Reversed attribute ranges

  1. Reversed attribute ranges


    is there a way to reverse the way attribute filters during searches worked back in FM17 where the lowest number in the attribute ranged counted as the actual value during search?

    Example: I want a player with Pace at least 15. So I search with the filter "Pace at least 15". Result: Hundreds upon hundreds of players with Pace shown as "7-15". In FM17, Pace 7-15 would count as 7 during search and they wouldn't show up. Like this, the players I actually want are buried under loads of garbage and I have no way of finding them unless I want to click through hundreds of profiles. If I search for Pace at least 18, then I'll get some of the players I want (their attribute range will be like 14-18, good enough), but it will filter out players I know have Pace 15 (thanks to player knowledge). So I'm screwed either way.

    How do you guys deal with this?

    I'm surprised nobody complains about a change with such big consequences, which makes me think there's a way around it and I'm just missing something. Any help?

    Edit: Sorry, guys, disregard this. Probably a bug. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, I can't figure out the pattern. I'll ask SI. Delete this, please.
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