Cant tell why I accept a offer

  1. Cant tell why I accept a offer

    I have a problem, i have, my mistake, said that i do not want to se the message again, the one where I can tell why i reject or accept and offer for my players.

    Anybody know how I can get that back?

    You can also do it when you start a match "Are you sure you want to start", and you can say you do not want to se that box again.

    Where can you change that?

  2. Nobody can help with this?

  3. Not sure mate not at home to look sorry. have you looked in settings under preferences or something?

  4. It's somewhere in preferences, "reset confirmation dialogues" or something similar. It brings them back for everything so you'll have to retick the ones you don't want again

  5. It works! Thanks fantastic

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