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From lower league to legend

  1. From lower league to legend

    From lower league to legend-non-league-paper.png

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    Maidenhead hire Walsh as head coach:

    In a move being dubbed a huge surprise by many, the board at Maidenhead have appointed an unknown American
    manager with no prior experience in football management. It's not yet known which, if any badges that he has or does not have.
    We do know that the only experience he brings as a player is being part of a regular Sunday League set

    Jeremiah Walsh, who's only 33 years of age was introduced to fans and journalist alike this morning at York Road,declaring that he's ready to bring massive success to the football club and will leave no stone unturned in his quest
    at being successful at Maidenhead.
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    Press conference to introduce new Maidenhead man, Jeremiah Walsh

    George Brown, Non-League Football Paper: Mr. Walsh. How did this job come about and do you think you are the right
    person to take this club forward?

    Jeremiah Walsh: Mr. Griffin and myself have a few mutual friends and a close friend of both of ours put me in contact with Mr.
    Griffin about the opening at Maidenhead. Mr. Griffin gave me the opportunity to interview for the open position and the rest is
    history. As far as being the right man for the job, I think I am totally appropriate for this position and look forward to achieving
    great things with this club.

    George Brown, Non-League Football Paper: Mr. Walsh, it can't be an enviable task to follow in the footsteps of a club legend
    like Alan Devonshire. How do you think you will measure up to your predecessor?

    Jeremiah Walsh: Alan was a true great and it's humbling to have been chosen to follow him here at Maidenhead. I do have my
    own ideas on how we can get this club performing at the first time of asking and we should be able to with hard work and
    dedication have some fantastic moments together moving forward.

    George Brown, Non-League Football Paper: It is often said that different head coaches favor different competitions. Will you
    be concentrating primarily on the Vanarama South or will you want to win on multiple fronts?

    Jeremiah Walsh: While I want our side to be competitive in every match that we play, I realize that it's the league and
    promotion that the fans are really after. What's the use in winning the FA Trophy every season if we can't get out of the league?

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    From lower league to legend-maidenhead-united_-senior-matches-2.png

    With pre season behind us, we now turn out attention to the first match of the season. I'm happy overall
    with how we played our four pre season matches. Defense played well and our attack scored five in four
    matches. We will have to continue to train hard and work together if we're to get anything out of this
    season. We will be aiming for promotion irregardless of how it's achieved. We will also be looking to
    make deep runs in the Cup competitions but will not let that hinder our league form, the league will be
    the priority.

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    I couldn't have asked for a better start to our season than this. The work we've put in on the training ground has been
    working very well. A lot of that is down to my staff and my right hand man Brede Hangeland. He's been a wonderful
    addition to my staff and hopefully we continue to grow together and keep this club moving in the right direction.

    From lower league to legend-maidenhead-v-gosport_-analysis-post-match.png

    It was our first match of the season at York Road against Gosport. We didn't start the match as well as I would have
    liked. It was a battle the entire first half but the team worked hard and stayed focused. Went into half 0-0. Told the lads to
    keep working and the result would come. Much of the same in the second half before Remy Clerima got us onto the
    score sheet from a corner in the 76th minute. Eleven minutes later Sean Marks raced onto a ball and smashed it into the
    back of the net for a 2-0 lead with just a couple minutes left to play. At the end of the match it was a deserved win and
    we will take the 3 points and confidence and move forward away to Poole.

    From lower league to legend-poole-v-maidenhead_-analysis-post-match.png

    Went into this match wanting to be a little more physical from the very first minute. We dominated early and for much of
    the match. Our first goal came from Sean Marks in the 28th minute as he moved through the box and tucked it into the
    right corner for a 1-0 lead. Four minutes later Dave Tarpey doubled our lead with a free kick from about 15 yards out with
    a magnificent strike. Sean Marks didn't waste much time as he rolled another into the back of the net on the 33rd
    minute, we were rolling now. It wasn't until the 64th minute that we went 4-0 up and it was through Tendai Matinyadze
    who came onto a rebound and blasted it into the back of the net. We knocked the ball around the park for the rest of the
    match and ran out 4-0 winners. Surely it will build confidence as we head to the Enclosed Ground to face Whitehawk.

    From lower league to legend-whitehawk-v-maidenhead_-analysis-post-match.png

    Not a lot to say about this one really. We honestly didn't deserve as much as we got from this match but we played with
    effort from whistle to whistle as both goals came later in each half. Right on the stroke of halftime we took a 1-0 lead
    through Tendai Matinyadze as he went around a defender and knocked it across the keeper to give us the lead. Didn't
    have much of the ball in the second half either as they continue to take shot after shot with no success. It looked like we
    would hold onto the 1-0 lead but right before the final whistle Dave Tarpey got on the end of a long through ball, made a
    couple of dribbles, went around the keeper and put the ball into the back of the net for a 2-0 lead. That's how it ended.
    We were rolling along very well and were heading back to York Road to face Hemel Hempstead with loads of

    From lower league to legend-maidenhead-v-hemel-hempstead_-analysis-post-match.png

    We were absolutely dominated in this match as we came out as flat as a flapjack and was only interested in
    accumulating as many fouls as we possibly could. We certainly couldn't find the ball to kick around so we started kicking
    opposing players, not good. In the 34th minute, Jack Robinson finds himself on the end of a beautiful ball over the top of
    our defence, walks in with a one on one and blasts it past my keeper for a 1-0 lead. Went into half and told the boys that
    we couldn't play any worse and we're only down 1 goal. Came out in the second half and was much of the same, kicking
    anything but the ball. Never got going, very uneventful second half and there it was, our first loss of the season and my
    first loss as a football manager. Our next match was at home against Chelmsford and we had some work to do.

