Dolphins in the Poole!

  1. Question Dolphins in the Poole!


    I have been working on a silly story, trying to immerse myself in a FM17 save. Been getting some really nice feedback form several sites I have been posing to. To the point that some guys even encouraged me to open my own blog thingy to be more organised. Here is the LINK.

    The story itself is very silly, written in a somewhat unique style I may be known for (Ogaburan, on several FM sites). With many pictures, bad puns and creative interpretations of what is going on...

    The save itself is with Poole form the Vanarama South, who I think are officially the worst team to start in FM17 according to expectations, and I was looking for a challenge. I also limit myself to being "In character" as a buffoon, and only sign players that the in game scouting system recommends me.

    Hope you guys will check it out, any feedback is more than welcome as I am humbled anyone even cares.


    ((If anyone care why I did not post the story here, it is because posts are url-limited, and my style is heavy reliant on urls))
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  2. Exclamation Finally finished the first season!

    Cheers, its me again.

    Finally managed to finish my first season. Real life is a bitch, and progress was slow.

    New season starts with a two prater, hope you guys enjoy the new season.

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