Anyone had any luck with two target me?

  1. Anyone had any luck with two target me?

    Either one wide and one central or one attacking and one supporting?

    My two best players are both strikers and one of them is a ridiculous physical specimen (one of those where the physical stats look like they should be in an olympics simulator not a soccer simulator) with terrific finishing and heading. The other is super tall, great heading, pretty good finishing and "creator" stats (flair, passing, vision, etc). The second one is also not super fast (really none of his physical stats are great other than strength and jumping reach).

    It seems a shame (at least in the short term) to play only one but I'm torn on whether to play some sort of kooky asymmetric formation (like a CF and a top right corner ST) or two target men with attack/support combinations. Just curious if anyone has any thoughts.

  2. You don't have to use Target Man roles. Why not look at a 2 striker formation? It sounds like they could be great in a 2 striker partnership, with one leading the line and the other being more of a creator/secondary scorer. At the same time, you can get crosses into the box for both of them to attack. What about a 442 variant, either a normal 442 or the narrow diamond?

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