    From lower league to legend-maidenhead-v-chelmsford_-analysis-post-match.png

    Talk about a turn around from the Hemel Hempstead match! 2 minutes in and Tarpey goes down in the box from a push
    on a free kick, ref awards the penalty. Tarpey takes the ball, places it on the spot and waits for the whistle. He steps up,
    has a hit, straight at the keeper who pushes the ball away to remain 0-0. However he did remain determined to find the
    back of the net and did so in the 13th, 26th & 40th minute to take us into halftime up 3-0. They've never threatened and
    we look class at the moment. The second half opens as Marks picks up the ball on the edge of the box and has a go to
    make it 4-0 in the 46th minute. Tarpey finds the net again in the 52nd, 56th & 76th as he bags 6 goals on the day ... A
    new club and Vanarama South record. We never looked like losing today and went on to win this one by an easy 7-0.
    We were back to winning way and were heading to face Concord Rangers in our next match.

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    From lower league to legend-concord-v-maidenhead_-overview-overview.png

    We started this match quickly leading 2-0 into the 17th minute, both goals coming from none other than,
    Dave Tarpey who scored in the 11th and 16th. Controlled most of the first half but right before halftime got
    lazy and they got on the score sheet through Jordan Chiedozie who made it 2-1 at the half. We sure didn't
    come out and play any sort of football to be proud of as they found a way to level it at 2-2 in the 49th
    minute, this time Stephen Cawley getting on the score sheet. It wasn't until Rene Steer, our left back gave
    us a lead on a shot from just outside the box, through traffic as the keeper had no shot at saving it. Just 5
    minutes later they're down to 10 men as Cameron Norman is sent off for a nasty tackle on Harry Pritchard.
    We controlled the remainder of the match and was able to get out of there with a 3-2 win. Tough match.
    Up next we're back at York Road to face a Truro side who has struggled a bit this year.

    From lower league to legend-maidenhead-v-truro_-analysis-post-match.png

    Typical start for our side as Dave Tarpey scores a penalty in the 3rd minute giving us an early 1-0 lead at
    home, the fans really behind us now. That was until about 10 minutes later when Lewis Guy smashed one
    into the back of the net, beating Joe Boyd into the right corner of the net. We're now level 1-1 and we're
    getting absolutely pushed around on our home pitch, the players are showing NOTHING at the moment.
    Kieron Forbes and Tendai Matinyadze are both shown yellow cards during the first halfas we seem a little
    frustrated with how we're being outplayed. We head into the locker room at halftime 1-1. More of the same
    in the second half as they are treating us like a school yard bully! Kieron Forbes picks up his second yellow
    in the 72nd minute forcing us to finish the match with 10 men. We took advantage of a bad throw in and
    picked up possession outside the box, El Bekri keeps it on his right foot as he enters the box, fires the ball,
    it takes a deflection off of a defender and gives us an unlikely 2-1 lead in the 87th minute as that's how it
    finished. Lucky to have picked up 3 points but we will gladly take it and move forward and focus on our
    next match against Dartford at Princes Park.

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    From lower league to legend-vanarama-national-league-south_-awards-award-winners.png

    A look back at the first month of the season and they've decided on giving me the manager of the month
    award. Don't much care about personal awards as long as the team is progressing and winning football
    matches. I'll gladly accept but will continue to work hard on and off the pitch to make sure we're moving up
    a league at seasons end.

    From lower league to legend-vanarama-national-league-south_-awards-award-winners-2.png

    Scoring 11 goals in 7 matches certainly deserves to be considered and that he was, along side his
    teammate and fellow forward Sean Marks. I'm proud of the hard work they've put in during this first month
    and am hopeful it will continue throughout the entire season.

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    Dartford 2 Maidenhead 2

    From lower league to legend-dartford-v-maidenhead_-analysis-post-match.png

    Disappointed to say the least. I'll be happy with the point and we will move onto our match against 3rd
    place Eastbourne Borough.

    Maidenhead 2 Eastbourne Borough 0

    From lower league to legend-eastbourne-boro-v-maidenhead_-analysis-post-match.png

    Dave Tarpey scored both goals as he continues to terrorize opposing defences. We played very well
    throughout and confidence in flowing throughout the squad.

