The Swans -Take Over

  1. The Swans -Take Over

    June 30th- Yawn! Another morning, another day at my poor man's job at McDonald's. As I walk along the front, half asleep promising to get a black espresso when I arrive I see an e-mail on my work laptop. "Who's this??" It was from Swansea City Football Club, who remember when I played for boyhood club Darlington FC and Stockport County. They say they have recently sacked manager Paul Clement and wish to speak to me. However, what really surprises me is they know my biggest footballing secret, my coaching badges. When I was 18yrs old I was playing for Stockport. I am now 20 but whilst I was playing for Stockport, me and a few of the lads decided to gain coaching badges.
    I moved to Wales last year and yeah am quite excited. I head to Swansea. "I got your offer!" I say. "We know." says Huw Jenkins. I shook his hand. "We will give you 41.5k on a one year deal." "Done! I replied.

    The reason why I retired from playing was... when I broke both my legs. That was Ryan Hall's fault who is going to be retireing fairly soon. I was forced into retirement. I was planning big things... Man U wanted me!

  2. July 2017-Beginning

    July 3rd- I have now met the players- they are awesome. They say first impressions are everything: Well, Gylfi doesn't like me that much because "I am not being ambitious enough and he wants to win a trophy!" LOL! He thinks we can actually win the FA Cup! Thats quite funny actually. As I arrive in my office I realise the cheif scout has left some papers on my desk- free agents to target. I have now offered a good few players contracts.
    The Swans -Take Over-gylfi.png

  3. Update Today

    Should be a update today hopefully

  4. The Swans-Take Over UPDATE-Pre-Season

    Just a quick update- July 20th
    We have just finished pre-season and after we got off the plane I arrived home. The next day I started walking to work- but started towards mcdonald
    P.N Below is people's fitnessThe Swans -Take Over-swansea-pre-season.png

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