Hello all,
I've started a Blyth save. Managed to climb all divisions up to premiership, using a flat 4-4-2

all seasons (six so far), been using same tactic and things went well..1st offence always and one of the best ,if not the best, defence
However, this season in Premier and against top teams, things went really bad..Managed to have the best offence again, but one of the worst defences (19/20 actually)

I like putting pressure on opponent , and make him commit mistakes or stupid passes so that with fast transition I can score on counter.
Otherwise my offensive plays are either ball to wingers , cross in the box and one of the strikers scores or pass to target man , and then through pass to advanced forward. Despite having the defensive line high, i always had fast defenders so not to get many through balls and cc against...
But this years, I think I get scored in every possible way . Thank god my offence is top , otherwise i would have been relagated.

What improvements do you suggest to improve defence , but not lose offensive effectiveness? Furthermore my full backs tend to get very low avgs (6.60-6.80). Any suggestion?