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The Rise of sleeping Serbian Giant - Crvena Zvezda

  1. The Rise of sleeping Serbian Giant - Crvena Zvezda

    Meet the club
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    Stadion Rajko Mitić
    The Rise of sleeping Serbian Giant - Crvena Zvezda-mara.jpg

    Club won 27 national championships, 24 national cups and once became champion of Europe and world
    The Rise of sleeping Serbian Giant - Crvena Zvezda-1991.jpg
    This is the team and the tactic i will be using this season:
    The Rise of sleeping Serbian Giant - Crvena Zvezda-atack.pngThe Rise of sleeping Serbian Giant - Crvena Zvezda-defence.png
    The Rise of sleeping Serbian Giant - Crvena Zvezda-tactic.png

    Next update i'll show you all the transfers and probably the first half of the season.
    Stay tuneed!!

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  2. Good luck my friend! I will be following since this team and Olympiakos Piraeus (the team I support from Greece) are brothers !

  3. Quote Originally Posted by kolas79 View Post
    Good luck my friend! I will be following since this team and Olympiakos Piraeus (the team I support from Greece) are brothers !
    Thanks mate. The update is coming in a few hours probably, so stay tuned for that
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  4. Transfer Window and Start of the season

    We're going to start from the players I brought in the squad. I really focused on bolstering our defence so majority of the players are defenders.
    1. Nikola Maras
    The Rise of sleeping Serbian Giant - Crvena Zvezda-nikola-maras.png
    position: Centre back
    age: 20
    nationality: Serbian
    value: 875k
    transfer fee: 1,5m
    wage: 450p/w
    contract expires: 30/06/2018
    description: The best young Serbian CB in
    the superleague for years now.
    Assigned to be first choice CB and hopefully
    a long term solution for defensive role in our club.

    2. Vujadin Savic
    The Rise of sleeping Serbian Giant - Crvena Zvezda-vujadin-savic.jpg
    position: Centre back
    age: 26
    nationality: Serbian
    value: 110k
    transfer fee: 215k
    wage: 775 p/w
    contract expires:30/06/2018
    description: He is back in our squad after gaining some
    international expirience. Solid CB for superleague but
    probably not a long term solution. Assigned to a backup role.

    3. Lucas Ramon
    The Rise of sleeping Serbian Giant - Crvena Zvezda-lucas-ramon.jpg
    position: Right back
    age: 22
    nationality: Brazilian
    value: 325k
    transfer fee: 450k
    wage: 2.5k p/w
    contract expires: 30/06/2018
    description: Assigned to replace Petkovic who is out for
    8 to 10 months due to an injury,
    but probably even better and younger player then Petkovic.
    Hopefully a long term solution for the right back position

    4. Marcel Probst
    Name:  marcel probst.png
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    position: Centre back
    age: 20
    value: 62k
    transfer fee: 100k
    wage: 625 p/w
    contract expires: 30/06/2018
    description: A young prospect for the future.
    Not in the first team plans for this season

    5. Jadson

    Name:  jadson.png
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    position: Centre back
    age: 24
    nationality: Brazilian
    value: 195k
    transfer fee: 53k
    wage: 4.1k p/w
    contract expires: 30/06/2018
    description: An absolute bargain.
    Great defender for a really cheap amount of money.
    I suggest him for your saves if you need cehap and great CB.

    6. Elia Soriano

    The Rise of sleeping Serbian Giant - Crvena Zvezda-elia-soriano.jpg
    position: Striker
    age: 27
    value: 1.4m
    transfer fee: 1.6m (it raises trough bonuses to 1.9m)
    wage: 4.2k p/w
    contract expires: 30/06/2018
    description: Arrived late in the transfer window. I am yet to test him out.

    Players that are promoted from youth squad to senior team:
    1. Uros Racic DM - 18 years old
    2. Luka Adzic AM(RLC) - 17 years old
    3. Luka Ilic AMC, ST - 17 years old
    4. Dejan Joveljic ST - 17 years old

    Player departures:
    The Rise of sleeping Serbian Giant - Crvena Zvezda-departures.png

    Now on to games:

    Serbian SuperLeague:

    1. Partizan - Crvena Zvezda 3-3
    18' N. Miletic 1-0
    18' M. Pavkov 1-1
    52' N. Mihajlovic 2-1
    53' N Mihajlovic 3-1
    61' M. Donald 3-2
    90+1 G. Kanga 3-3
    Weak performance against are biggest rivals

    2. Crvena Zvezda - Metalac 0-0
    Poor performance against a weaker side. After this game i changed tactics, i will show it later.

    3. Cukaricki - Crvena Zvezda 0-3
    57' S. Plavsic 0-1
    59' S. Plavsic 0-2
    72' S. Plavsic 0-3
    A solid performance against stronger side in the league. Plavsic did all the work.