    Maidenhead 2 St. Albans 0

    From lower league to legend-maidenhead-v-st.-albans_-analysis-post-match.png

    Pretty easy match, we played well and with confidence. Tarpey and Inman scores the goals and we will
    move on to Oxford City match with loads of confidence.

    Oxford City 4 Maidenhead 0

    This is not a misprint. We got beat, easily. they won every 50/50 ball. Took majority of the possession and absolutely dominated us on the afternoon. We will hit the training pitch tomorrow and regroup for our FA Trophy match against Whyteleafe FC.

    From lower league to legend-fa-cup.jpg

    Maidenhead 5 Whyteleafe 1

    From lower league to legend-maidenhead-v-whyteleafe_-overview-overview.png

    Very please with how we played in our first round match. The only negative was the goal we gave up in the
    10th minute but we will learn and come back a better side against weaker sides.

    Weston-super-Mare 0 Maidenhead 2

    From lower league to legend-maidenhead-v-weston-super-mare_-overview-overview.png

    Tarpey scores in the 11th as we keep that lead throughout. We played well in defence but have some work
    to do within the midfield. Will keep the confidence flowing into October against Basingstoke in the second
    round of the FA Trophy.

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    From lower league to legend-fa-cup.jpg

    Basingstoke 0 Maidenhead 0

    From lower league to legend-maidenhead-v-basingstoke_-analysis-post-match.png

    Didn't play anywhere near good enough to win this match. We will get back to the training ground and try to right the wrongs. Expect better in the replay against Basingstoke.

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    Maidenhead 2 Basingstoke 0

    From lower league to legend-basingstoke-v-maidenhead_-analysis-post-match-3.png

    Much better showing this time out. Dominated shots and just about everything else in the match also. Possession was close but we were to physical and talented for them to ever get into the match today.

    Welling 0 Maidenhead 0

    From lower league to legend-welling-v-maidenhead_-analysis-post-match.png

    Valuable away point as we will move on against Wealdstone in the fourth qualifying round of the FA Cup. Defence has really played well lately and our goalkeeper Joe Boyd has been solid the entire year.

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    Wealdestone 0 Maidenhead 2

    From lower league to legend-maidenhead-v-wealdstone_-analysis-post-match.png

    We advance to the first round of the FA Cup with this big win at York Road, our fans were great as usual. We will hope for an easy draw to continue to advance and make a little money to keep the finances on track. Back to league play next as Bishop Stortford come to York Road where we don't look like losing anytime soon.

    Bishop's Stortford 0 Maidenhead 1

    From lower league to legend-maidenhead-v-bishops-stortford_-analysis-post-match.png

    The hitman Dave Tarpey bags another as we take 3 points here at home and remain at the top of the league. Huge top 3 matchup as we travel away to play 3rd place Hampton & Richmond FC, a team in fine form at the moment ...

    Maidenhead 0 Hampton & Richmond 3

    From lower league to legend-hampton-richmond-v-maidenhead_-analysis-post-match.png

    An absolute drubbing as we decided to not even turn up. Totally unacceptable and we will get back to training asap to fix whatever the problem seems to be every 10 matches or so. Didn't deserve anything, didn't get anything. Luckily we're back home against Hungerford in the next match where we will need all 3 points to remain at the top of the table.

    Hungerford 0 Maidenhead 1

    From lower league to legend-maidenhead-v-hungerford_-analysis-post-match.png

    None other than Tarpey who scores in the 66th to give us the 3 points that we needed after the beating we took last match. Hopefully it was a one off and we can keep the confidence up heading into November which starts away against East Thurrock.

    League Table

    From lower league to legend-vanarama-national-league-south_-overview-stages.png

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    East Thurrock 2 Maidenhead 4

    From lower league to legend-east-thurrock-v-maidenhead_-analysis-post-match.png

    Tarpey is well on his way to being player of the year if he continues at this pace. Defence let me down a little during this match and we will try and find out what happened to allow those 2 goals. I'll gladly take the 3 points and move on to our match against Rochdale in the first round of the FA Cup.

    From lower league to legend-fa-cup.jpg

    First Round FA Cup match

    Rochdale 3 Maidenhead 0

    From lower league to legend-rochdale-v-maidenhead_-analysis-post-match.png

    Never turned up as I'm disappointed at being knocked out in the first round. I was hoping that we could make a run into the 2nd, possibly 3rd round of this competition but it wasn't to be. We will now put a little more focus into the FA Trophy but the league will still be priority number one with promotion being the objective for this season.

    Maidenhead 2 Bath 1

    From lower league to legend-maidenhead-v-bath_-analysis-post-match.png

    Our two forwards got us the 3 points today as we remain at the top of the table moving torwards December. Our next match will be a tough one as we hit the road and travel to Ebbsfleet to take on third place Ebbsfleet United in what's certain to be a cracker.

    Ebbsfleet United 0 Maidenhead 0

    From lower league to legend-ebbsfleet-v-maidenhead_-analysis-post-match-2.png

    All even at Stonebridge Road and I'll gladly take the point away from home. We remain at the top of the table but Hampton & Richmond are closing to within a couple of points. Up next is South Park FC in the 3rd qualifying round of the FA Trophy.

