Playing with an AM on Football Manager

  1. Playing with an AM on Football Manager


    I have noticed for a while now that tactics with an AM in it is not among the best tactics on Football Manager. It has been like that for the last few versions of the game. Of course you can find the odd 4-2-3-1 here and there but they are often beaten by the very overpowered and unrealistic "3 strikers up front" tactics.

    I have tried to create a working tactic with an AM and an AP, even a T (I don't like the SS role!) but have not succeeded in creating something that works for a few years.

    All I want is a realistic tactic with an AM that actually plays beautiful football that gets results.

    What are your thoughts and do you have such a tactic you would like to share?


  2. 343 is dominant this year but last year it was all about the AM strata.

    I was asked for an AM 4312 and just posted a PILGRIMAGE version of 4312 as there was already a BM version.

    There is also an England Box with 2 AMs.

    Can;t guarantee results.

  3. This tactic plays good football but you will struggle away against strong teams

    It's a 4-2-3-1 with wingbacks
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