1. Kuki

    Hi. I bought Kuki for Nottingham Forest and I am curios in what position and role do you play him? AML, AMC or ST? He's natural in both AMC and ST, but I untrained his ppm plays with back to goal because I'm stupid.

  2. Hey man, I just him as Shadow Striker AMC with Las Palmas. He did quite well for his age.

  3. Yeah, I was thinking about that too since he doesn't have that ppm anymore, but I was thinking to retrain him for AMR since he is competent there and has great dribbling, crossing and finish for an IF, also is left footed

  4. I signed Kuki onloan for my brentford team season one on the update. Guy has been immense as a CF. not a natural position for him but has about 15 goals in 9 games and just his back to back Hatricks.

  5. AMC as an attacking midfielder. I'm in my 4th season and only just started playing him, he's scored 3 hat tricks in past 8 games

  6. Right now he is entering his second year in my Leeds save. Scored 11 and had 8 assists the previous year. I used him as sub either as CF or AML. This year I decided to use him only as CF and as a starter as well. So far in three games (Burnley, West Ham and Liverpool) has 1 goal and two assists . Not bad for the start of the season.

  7. Kuki-kuki_-genel-bakis-profil.png

    He is ok for me

  8. Quote Originally Posted by CoI3aR View Post
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    He is ok for me
    What skin are you using mate?

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