    Name:  FA trophy.png
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    South Park FC 1 Maidenhead 2

    From lower league to legend-south-park-v-maidenhead_-analysis-post-match.png

    It took extra time but we're moving on to the first round. I don't like the extra time it took in this match as we're playing unneeded minutes. There is no way we should be playing extra time against a club like this but sometimes the momentum these clubs gather in these cup competitions is fantastic so we will gladly move onto our next match against Margate, who is currently at the bottom of the table, we're also back home for that one.

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    Maidenhead 1 Margate 3

    From lower league to legend-maidenhead-v-margate_-analysis-post-match.png

    We were absolutely dominated on the day. We didn't deserve anything from this match so I can't have to many complaints with the result. I'm more disappointed in the lack of passion and heart for this squad when we give up a lead. No fight, no passion and nobody seems interested. I'm going to run them up and down the pitch during training tomorrow and make sure this doesn't happen again. Up next is Gosport at home in the first round of the FA Trophy.

    Name:  FA trophy.png
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    Maidenhead 2 Gosport 0 (extra time)

    From lower league to legend-maidenhead-v-gosport_-analysis-post-match-2.png

    We've got to work on possession because it's letting us down at the moment. Gosport played well and we were fortunate to come good and move onto the 2nd round. Up next is Dartford at home. We will be looking for three points to remain atop the table.

    Maidenhead 0 Dartford 0

    From lower league to legend-maidenhead-v-dartford_-analysis-post-match.png

    Fairly even match until the 53rd minute when they went down to 10 men. I thought that we could take advantage and come away with 3 points but it wasn't to be. We will have to settle for a single point and hope we don't fall to far behind the first place side. Up next will be an away match to Wealdstone.

    Wealdstone 1 Maidenhead 0

    From lower league to legend-wealdstone-v-maidenhead_-analysis-post-match.png

    3 shots on goal, 1 shot on target. Also didn't do much with possession as it was 46%. We've absolutely got something to work on now as we're not getting the results required for promotion at the moment. We will need to turn it around rather quick as Hampton & Richmond have moved into first place on the table. Up next we're at home against Wealdstone where we will need to take all 3 points if we're to keep it close.

  10. From lower league to legend-non-league-paper.png

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    Maidenhead 1 Wealdstone 0

    From lower league to legend-maidenhead-v-wealdstone_-analysis-post-match-2.png

    Role reversal as we take the 3 points at home, much needed. Dave Tarpey again and one was enough. St. Albans away next and we will have to get to work right away if we're to take 3 points out of that match.

    St. Albans 1 Maidenhead 0

    From lower league to legend-st.-albans-v-maidenhead_-analysis-post-match.png

    The struggle continues as we weren't able to get anything from that match and it's a shame we don't turn up away from home. There are lots of things we can improve on and work on the training ground doesn't look to be helping. Up next is Needham Market FC in the 2nd round of the FA Trophy.

    Name:  FA trophy.png
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    Needham Market 0 Maidenhead 1

    From lower league to legend-needham-market-v-maidenhead_-analysis-post-match.png

    A goal through Christian Smith puts us through to the 3rd round. Tough match in a tough environment but we will gladly move on and see what the draw has in store for us in the next round. Back to league play in just 3 days time as we're away at Chelmsford City.

    Chelmsford City 1 Maidenhead 1

    From lower league to legend-chelmsford-v-maidenhead_-analysis-post-match.png

    Sean Marks scores the lone goal for us as we gain another valuable point away from home. Hopefully we get back on track and can find a similar form that we had during the beginning of the season. Next league match is away to Gosport.

    Gosport 2 Maidenhead 2

    From lower league to legend-gosport-v-maidenhead_-analysis-post-match.png

    Defence didn't do us any favors this evening but Marks and Tarpey lead the line well today as we lead 2-1 for most of the match. It wasn't until the 84th minute that they leveled it through Tony Lee. After it's all said and done we will take the point away from home and continue to move forward. This was our 5th away match over the last 6. Sure will be good to get back to York Road.

    Maidenhead 4 Eastbourne Borough 2

    From lower league to legend-maidenhead-v-eastbourne-boro_-analysis-post-match.png

    This is a make up for a postponed match because of a waterlogged field at York Road. Our attack decided to show up today as we bagged 4 in front of our own fans for nearly a month. Sean Marks got the hatty as the 4th goal came through Tendai Matinyadze. Pleased with the match as we move into February 6 points off of first place. We've got a home match against Ebbsfleet United in the 3rd round of the FA Trophy up next.

    League Table

    From lower league to legend-vanarama-national-league-south_-overview-stages-2.png

  11. From lower league to legend-non-league-paper.png

    Name:  Maidenheadunited.png
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    Name:  FA trophy.png
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    Maidenhead 3 Ebbsfleet United 0

    From lower league to legend-maidenhead-v-ebbsfleet_-analysis-post-match.png

    Good win at home as we score through Marks (2) and Forbes (1). We dominated the match from start to finish with almost 60% possession. If we can keep the dominant performances up we should achieve promotion and hit our targets by the end of the season.