    4. Crvena Zvezda - Rad 2-1
    53' Vladimir Rodic 0-1
    60' M. Poletanovic 1-1
    81' M. Stojanovic 2-1
    A great performance all around. We had problems with finishing.

    5. Borac - Crvena Zvezda 1-2
    56' G. Kanga 0-1
    60' L. Ramon 0-2
    64' M. Zocevic 1-2
    Convincing performance but again struggling to score.

    6. Crvena Zvezda - Radnicki Nis 2-0
    42' J. Ruiz 1-0
    90+3' M. Poletanovic 2-0
    A win and a clean sheet. Great performance.

    7. Novi Pazar - Crvena Zvezda 1-2
    5' A. Ignjatovic 1-0
    13' L. Adzic 1-1
    51' S. Vujaklija 1-2
    Bad start, but a great comeback and a win.

    8. Crvena Zvezda - Vojvodina 2-2
    28' G. Kanga 1-0
    59' N. Trujic 1-1
    78' N. Trujic 1-2
    90+3' U. Racic 2-2
    Poor performance against a stronger side in the league. A draw is a fair result.

    The Rise of sleeping Serbian Giant - Crvena Zvezda-table.png
    Sitting at the top of the table after a first few games is great. And even better
    is that the biggest threat in the title race, Partizan, is struggling early on.

    European Dream:

    UEFA Champions League 2nd qualifications round:

    1. Vardar - Crvena Zvezda 1-1
    15' M. Pavkov 0-1
    90+1 B. Bagasovski 1-1
    Great performance denied by the late goal. Struggling to score again.

    2. Crvena Zvezda - Vardar 2-1 (3-2 ag)
    17' S. Plavsic 1-0
    25' M. Donald 2-0
    80' B. Bagasovski 2-1
    Unfortunate not to keep the clean sheet but we're going to the next round

    UEFA Champions League 3rd qualifications round:

    1. Crvena Zvezda - Celtic 1-1
    29' S. Sinclair 0-1
    33' S. Srnic 1-1
    Strong opponent and a solid result going into Scotland

    2. Cetic - Crvena Zvezda 3-0

    9' P. Roberts 1-0
    54' S. Sinclair 2-0
    84' L. Griffiths 3-0
    Celtic absolutely dominated and they deserved to go through

    UEFA Europa League Playoff:

    1. Paok - Crvena Zvezda 2-1
    11' P. Henrique 1-0
    31' U. Racic 1-1
    48' E. Kace 2-1
    A draw is a fair result but Kace scored absolute wondergoal from about 30 metres. We are going to Greece with a 1 goal deficit.

    2. Crvena Zvezda - Paok 1-0

    66' L. Adzic 1-0
    A kid that has been promoted to senior squad 2 months earlier now brings us back to Europe after 10 years!!!
    And a goal was an absolute beauty: First a great pass from Mihailo Ristic to Jadson, and then Jadson backheels the ball to Adzic who shoots with a lot of confidence and hits the bottom right corner of the goal. Wonderfull!!

    The Rise of sleeping Serbian Giant - Crvena Zvezda-europa.png
    This is our gruop.It's a tough one but we'll give our best.

    That's all from this update. I'll show you the period to the next transfer window in upcoming days. There will be a lot of departures hopefully, because I wanna build a team from a lot of Serbians.

    Stay tuneed!!

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  5. First half of the season ends

    We played in 3 different competitions in this part and we'll start from Superleague

    Jelen Super liga:

    9. Crvena Zvezda - Mladost 1-1
    41' S. Jovanovic 0-1
    57' N. Milijas 1-1
    Weak performance against a weak side. We'll have to play better if we want to win silverware this year

    10. Vozdovac Crvena Zvezda 3-5
    8' S. Plavsic 0-1
    13' S. Ivkovic 1-1
    26' M. Ristic 1-2
    34' I. Markovic 2-2
    38' L. Ramon 2-3
    44' E. Soriano 2-4
    64' S. Plavsic 2-5
    69' S. Drazic 3-5
    A goal fest away from home but a needed victory and a convincing performance

    11. Crvena Zvezda - Spartak 0-0

    Are home games in superleague are so weak this season. I really don't understand

    12. Javor - Crvena Zvezda 2-1
    59' S: Srnic 0-1
    64' S. Tomanovic 1-1
    72' S. Tomanovic 2-1
    The famous fm hates me game. We destroyed Javor but lost in the end

    13. Radnik - Crvena Zvezda 1-1

    70' S. Srnic 0-1
    81' I. Zlatanovic 1-1
    Still a bad streak of games

    14. Crvena Zvezda - Backa 3-0
    43' Andrija Lukovic 1-0
    62' S. Srnic 2-0
    73' E. Soriano 3-0
    Finally we showed why we're the best team in Serbia

