Football Manager Mobile - Making My Subway Rides Enjoyable

  1. Football Manager Mobile - Making My Subway Rides Enjoyable

    Hey everyone! Welcome to my story about my Football Manager Mobile (FMM) save!

    Why FM Mobile you ask? Well when you have a half-hour subway commute to and from work every day, nothing’s better than being able to whip out your phone and power through 5-10 games.

    This year’s FM Mobile is pretty sweet, albeit a bit limited in what leagues and national teams you can manage.

    Football Manager Mobile - Making My Subway Rides Enjoyable-playable-leagues.png

    I’ve always loved doing any type of homegrown/youth challenge in FM so with that in mind, I have a few goals for the save:

    1) Build the team around young, domestic talent. Preferably my own youth products.
    2) Win the league with a homegrown XI
    3) Win a European trophy with a majority (6+) of homegrown players making up the starting lineup

    I’ve opted to manage in Poland for a few reasons:

    1) I like the idea of a league I can come to dominate domestically within 3-5 years game time allowing me to then focus on being more competitive in Europe.
    2) The option to manage the national side is there if I want to test my prospects on the international stage.

    I also wanted to start out managing a club with good facilities, but little history (I like the allure of building a legacy from scratch).

    Enter KGHM Zaglebie.

    Football Manager Mobile - Making My Subway Rides Enjoyable-zag%C5%82%C4%99bie_lubin_crest.svg.png

    Only two top-flight trophies, a pair of league titles in 1990-1991 and 2006-2007, to their name, but great youth facilities. Senior team facilities are fine for now, but I'll certainly look to expand them in the future.

    Football Manager Mobile - Making My Subway Rides Enjoyable-zaglebie-info.png

    FMM allows for a maximum of 30 seasons on saves. I hope I’ll see the save through until we’re either a dominant force in world soccer or all 30 seasons run out. I’ve broken it out into a timeline:

    Years 1-5
    • Become clear best team in Poland, favored for title every year
    • Improve youth facilities to the max
    • Develop as many youth prospects as possible

    Years 5-10
    • Identify the 4-5 best homegrown players to construct the team around
    • Buy players to fit around core that will help us advance farther in Europe
    • Win a Europa League title
    Year 10 and beyond
    • Win a Champions League title
    • Win a Club World Cup Title
    • Win the league title with 11 homegrowns (homegrown leads team in games at each position over the course of the season)
    • WIn a World Cup with Poland?

    Excited to get going on this!I think the ability to pull out my phone anywhere and anytime and knock out a game or two will make it easy to stick with the save for a long time.

  2. 2016/17 Season - Preseason

    **apologies if some of the dates seem out of order on the screenshots. I went back and took some I realized I needed at the end of the season**

    Season Targets:

    League: 3rd
    Europa League: Final Qualifying Round
    Cup: As far as possible

    We start out with European competition in our first year which, after looking over the squad, I'm quite surprised by. You have to finish second or third in the Polish top flight to qualify for the Europa League, but there are five or six teams clearly better than us. The board doesn’t seem bothered though - they’re giving us EURO qualification or the title as the only acceptable outcomes.

    So let’s have a look at the key players expected to carry us to a top three place.

    Adam Buksa

    Attachment 1120357
    Attachment 1120358

    Buksa is a young, Polish forward who looks like an exciting prospect. He’s already a top player at the domestic level and should hold his own in Europe as well.

    Martin Nespor

    Attachment 1120361
    Attachment 1120360

    Partnering Buksa will be the Slovakian Martin Nespor. He's a new signing brought in before I arrived and I'm perfectly happy with that considering he's a star at this level.

    Jan Vlasko

    Attachment 1120362
    Attachment 1120363

    Jan Vlasko is the lynchpin the attack will be built around. A flashy playmaker and set-piece specialist; I'm worried I'll only get one or two seasons out of him before a bigger league comes calling.


    Attachment 1120364Attachment 1120365

    Jach and Madera will anchor the defense, but I'm not enamored with either. Hopefully I get some good youth defenders after year one, otherwise I'll be looking to upgrade in the transfer market.


    We have the attackers to go after most of the teams in the division, but I’m definitely going to play more cautiously against the top 4-5 sides. I’ll alternate between 3 and 5 at the back, pushing the wide players higher when I want to get more aggressive. I’ll also be using a sweeper at the back after getting this promising defender on loan.

    Attachment 1120366

    My coaches seem to like him as well so hopefully I can secure his services permanently in the future.

    Season 1 Update coming next!

  3. 2016/2017 Season - Europe and the Polish FA Cup

    So how did my first season at the club go? A bit of a mixed bag I’d say.

    Europa League

    Our European adventure agonizingly ended just one step before the Europa League group stage.

    Football Manager Mobile - Making My Subway Rides Enjoyable-euro-cup-fixtures.png

    We powered through the early qualifiers with little difficulty before running into Serie A side Sassuolo. Giving up two away goals in the home leg meant we were always unlikely to get through. Still, I’m encouraged the early qualifying rounds aren’t difficult for us.

    FA Cup

    The domestic knockout tournament went much better.

    Football Manager Mobile - Making My Subway Rides Enjoyable-fa-cup-fixtures-no-final.png

    Adam Buksa fired us past Legia in the third round with a fantastic goal before leading a 4-0 rout of Jagiellonia over two legs in the quarterfinal. Jan Vlasko was the catalyst in overturning the first leg deficit against Lech Poznan to reach the first final of my career.

    2017 Polish FA Cup Final

    Football Manager Mobile - Making My Subway Rides Enjoyable-polish-cup-final.jpg

    We meet Cracovia, the oldest and one of the most storied teams in Polish soccer, in the FA Cup final. Cracovia, despite its five league titles, has never played in the domestic cup final. Zaglebie has been here twice, but came away with runners-up medals both times. I intend to change that this time around!

    Football Manager Mobile - Making My Subway Rides Enjoyable-cup-final-lineups.png

    It’s a first-choice XI for my side and mostly for theirs as well.

    Football Manager Mobile - Making My Subway Rides Enjoyable-cup-final-early-goal.png
    Football Manager Mobile - Making My Subway Rides Enjoyable-cup-final-halftime.png

    Cracovia started quickly and never let up on the way to a convincing halftime lead. The boys are getting some tactical changes to go along with an impassioned dressing room speech.

    Football Manager Mobile - Making My Subway Rides Enjoyable-cup-final-goal.png

    NOT DONE YET! Five minutes plus stoppage to find the equalizer!!!

    Football Manager Mobile - Making My Subway Rides Enjoyable-cup-final-postgame.png

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Cup Final Postgame.PNG
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ID:	1120433

    In the end we just didn’t have quite enough. I’ll take full responsibility – I didn’t come out with the right game plan and waited too long to make the necessary changes.

    Football Manager Mobile - Making My Subway Rides Enjoyable-fa-cup-fixtures.png

    The first trophy still eludes me!

    Next update will cover our performance in the league.

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