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"After 4 years of his retirement, David Beckham just shocked the football world by stating he wants to comeback to a football pitch, but this time has a manager.
There has been a lot of chatter about who is going to employ Beckham. Dispite is lack of managerial experience he was one of the best players that graced the game."

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After 21 years at Arsenal, one of the most respected managers was fired after a gigantic run of almost no titles.
The club supports chanted "WENGAR OUT" after finishing 5th in the season and winning only the F.A cup.

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Is David Beckham the man for the job?

Reporter - "After that shocking statment that you wanted to return to the game, everyone is wondering who is going to be your first club"

Beckham - "Well, I've missed football, I retired 4/5 years ago, and after talking to my family and my closest friends I have decided that I want to start a new adventure."

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After only 2 months after the former England Skipper announced his return to football he shocked us again after being appointed the new Arsenal manager