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Middelfart - let's not follow through
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  1. I have never won a World Cup as a coach of a national team so for me is a huge achievement my friend! Well done and hope you will enjoy the new FM !

  2. I think it was more luck than management but I will take it! Thank you! I have not bought the new version yet, I don't want to start a new save really until this Middelfart one is well and truly done
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  3. Nice! Your win percentage as England manager must have been insane. I find international management really difficult for some reason, even when I'm managing the top national sides they still play terribly because of the lack of training time. I dunno.
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  4. I only lost 3 games in my tenure. Think my win % was around 90%!
    I agree, the fatigue during the tournament was a killer. Had to rotate heavily for the likes of Kane, Rashford, Alli and Dier. The young kids did well though and ultimately I think the clinical strikers saved the day as in most of the games we were chasing the play
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    Season Review 2026/27

    The season started off very well and it continued as we were able maintain the positive results for the duration. Copenhagen were slow off the mark, and ended up falling way off the pace.
    We secured the title in April and we had to finish the rest of the season to complete our second season in my tenure as an undefeated side.

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    A slight hiccup in our consecutive title streak but we are back on it. In addition to the league we also won the cup again. The fans are happy and so is the board.

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    We even improved on the unbeaten season by winning 26 of our 36 games. With those victories we also secured a new record Superliga points haul.

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    In other news, the youth facilities have begin an update after approval. We are also in the final 12 months of our new stadium. Exciting times!
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    We also move further up the European rankings but we fall just behind Copenhagen in the local rankings, we are yet to surpass them.
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    UP. THE. FARTS!!!
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