Maxium number of teams in a division, even though has the right amount of editor.

  1. Maxium number of teams in a division, even though has the right amount of editor.

    I have a game I have been working on. It has a number of files as it encompasses a number of leagues. However, I am having an issue with some leagues getting messages like ‘This league requires a maximum number of 16 teams found 26’. I have looked in the editor and they only have 16 sides. I have created brand new divisions, replacing the old one, same problem. Also when you load them as single stand-alone files they are fine, its when you put them together a problem exists.

    Any idea on what is causing this and how it is fixed?

  2. does it have any "teams for next season" set?

  3. If by 'set' you mean there are the same number of teams in 'Teams for next season' then yes, ive checked that. You got any other ideas to why this occuring?

  4. do they have 16 in every file you are loading?

  5. Yeah because every file is only slightly different to the others. I have a Master File, I then save as for every nation I edit, then edit that nation. So every file should be the same. So it is strange.

  6. are they the exact same 16? do you get it if you just load 2 then 3, then 4 etc. or just when its all?

  7. Yeah, it's the same file every time. So there is a master file, that file is used for every single nation being edited. It must be something with how they are set!

  8. Upload em, i'll take a look.

  9. Hi, will upload them if a problem persists. However, think I may of found a solution of sorts. However, yet to be untested, but just wanted to ask if you think it would work.

    So basically the files I've now had trouble with are Turkey, Cyprus and Greece. I created an Aegan Super League from the Turkish Premier League, with nations from all three divisions, I have swapped out lower-division Turkish teams to make up the numbers in Cypriot and Greek leagues. Its these teams that seem to be the issue.

    What happened was the new Turkish Super league was finding 26 teams instead of 16, even though was only 16 on the editor. I just changed the maximum number of teams in the division to 26. Seems to have loaded on the game (albeit untested) fine. However the Cypriot and Greek leagues couldn't find enough teams to make up the minimum, this is a problem for the cup mainly as need a certain amount of teams. I swapped the Turkish teams that I put in with lower division teams and only loading the top division of those nations.

    So seem to have identified its the teams I am moving, however, what do you think the issue is? Albeit this solution may work it would be good to know.

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