After a couple interesting playthroughs in FM17 i decided to document what i believe will be my most enjoyable. I have always had the affinity with Scottish Football in FM with Rangers and Dundee offering up huge careers in previous games. Now it's that time again to head north of the border and guide a potential sleeping giant to glory!

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In this save my ambition is guiding Aberdeen to Champions League glory, similar to the career of the great Sir Alex before moving on but if the opportunity presents itself earlier and the time is right then that could change. So let's get going....

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So a brief introduction and a look at the team report has given us a few ideas about the squad. Most of the clubs success has come in the 1980's so it has been a while since the club tasted glory. I am very pleased about the scouting situation however it is clear there are jobs to do so let's make a list!

Jobs to do:
- Improve Youth facilities
- Sign a first team Centre Back
- Improve the squad leadership
- Win a trophy

So 4 objectives for my first season in charge seem doable. Naturally i will do these in the mot logical order available to me, for example demanding better youth facilities is unlikely to happen as soon as i am in the door. There could also be a couple of these i can cross off at once such as a centre back with high leadership! So stay tuned to find out how we get on!

My upload rules will hopefully be 3-4 per season. Two of them will be Transfer Window updates (should anything happen) meanwhile i will also try and post updates from important games. I think to put us in a commanding situation we need to beat Rangers and take points off of Celtic (naturally) similarly teams around us such as Hearts could pose an interesting challenge.

2016-17 here we go!
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