1. Logos

    Ive just download lower league england database.

    How do I put a clubs badge on a specific team?


  2. To put logos, you need the ID of the team. You can get it by checking the "show ID" option in the FM settings or via the editor.
    Then you need to create 2 folders: small + large like this (C: \ Users \ PC Name \ Documents \ Interactive Sports \ Football Manager 2018 \ graphics \ logos \ folder name \ small)
    In each folder, you will need a file "config.xml" that you create using an existing or using a software such as FMxml and you can put your logos in .png format.
    If you have the id or name of the team and the logos, I want to do it to you.

  3. So I had done most of this but never made the small and lasrge folder I just put the logo in with the I’d.

    I now need to make them folders, then add 2 images one config and one png?

    By by the last comment do you mean you’ll do it for me?

    Thanks for the replt too

  4. You need 2 folders composed like this:
    - LARGE = logo in .png (200x200) + config.xml
    - SMALL = logo in .png (20x20) + config.xml

    yes I propose to you to realize it if you provide me: the logos and ID (or name) of the teams.

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