    Hemel Hempstead 1 Maidenhead 3

    From lower league to legend-hemel-hempstead-v-maidenhead_-analysis-post-match.png

    We went down early in the 13th minute as Jordan Parkes scores a brilliant free kick. Less than 20 minutes later Forbes hits back and we're level 1-1. Mulley scores 6 minutes later to make it 2-1 going into the break. 4 minutes into the second half Tarpey makes it 3-1 through a brilliant shot from 20 yards out. We switch to defensive mentality to see out the match and we take the 3 away points which is huge for us at the moment.

    Maidenhead 2 Poole 0

    From lower league to legend-maidenhead-v-poole_-analysis-post-match.png

    Mulley and El Bekri score to help us pick up 3 huge points at home. We didn't have much possession but we did take our chances well. Surely morale is high and we're feeling unstoppable at the moment. Up next is Eastleigh in the fourth round of the FA Trophy. Luckily it's a home match at York Road.

    Name:  FA trophy.png
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    Maidenhead 2 Eastleigh 1

    From lower league to legend-maidenhead-v-eastleigh_-analysis-post-match.png

    Tarpey and Walton score and we're up 2-0 for most of the match before we concede late in the 83rd to Scott Wilson. We ended up seeing the match out and move into the semi-finals of the FA Trophy. Next match is a league fixture away to Hungerford.

    Hungerford 0 Maidenhead 0

    From lower league to legend-hungerford-v-maidenhead_-analysis-post-match.png

    Not much to say about this match other than we took an away point and continued to keep pace with Hampton & Richmond who are in GREAT form at the moment and don't look like losing. Speaking of Hampton & Richmond we're back at York Road to face the first place team and to move within 6 points with a match in hand.

  12. From lower league to legend-non-league-paper.png

    Name:  Maidenheadunited.png
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    Maidenhead 2 Hampton & Richmond 1

    From lower league to legend-maidenhead-v-hampton-richmond_-analysis-post-match.png

    Walton and El Bekri get the 2 goals for us in the first half. Decided to play it a little safer going into the second half and play more of a defensive, possession based match for the final 45. Not to bad as we were able to see the match out and pick up 3 massive points as we move to within 3 points with a match in hand. Jolley who has been on a tear scored their lone goal. We welcome Whitehawk FC to York Road next as we will need to play well to pick up another 3 points.

    Maidenhead 2 Whitehawk 1

    From lower league to legend-maidenhead-v-whitehawk_-analysis-post-match.png

    We went down in the 35th minute of the first half as we didn't play as well as we're capable of. Right on halftime Matinyadze scored to level it for us. Told the boys at half that they're letting themselves down and that we need to come out and play together and with more confidence. It was in the 61st minute that Matinyadze got his brace and gave us what would end up being the final score of 2-1 and another massive 3 points. Up next is the first leg of the semi's in the FA Trophy away to FC United.

    Name:  FA trophy.png
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    FC United 2 Maidenhead 2

    From lower league to legend-fc-united-v-maidenhead_-analysis-post-match.png

    2 massive away goals as we will gladly take the draw and move back to York Road where we will surely have a boost from our home crowd. Marks scored for us first in the 10th but it wasn't even 5 minutes later when our brilliant centre half had a rare bad moment and scored an own goal to level it 1-1. 2 minutes later Chantler scored for the away team as they went up 2-1 in the 14th. In the 39th Marks scored another bagging a brace and leveling the match at 2-2. The second half was very non eventful and the match ended there at 2-2. Back in league play as we're away to Weston-super-Mare.

    Weston-super-Mare 2 Maidenhead 3

    From lower league to legend-weston-super-mare-v-maidenhead_-analysis-post-match.png
    Marks scores out first goal as he continues his fine form. 1-1 at the half. Massey our back up CB scored 2 huge goals in the second half to give us a 3-1 lead for most of the second half. they pulled one back to make it 3-2 in the 86th minute through Pooni. We have to keep our concentration for the duration of the match and can't continue to give up trash goals like that one. Our second leg match of the FA Trophy is up next as we're back to York Road in front of our home fans, hoping for a good turn out.

    Name:  FA trophy.png
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    Maidenhead 3 FC United 1
    Aggregate: Maidenhead 5 FC United 3

    From lower league to legend-maidenhead-v-fc-united_-analysis-post-match.png

    Our top goal scorer this season Dave Tarpey scores 2 and his partner up top scores the other as Marks grabs another much needed goal to continue his form. Our fans were absolutely brilliant and we needed them throughout, the momentum we take from home matches is fantastic. We move onto the final and hopefully we can win the first ever piece of silverware in the clubs history. A club that has 147 years of history has never won a single piece of silverware, that's amazing to me, it really is. I hope to be the manager to bring some trophies to this club. Up next is Oxford City who dominated us earlier in the season, hopefully we can right the wrongs and earn 3 valuable points.

