So i updated the game the other day on now when i get to transfer period i can't seem to sell players and even when i get any interest the main problem is they only seem to make offers of like 495k for magic and my mate had teams coming in with just 3 mil for augero fabregas attracted bids of 1.1 mil where as before i could sell magic for like 22 mil and fabregas for like 20 plus million.
    has anyone else had the same problem surly the players i sold for 20 mil before won't sell for the same now since update iu mean wtf

  2. bump

  3. I'm not having that issue but since the update the game is just broke. Ridiculous numbers of injuries and although match engine says i dominante games i dont have any highlights and lose every game. It's ruined my careers which i was really enjoying. I know the updates are meant 2 change match engine so tactics need to be changed but this is just insane. Nothing works.

  4. No issues hear buying and selling players for good fees. The only players I take a hit from is players with high wages. Obviously!

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