    15. Crvena Zvezda - Partizan
    I'll leave this game for the end

    16. Metalac - Crvena Zvezda 0-0
    Still struggling

    17. Crvena Zvezda - Cukaricki 2-1
    51' D. Zoric 0-1
    71' S. Srnic 1-1
    76' S. Srnic 2-1
    Srnic comes back against former club and scores a brace to get us 3 points

    18. Rad- Crvena Zvezda 3-2

    6' L. Adzic 0-1
    51' S. Plavsic 0-2
    53' og G. Kanga 1-2
    63' D. Djenic 2-2
    72' D. Djenic 3-2
    Fm hates me, that's all

    19. Crvena Zvezda - Borac 0-0
    I had to change tactics again. This season is so confusing

    20. Radnicki Nis - Crvena Zvezda 1-3
    2' S. Plavsic 0-1
    19' S. Plavsic 0-2
    35' S. Plavsic 0-3
    90' S. Ilic 1-3
    Finally a great performance and we are closing down first half of the season

    21. Crvena Zvezda - Novi Pazar 7-0

    1' E. Soriano 1-0
    8' M. Ristic 2-0
    21' M. Ristic 3-0
    32' L. Adzic 4-0
    38' M. Ristic 5-0
    64' E. Soriano 6-0
    26' N. Maras 7-0
    This type of domination i wanted troughout the whole season. Stunning

    22. Crvena Zvezda - Napredak 2-0

    2' U. Racic 1-0
    74' S. Milosevic 2-0
    Solid performance to close down this part of the season

    Now.. The derby
    Crvena Zvezda - Partizan

    Partizan struggling on all 3 fronts, while Crvena Zvezda plays solid. But this is derby anything can happen. And this happened:
    Convincing start from Crvena Zvezda is crowned with a Ristic's banger from a free kick in the 28th minute. Domination continues even after. Loads of chances before the 59th minute and Adzic's header into the back of the net. 4 minutes later Elia Soriano scores his first of hopefully many derby goals. We managed to score one more in 88th minute. It was youngster Adzic again.

    Crvena Zvezda - Partizan 4-0

    This is the table:
    The Rise of sleeping Serbian Giant - Crvena Zvezda-table.png

    Serbian Cup:

    1st round:
    Crvena Zvezda - Macva 3-1

    2' N. Milijas 1-0
    20' S. Zivkovic 1-1
    34' L. Ilic 2-1
    36' G. Kanga 3-1

    2nd round:
    Radnicki Nis- Crvena Zvezda 1-2

    46' G. Kanga 0-1
    73' S. Ilic 1-1
    78' j. Ruiz 1-2

    We're going to play Jagodina next in the quarter finals

    European Competition update will come out in a few hours i think

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  6. European Dream

    After beating PAOK we qualified for the Group Stage of UEFA Europa League. Here are all 6 games in one place.

    1. Crvena Zvezda - Spartak Moscow
    First game of the group stage. We came out bravely and inm the 10th minute we were awarded with a Yeschenko own goal that gave us the lead. The same guy, Yeschenko, scores only 3 minutes after his own goal, but this time he hits the right net and it's tied at 1-1. We were still attacking and in the 25th minute Srnic gives us a 2-1 lead. That was the final result of this game. Great performance that gave us 3 points.

    2. Standard Liege- Crvena Zvezda
    First away game in Europe and we came out attacking the opposition from the start of the game. After 28 minutes Srnic finds the back of the net and it's 1-0 to us. Still attacking and our second goal comes in the 74th minute. It's Guelor Kanga. Well deserved victory is crowned with Srnic's second goal in the 87th minute. 0-3 is the final result.

    3. Crvena Zvezda - Inter 0-2

    Inter dminated us the whole game. Not a lot to say.

    4. Inter - Crvena Zvezda 4-1
    Racic scored the only goal for us. 2 losses and we need to fight for the knockout stages.

    5. Spartak Moscow - Crvena Zvezda

    Great performance awarded with Srnic's goal in the 44th minute. We were playing great but we were denied by the late goal in the 89th minute by Promes. Final score was 1-1 and we need only 1 point against Standard to qualify.

    6. Crvena Zvezda - Standard
    Biggest game in my career so far. I decided to give the chance to youngster Adzic cause he scored against PAOK to get us through the playoffs and aswell against Partizan. The game started perfectly for us. Only 2 minutes in and we take the lead. And who scored? Well, it was Adzic again! 9th minute and it's 2-0 for us. It' Adzic again! THe kid is a monster. 42nd minute and it's Soriano and it's 3. 4-0 after 59 minutes and it's a hattrick for Adzic. Standard scored 2 goals later on but we go through as the final result stands at 4-2.

    We drawn Saint Etienne in the first knockout round

    Stay tuned for the January transfer window. We had to sell some of our young prospects as they were unhappy to stay

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