FM Transfer Update 2018 [Online Platform]

  1. FM Transfer Update 2018 [Online Platform]

    Hey guys,

    I wanted to bring the FMTU project to your attention. FMTU stands for Football Manager Transfer Update.
    I've acquired written permission by Sean before posting this, just to be safe.

    What is FMTU?

    In a nutshell, FMTU is a collaborative online editor of football transfers for Football Manager.
    The platform was built from scratch and it has its own dedicated website.
    • It's an advanced online platform you can use to submit detailed data edits for players and staff.
    • Transfer wizard makes submitting changes a breeze; easier than the pre-game editor.
    • Anyone can contribute missing changes in this community driven effort.
    • The project is supervised by pr0 and his team.
    Furthermore, the website is multilingual, currently having 9 languages to choose from.

    ? Download FM Transfer Update

    The downloadable database for FM 2018 is automatically repacked once a day.

    Follow the link above to reach the download area. Once there, you'll be presented with 2 options:
    • GREEN: The pure transfer update for members, which gets repacked daily.
    • BLUE: Pr0's data pack for guests which contains FMTU, but gets repacked every 2 weeks.
    You can create a free member account to activate the green "Download Update" button. Or wait until there's an open download day whenever the next milestone is reached (usually 1 day every week).

    For the complete experience (transfer update + promotions/relegations + other goodies), it is recommended to grab pr0's data pack and remove the "outdated" transfer update file. Then grab the latest FMTU file to ensure you get all the latest transfers.

    Why choose FMTU?

    There are certain people who work alone on transfer updates for FM. Their work is commendable, but it's a very time consuming process and one person can only do so much. And the worst part? The never-ending comments from the community about things missing from one's update.

    FMTU removes this barrier. Instead of expecting from one guy to do all the work, everyone is in position to contribute directly. Then a team of admins ensures all edits are accurate and as detailed as possible. Having pr0 as the lead supervisor guarantees a fine result.

    The amount of active contributors is growing fast, currently approaching 400 of them! Hundreds of changes are being added every day. Imagine that the database featured 20,000 changes on July 10th and surpassed 30,000 changes by August 6th.

    What's next for FMTU?

    More contributors, more data edits, more features.

    Foreign FM communities have started to embrace the project and that can only get better. Ideally, the UK community could work on UK leagues, the Portuguese community on Portuguese leagues and so on. But of course every contributor is welcome.

    If you find missing changes, I encourage you to submit them. It's pretty easy to do with the transfer wizard. And once you start making edits, you might find it hard to stop. I say this from experience... I wasn't supposed to contribute any changes due to lack of time, but I've already logged 320+ submissions!

    On a final note, I'd like to say FMTU is still a work in progress. I mean it's already a brilliant platform, but work doesn't stop there. There are more features planned, always aiming to further enhance user experience and engagement.

    Thank you for reading.
    I'll make an effort to follow up with in-game screenshots of top transfers as they happen, as well as feature additions to the platform itself.
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  2. Celebrating 5,000 members on FMTU with an open download day!
    That means you can grab last night's repack as a guest for the next 24 hours.

    FM Transfer Update - 13.08 Repack

    FM Transfer Update 2018 [Online Platform]-kevin-gameiro-valencia-fm18-summer-2018-transfer-update.png FM Transfer Update 2018 [Online Platform]-thilo-kehrer-psg-fm18-summer-2018-transfer-update.png

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