Help me out!

  1. Help me out!

    So I have been playing FM for a while now and though I am definitely not the best player I do think I am performing well for this particular save, although it definitely could be improved as well.
    I am playing as FC Utrecht, my hometown club, and am currently in the year 2031.
    Due to a very slow computer i can't add many leagues unfortunately.
    I've created a very young team as I don't like to splash the cash on a 30 year old who can't add anything in the future.
    I am currently using the GoalMachine tactic I found on this forum, but am very much willing to try another tactic.
    Any tips on tactics would be very much appreciated as well as helping me out training wise, which is not my strong point
    If you could tell me how to attach the save file as well you could take a more in-depth look at how I'm doing.
    Attachment 1199797Attachment 1199798

    Every bit of help is appreciated!

    Thank you very much!
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  2. Ok so here are some more screenshots,
    Please tell me how to upload the save file, it would be great if somme of you would take your time to take a look at it!
    Any recommendations, on anything, are appreciated so please don't hesitate to reach out!

    Thanks so much!
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    Help me out!-coaches.jpg   Help me out!-board.jpg  

  3. Exclamation

    FC Utrecht

    If i'm correct you can download my save file from here.
    Any and every comment will be appreciated!

    I have decided to add some of the bigger leagues in the save, even though it wil run slower maybe it will be a more fun experience with more players available, we will see.

    Mostly my tactics and training i am unsure about, so advice would be great!
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