of January were all on the cheap, you'll soon see why we were able to spend money at the end of the second season to bring in three more expensive transfers. Six players left on a free transfer, young Luke Evans went to Aberystwyth on loan to get first team football, at just seventeen this could be a huge move for him. James Graham, who I only signed last season joined AFC Wimbledon for twenty thousand pounds.

    Eight new faces then, the top four and first on the left on the second row are the ones that made an impact during the season. I bought in Luke Evans who we know went straight out on loan. Striker Bradley Reid originally looked an okay purchase, didn't live up to it though. Corey Thomas was a versatile defender and midfielder so a huge addition whilst Lavercombe became our new number one. Alfie Egan is a key part of our central midfield now. The final three players are young but already key players for us, they cost us a small fortune for a Welsh club but Cai Jones, Dobinson and Twibey are sensational players for this league.

    Our league form was very strong this year around, losing out just three times acoss the whole season. The bigger issue was we picked up way too many draws throughout the season. Obviously taking a point is better than losing three but it felt like we were being knocked down each time. In two of our three defeats this season we also conceded five goals. Clean sheets weren't as regular as younger faces came in, keeping just five this seasons.

    No change at the top of the pile though, back to back league titles for my reign and its began now. We won the league over Bala again this time by seven points however we fell one point short of last seasons tally which definitely feels like we've taken a step backwards. Thankfully its only a single point so I'm not as concerned about it. Bala finished just two goals short of our goal difference tally this year. Prestatyn make an immediate return to the division below and are joined by Cardiff Met Uni this year.

    Scottish Challenge League Cup winners!! We were knocked out in the Semi Finals last season but went better this year to win the competition. With all home games we beat St Mirren in a six goal thriller which required extra time, us eventually coming out on top four two. We welcomed Glentoran and beat them four one in the Quarter Finals. A repeat of last years Semi Final this year as we faced Dundee United, this time we advanced though with a two one win and the Final was easy, a comfortable five nil win over Clyde. Trophy number two of the season.

    Fairly straight forward run in the Nathaniel MG Cup, especialy in the last two rounds. The first round saw a tough tie against Bala but once again we got one over them with a four two win. Llandudno gave it their all but fell short in the Third Round as we beat them three two in Extra Time. The Semi Final and Final was very easy for us, beating Porthmadog six nil and then Port Talbot two nil. Trophy three of the season.

    Domestic clean sweep secured, three cups and one league titles has seen my reign fully in swing now after just two seasons. We faced five rounds of the JD Welsh Cup, winning three to nil and conceding just three goals. Cefn Druids lost out one nil, we turned on the style against Pen-y-Bont, winning nine nil! Airbus UK lost out three two to us. The Semi Final saw us beat Aberystwyth three one and then dispatch Llandudno six nil in the final.

    What a Champions League run! Its just what we needed and this is where our money came from to be able to spend on those new faces come the end of the season. We beat Alashkert in the First Qualifying Round five one on aggregate. Second Qualifying Round we dispatched Kairat seven four on aggregate then came the trickier ties. Maribor wouldn't of been so easy, however a three nil home win left us in the driving seat, taking a one all draw second leg to see us through. Dinamo stood between us and a spot in the Champions League Group Stage and we beat them! Drawing one all at home before winning three two late on in Croatia which saw us get in the groups. We were expectedly embarrassed there by the big teams drawing up against Spurs, Dortmund and Lyon, going out without a point.

    Come the end of Season Two I believe our bank balance was sitting at around ten million pounds which I am focusing on upgrading the training and youth facilities as much as possible.

    Next Post: TNS - Season Three Review - 2018/2019

  7. Love a long term save like this. Currently in Norway with Tromso about to start my 5th season. Finally made the CL group stage last year and somehow nicked 3rd spot.

    Looking forward to following this
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  8. Thanks a lot TheBattman its a fun, challenging save for sure, thats a good effort, I'm currently four seasons in but spoiler alert, yet to win a point in the groups!
    __________________________________________________ _____________________
    TNS - Season Three Review - 2018/2019

    Third season done and dusted and that brings you up to date with where I currently am on the game. Its been a very good two seasons previous winning seven trophies domestically out of a possible eight. We also hit the Champions League group stage last season which saw our bank balance rocket up and become easily the best in Wales. Now its time to try and repeat it and make it a constant theme of us getting to those groups and getting that money into the club.

    Obviously the three players at the bottom of the window in the previous update were for this season and one more joined in the summer in the name of Henry Jones on a free transfer. I also went on to bring in another three players who joined at the end of this season/start of season four spending just over one and a half million pounds on the three new faces. Three players leave on a free transfer, I'm annoyed Tom Matthews left, we tried our best to keep him but he wasn't happy.

    Here are the new faces for season three was just Henry Jones, top left of the picture. Another central midfielder who I hope will strengthen our core this season. Then came the four new faces which won't appear until season four. Striker Leon Adams looks promising especially with finishing of fifteen and composure of eleven. Two central defenders come in both under twenty in Luke Carney and Lewis Butcher.

    We started the league season with a defeat for the first time in my reign but luckily we turned things around pretty quickly and twice went on a couple of impressive runs. Early in the season we went through a ten game unbeaten run in the league and after the Bala defeat we went on to win ten straight league games helping us towards a third straight title in my reign.