    Maidenhead 0 Oxford City 2

    From lower league to legend-maidenhead-v-oxford-city_-analysis-post-match.png

    An absolute let down as we didn't even turn up for this match. We were booked 9 times as our centre half Inman was sent off late in the match when we were down 1-0. It was only a couple minutes later that they scored their second and put us away. We will be back on the training pitch and in the film room early in the morning as we can't waste any time trying to figure out what went wrong. We go to Bishop's Stortford next and they'll be a tough task if we're not prepared.

    Bishop's Stortford 4 Maidenhead 1

    From lower league to legend-bishops-stortford-v-maidenhead_-analysis-post-match.png

    No clue what is going on within the squad over the past week and a half but we haven't been ourselves. Totally unacceptable and Brede and myself will hold a team meeting in the morning to let the side know that this shit is totally unacceptable and that we better get to playing before we let the league slip away. We must do better and I will not stop until we're giving 110% week in and week out. We're back home against Welling in our final match of March.

    Maidenhead 1 Welling 0

    From lower league to legend-maidenhead-v-welling_-analysis-post-match.png

    Tarpey saves our ass again as he scores the lone goal in the match in the 78th minute. It's 3 points, we will take it and move on as we get closer to Hampton & Richmond. Up next we head to Twerton Park where we will face a mid table Bath club who have some decent players, it won't be an easy match, that's for sure.

  13. From lower league to legend-non-league-paper.png

    Name:  Maidenheadunited.png
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    Bath 0 Maidenhead 0

    From lower league to legend-bath-v-maidenhead_-analysis-post-match.png

    Pretty even match throughout as we take another point away from home. I'd rather have had 3 but 1 will have to be enough. Up next we're back home to East Thurrock who will be playing in hopes of avoiding the drop zone.

    Maidenhead 2 East Thurrock 1

    From lower league to legend-maidenhead-v-east-thurrock_-analysis-post-match.png

    Our 2 forwards to it for us today as we're up 2-0 before Cregan pulls one back for them in the 55th minute. Massive home win and we will need to keep the momentum going as we have 4th place Concord Rangers coming to York Road in a huge match.

    Maidenhead 1 Concord Rangers 1

    From lower league to legend-maidenhead-v-concord_-analysis-post-match.png

    They didn't waste any time starting as Cawley scores in the 9th minute as we are really disorganized. They beat us in almost ever major statistic for the entire match until stoppage time in the 92nd minute minute Sean Marks saves us for the 121,974th time! I'll gladly take the point against a formidable opponent. Up next we will welcome Ebbsfleet United to town as we look to get back on winning track.

    Maidenhead 0 Ebbsfleet United 0

    From lower league to legend-maidenhead-v-ebbsfleet_-analysis-post-match-2.png

    Not much to say about this match as most things were even. Possession was even, we did double them up in shots but couldn't hit the back of the net. We have got to start taking 3 points as it could all slip away if we continue to settle for one point. Next up we're away to play our match in hand against Truro. We could go up on goal differential if we win by even 1 goal in that match.

    Truro 3 Maidenhead 4

    From lower league to legend-truro-v-maidenhead_-analysis-post-match.png

    Marks scores 2, Tarpey scores one and Inman gets on the score sheet. Massive win, wasn't pretty but it's 3 points nonetheless. We have moved into first place on goal differential with one match left to play in the season. We're away at Margate, the last place team who has already been relegated, could be a dangerous match for us, we will have to be prepared.

    Margate 1 Maidenhead 3

    From lower league to legend-margate-v-maidenhead_-analysis-post-match.png

    Tarpey with a brace and Clerima is on the score sheet as we have somehow defied all odds and won our first piece of silverware in the history of the club. Absolute massive achievement as we win automatic promotion into the National League. Couldn't be prouder of my boys. Hell of a job.

    From lower league to legend-first-silverware.jpg

  14. From lower league to legend-non-league-paper.png

    Name:  Maidenheadunited.png
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    Maidenhead 1 OM Reserves 1

    From lower league to legend-maidenhead-v-om-reserves_-overview-overview.png

    Friendly match before our cup final at Wembley Stadium against Sutton United and the man I replaced here at Maidenhead in Alan Devonshire. I get on with Alan and will look to have a drink with him after the match, win or lose.

    Sutton United 0 Maidenhead 1 (Extra Time)

    From lower league to legend-sutton-utd-v-maidenhead_-analysis-post-match.png

    I won't sound like much of a head coach saying this but I didn't think we'd have what it took to win this match on a neutral ground. Our fans turned up and we played the entire match with a contain approach and very structured in our formation. I wanted to frustrate the opposition and keep men behind the ball only putting 2 men forward and keeping any holes in our defence to a minumum. It was the 106th minute and Matinyadze picked the ball up on the edge of the box and placed a beautiful shot into the top of the net, goalkeeper never had a chance! I was out of voice so I was signaling for the boys to remain compact and to clear the ball out of danger irregardless of where it ended up. They were beyond frustrated and couldn't get anything going in the final 15 as we have somehow won the FA Trophy after being considered outsiders. A cup double in my first year at Maidenhead FC and our first 2 trophies in 147 years of existence! We will enjoy this for a few days but get focused on what needs to be done next season if we're going to stay in the National League. I couldn't be more proud of this team and will look to keep most of them around if they're reasonable.

