Getting the best out of rashford

  1. Getting the best out of rashford

    Just want some tips with rashford and how to develope him is it better to have him as inside forward or train to a striker and if striker which one

  2. He did really well for me as an Advanced forward.

    Getting the best out of rashford-rashford.png

  3. He's scored something like 5/6 goals in 5 appearances for me after I took over as England manager playing him as an inside forward support with an attacking fullback overlapping.

    Doesn't seem the best position tactically to get the best use of his pace but his shooting is devastating at the back post for crosses and from cutting it and hitting them just outside the area.

  4. I did a quick England save to see how I could get on in the World Cup. Played Rashford as part of a 2-man strike force, set as a Complete Fwd alongside Kane. He scored a hat-trick against Wales & Brazil, then 1 against S.Africa and Brazil again in the Final. Won the World Cup, got the Golden Boot and Best Player award.

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