Youth Academy Challenge

  1. Youth Academy Challenge

    OK, so these are the rules for my youth academy challenge:

    1. No signing players over the age of 24yrs old
    2. No signing real players- all regens/newgens
    3. All players out of youth academy must either be loaned or play 4-5 matches per season
    4. (Optional) You could name your players 1A (for first players season 1) 2A (for first player season 2 etc.)

    1. No real players in : including loans, frees, transfers
    2. You can sign regens
    3. Don't make any changes via the editor

    1. Start with a club lower than the EFL
    2. Make sure you can grow your youth academy
    3. Do not use create a club

    1. You can choose to simulate a year via holidaying
    2. Then retire
    3. Then take over (using the add manager feature) a newly promoted Vanarama North/South club

    Thanks hope you enjoy- Same rules for transfers and players apply no matter what choice you choose

  2. Anyone attempting??

    Anyone attempting?

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