    From lower league to legend-fa-trophy-cup-pic.jpg


    From lower league to legend-vanarama-national-league-south_-awards-award-winners-3.png

    As I've said, I don't much care for personal awards but I've worked my ass off for this. The lads were brilliant and I wouldn't have even been considered without this entire team so I'll take the award on behalf of the entire squad.


    From lower league to legend-vanarama-national-league-south_-awards-award-winners-4.png

    Wouldn't have been the champions without this guy leading the line. He's almost out of contract and wants a ton of money so we will have to sit down with Dave and his agent to see if we can come to what we both consider a fair agreement, I'd love to have him back and his experience is certain to help if we add some youth to the attacking side of the team.

  15. Congrats on your 1st season's silverware. Great read. I'm managing Eastleigh at the moment and it's a tough league to get out of. I bought Ricardo Fuller, and even at 36 yrs old he's scoring or grabbing assists.

  16. Cheers mate. I'm glad that somebody is actually reading it lol I managed to beat Eastleigh the one time that we played them in my first season but a quality team. I had a lot of pounds come off the wage bill and was able to use some of the prize money for transfer budget. I'll post up the transfers in and out in my next post. Send a link to your story and I'll follow along.
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  17. I'm still in my 1st season atm. Once I've completed it, I'll start posting on here. Cheers.

  18. From lower league to legend-non-league-paper.png

    Name:  Maidenheadunited.png
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    Some good progress made in the off season. Signed a couple of key players and added a little depth to key positions. We did let a lot of players go after not renewing contracts but it did free up a good bit of money for us to have a little more room to make moves in the market and add key players. Four of the starting 11 were not renewed as Marks, Steer, Pritchard & Peters were not renewed. I wanted to add quality to both FB positions so that's the reason Steer and Peters were released on free's. Pritchard didn't offer much on the left wing so I needed an upgrade there and Sean Marks was going to turn 33 years old and was declining statistically, and fast. He did score 30+ goals for us this past season but with the step up in competition and playing against better players, I thought we could use the money better elsewhere. Eight other players we're also released.

    We did bring in 10 players this off season. Four on loan, two on free's, and we spent some money on the remaining 4. The biggest additions to the squad was upgrading our GK position and signed Aleksander Gogic from Ebbsfleet United, Jake Goodman at CB, Luke Booker from Hemel Hempstead & Chez Issac from Braintree. I feel the business we have done was decent enough to give us a strong side throughout the season and we should be able to stay up without much problem and get close to a play off position.

    Aleksander Gogic (GK)

    Played very well for Ebbsfleet last season and gives us a much bigger body in goal. Joe Boyd our keeper last year was 5'11, Gogic is 6'6. I will move Boyd to our number 2 keeper and give him times in Cup matches and a few matches throughout the season.

    From lower league to legend-gogic.jpg

    Jake Goodman (CB)

    Goodman was a rock at Centre back for Braintree last season and was a very fair deal so I decided to spend some money on him and bolster the defence, hopefully for the next couple of years he can be a mainstay in the first team.

    From lower league to legend-goodman.jpg

    Luke Booker (CB)

    I will use him primarily on the right side of defence as he can play FB on the right pretty well and pair Goodman and Clerima at the CB positions. Gives us flexibility throughout defence and should be our best chance at keeping clean sheets this year.

    From lower league to legend-booker.jpg

    Chez Issac (CM)

    8 goals and 7 assists in 45 appearances last season for Braintree. He will be able to step right in with Nabi and I'll move Matinyadze and El Bekri to depth on the bench. Midfield is all shored up and we have tons of depth.

    From lower league to legend-issac.jpg

    Jerome Binnom-Williams (LB)

    On loan from Peterborough and in all honesty he's probably the best player on the entire team. He will play LB and finish out a solid back 4 as we could possibly have the best back 4 in the entire league and a top keeper.

    From lower league to legend-binnom-williams.jpg

    Rigino Cicilia (CF)

    Another player brought in on loan from Port Vale he will be along side Tarpey this season as Marks is gone from the team. Hopefully he can provide us with goals and assists and just general decent play throughout this season.

    From lower league to legend-cicilia.jpg

    Adil Nabi (CM)

    Another loan from Peterborough. This guy is class in midfield when given a chance. Very good vision and passing. His dribbling is solid and should be able to get a fair amount of assists and give us a decent work rate throughout the season. If not we will rotate between him and a couple of guys in the bench.

    From lower league to legend-nabi.jpg

    Issac Vassell (ML)

    Brought in late in the season from Luton Town when our starting left midfielder went down during preseason with a broken ankle. He offers a lot of pace and we will work with him on his crossing. Hopefully he will work hard and pick up the training and can help us out for the 3 months that Massey will be out.