    Nine points clear of second place Bala this year around and a brand new points record for myself in seventy six points, beating my previous best in the first year of seventy four points. We had a better goal difference this year around too. Bala once again finish second, third season running for them as they're clearly the second strongest side here in my books. West End had a shocking season, finishing bottom with just eight points, Newtown didn't fair much better with just eighteen points.

    Back to back Scottish League Challenge Cup wins as we sail to the trophy this time around. Two away games got us starting with easy wins, beating Brechin four one and then Stirling six one with both games up in Scotland. We returned to Wales to welcome Motherwell who we thumped, six nil in a more than decisive showing whilst we went on to beat Dunfermline at a neutral venue to clinch the trophy for a second successive season, three nil.

    Three times on the bounce for me in the Nathaniel MG Cup too as we went through the competition passing four rounds, conceding in just one! We beat Cefn Druids four nil in the Second Round, the first one we entered. It took Extra time in the Third Round against Connahs Quay where we won four two eventually. Bala had nothing against us in the Semi Final, we beat them three nil before thumping Cardiff Met Uni six nil in the Final with Fletcher netting a four minute hatrick.

    The first 'Welsh' trophy I've not actually lifted! We never really got going against Port Talbot in the JD Welsh Cup Third Round, first one we came in at. Two nil down at half time, pulled two back with half an hour to go we couldn't find the winner and this cost us, seeing us lose in Extra Time.

    For the second season running we made it to the Champions League group stage and again impressing along the way, showing how we're going from strength to strength each season. We beat Hibernians eleven nil on aggregate in the First Qualifying Round. FC Santa Colonal were dispatched in the next round fourteen one on aggregate. FC Red Bull put up a better fight, we drew one all in Austria before winning two nil at home. Finally beating Polish side Legia three two at home then grabbing a one all draw in Poland to get through. Again though no points in the group stage losing to AS Monaco, Schalke and Roma twice each.

    And so this is how our finances look as we head into the competitive season for season four in charge. Our budget now sits at over fourteen million pounds which is astonishing considering we were at just over two hundred thousand pounds at the start of my reign. We have a very healthy wage budget to with over eighty three thousand of the one hundred and ten thousand pounds allocated spare!

    And now we're fully up to date, here is the squad that will go into the fourth season, 2019/2020 and the potential in some of these players are huge! We're already fighting off small Premier League and bigger Championship clubs in England for some of the brighter players like goalkeeper Lavercombe, centre back Luke Carney and striker Calvin Dobinson. We will continue to fight these off and keep the squad together.

    Next Post: TNS - Season Four Review - 2019/2020
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  9. Good to see you back with a new challenge
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  10. Thanks naterr its good to have you on board again!
    __________________________________________________ _____________________
    TNS - Season Four Review - 2019/2020

    Season four has flown by once again as a much younger looking TNS side took to the field to try and once again dominate the domestic side of things in Wales. After missing out on one trophy domestically last season we looked to try and gain all four back this year. The main aims though were obviously to win the league to ensure we face Champions League football again next year and try to reach the group stages for a third year running in the Champions League this term. Here is how the season panned out.

    Bar the players who you've already seen in the last update that joined early summer, there wasn't much to talk about in the transfer window this time around. A very quiet one for us as we settled the squad early. And because I was in a rush to get the update sorted for work I've screenshotted it early so this won't include any faces coming in this summer.

    A thirteen game unbaeten run to kickstart the season saw us fly out the blocks, especially when we won the opening six on the bounce. We stuttered a bit before winning the next six before we finally tasted league defeat in November. After that we remained unbeaten for sixteen games with five draws and eleven wins. Just the two league defeats this season as we're getting stronger.

    A new points tally for my reign, previously at seventy six points last season I believe we now move to seventy eight points. We will never beat the leagues best as it was set years ago and is no longer mathmatically possible. But the aim is to have the perfect season one day when TNS are strong enough and fighting Champions League oppositions, for now its early days. For the first time in this save Bala didn't finish second. Aberystwyth did instead and they were fifteen points behind us but sixteen ahead of Bala, a strengthening force?

    We couldn't defend our Scottish Challenge Cup crown for a third season in a row as we were dispatched in the first round we entered, the Fourth Round by a very strong, recently relegated Ross County. They beat us six one up in Scotland, we stood no chance.

    A fourth straight Nathaniel MG Cup for us along with the league in which we scored four goals in the first three rounds each. Beating Conwy four one, Prestatyn four one, Bala four two after Extra Time in the Semi Final before dispatching league runners up Aberystwyth on penalties in the Final.

    Straight forward as we win back the JD Welsh cup after Aberystwyth won itlast season. We conceded just one goal in the five rounds we played and that was first round in a four on victory. After that we went on to sail past the competition winning seven nil, three nil, two nil and then beating Bala in the Final one nil.

    Group stages for the third season in a row and it was a fairly straight forward run to there. Beating FCI Tallinn first with ease. Viktoria Plzen provided a stearner test but we beat them six nil on aggregate before Partizani showed no fight in the second leg after a three two home win for us, we beat them five one to book our spot in the Groups. Perhaps the easiest group stage we've faced to date, still no points though narrowly missing out against CSKA at home and Ajax away!

    A bank balance that won't stop growing! Three successive years of reaching the Champions League group stage has seen our bank balance move from just short of £300k to now over £20million! We did have £25million in there at one point however we've upgraded the youth and training facilities for what I believe is the third time in this career now! We're moving ahead. As you can see the board have also given me over £10million to spend on transfers this summer.

    Next Post: TNS - Season Five Review - 2020/2021
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