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The rise of the Toffees

  1. The rise of the Toffees

    So today i am doing my first Thread and have choose Everton as my team, I will be aiming to win the FA Cup and get into the champions league in my first season ad bringing in players to improve the team.

    I will be doing this thread month by month so any advice will be greatly appreciated


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  2. July 2016

    The rise of the Toffees-transfers-july-2016.png

    Transfers in i fel these players are whats needed to help me throughout this long campaign.

    Pre season

    The rise of the Toffees-sigma-vs-everton.png

    The rise of the Toffees-everton-vs-waasland-bevern.png

    The rise of the Toffees-heidenheim-vs-everton.png

  3. August 2016

    So here it is the start of the premier league campaign

    Hull City vs Everton

    Attachment 1124255

    Outplayed by Hull this afternoon and a real kick in the teeth loosing 2 players due to injuries but atleast i got a point very lucky to walk away with that

    Ashley Young out for 7-8 Weeks
    Enner Valencia out for 6 - 7 Weeks

    Everton vs Manchester United

    Attachment 1124264

    Absolutely Incredible! what a victory 3-1 thats the form of champions a proud manager today lets hope this for continues

    Everton vs Bolton

    The rise of the Toffees-everton-vs-bolton.png
    Wow what a come down from beating united. These injuries are effecting us badly

    Everton vs Watford

    The rise of the Toffees-everton-vs-watford.png


    So after a solid game against Man Utd things have goe bad to worse. losing at home to bolton and then against watford is a shambles i need these players back. here is hopeing to september is a better month. Come on Toffees step your game up lets do it for the fans!!

  4. Is it me or could you not have brought in better players than what you have for the money spent??? 4.2 for Navas could of got you 1 a better player or 2 a youngster you could develop, similar with Young.... Isn't Tom Davies better than Anderson? Honda is okay but 23 mil!

  5. disastrous transfers mate. anderson and honda, it's like you're living in the past ! honda is not worth 5 mil, let alone 23. anderson? i hope it's not that anderson from man utd. tom davies is already ready to be playing at least as a rotation. i'm not being a smartass mate, I'm trying to help, I played 5 seasons with everton.

  6. Very poor transfers. All of them are outdated and aren't worth that much.

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