    From lower league to legend-vassell.jpg


    From lower league to legend-maidenhead-united_-transfer-history.png

  19. From lower league to legend-non-league-paper.png

    Name:  Maidenheadunited.png
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    Tonbridge 1 Maidenhead 2

    From lower league to legend-tonbridge-v-maidenhead_-overview-overview.png

    Late winner through Cicilia. We were in control for most of the match but have some work to do moving forward.

    Maidenhead 1 Everton 4

    From lower league to legend-maidenhead-v-everton_-overview-overview.png

    We just didn't turn up today and was beaten pretty easily. Got the experience though so we will apply that and continue on in training.

    Maidenhead 1 Derby County 1

    From lower league to legend-maidenhead-v-derby_-overview-overview.png

    Lucky to get anything out of this match. Alex Pearce scored an own goal in the 87th minute so I'll take it and move on. These home friendlies against Everton and today against Derby has generated a lot of support and really brought out the crowd.

    West End 0 Maidenhead 2

    From lower league to legend-west-end-v-maidenhead_-overview-overview.png

    Really was never a contest as we should have won by much more. Tedndai Matinyadze scored both goals as we won comfortable.

    Maidenhead 1 Wolves U23's 1

    From lower league to legend-maidenhead-v-wolves-under-23s_-overview-overview.png

    Another match that we take a point late in the match. Cicilia scores late in stoppage time to level it a 1-1. Again, it's against decent competition and we can use the experience so I will not complain as long as we're getting better.

    Cefn Druids 0 Maidenhead 1

    From lower league to legend-cefn-druids-v-maidenhead_-overview-overview.png

    They didn't pose much of a threat with 3 shots on goal and not much in possession. Tarpey scored in the 11th minute as we closed out our pre season with a win. Hopefully we can put it all together as we start the season at home against Boreham Wood.

  20. From lower league to legend-non-league-paper.png

    Name:  Maidenheadunited.png
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    Maidenhead 2 Boreham Wood 1

    From lower league to legend-maidenhead-v-boreham-wood_-analysis-post-match.png

    Couldn't have asked for a better start to life in league play as we get a home win at York Road and start with a massive 3 points. Tarpey scored our loan goal as the other came from an own goal through Grant Smith in the 17th minute. The match was fairly even but I thought we did enough to earn the 3 points.

    Sutton United 0 Maidenhead 0

    From lower league to legend-sutton-utd-v-maidenhead_-analysis-post-match-2.png

    A rematch of the FA Trophy final last season and against the former man in charge Alan Devonshire. Was a pretty even match and our first away match in league play so we will take the point and move forward with 4 points through 2 matches. Back to York Road as Forest Green Rovers come to town this Tuesday.

    Maidenhead 2 Forest Green 1

    From lower league to legend-maidenhead-v-forest-green_-analysis-post-match.png

    What an atmosphere as the crowd really pushed us on in this match. Tarpey scores again and I'm not sure there is anybody in this league who can contend with him either. New boy Charlie Kendall scores his first for us and the eventual winner as we continue to surprise. We must maintain the confidence as we welcome to Bromley to York Road in our next match.

    Maidenhead 2 Bromley 0

    From lower league to legend-maidenhead-v-bromley_-analysis-post-match.png

    We dominated for the most part in this match. Jake Goodman scored his first goal at Maidenhead since joining from Braintree this off season. Cicilia also scored his first for Maidenhead as we ran out 2-0 winners and kept pace with the top half of the league. Up next we travel away to face Barrow in what I'm hoping will be another point at least.

    Barrow 0 Maidenhead 0

    From lower league to legend-barrow-v-maidenhead_-analysis-post-match-2.png

    We didn't do anything to deserve 3 points so I'll certainly be happy with the away point. We're having great success during this first month in the league and we will want to keep that going as we travel away to take on Eastleigh in our next match.

    Eastleigh 0 Maidenhead 2

    From lower league to legend-eastleigh-v-maidenhead_-overview-overview.png

    Massive away win and I couldn't be any happier with how we closed out the first month. Tarpey was caught from behind inside the box during a one on one opportunity with the Eastleigh goalkeeper by Leacock-McLeod and I just knew he would receive a red card for denying a clear scoring chance but it was only a yellow. Tarpey steps up and puts us up 1-0 in the 10th minute. We dominated for periods but were inconsistent. Chez Issac got his first goal from a cracker about 20 yards out as we went up 2-0 it was enough for us to pick up 3 huge points away from home. Our next match sees us back home against Hartlepool who was relegated down from League 2 last term.

    From lower league to legend-vanarama-national-league_-overview-profile.png

  21. Definitely going to keep an eye on this, I am currently with Salford, won the league year 1 and unfortunately beat in the play off final of the national league year 2. Interesting to see how you progress!

  22. Cheers mate. If you send me the link I'll follow along on your story as well, as I enjoy a good read. Good luck this time out. Would be absolutely heartbreaking to lose out in the playoffs.

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