[FM18] UEFA Regional Club Cup (URCC)

  1. [FM18] UEFA Regional Club Cup (URCC)

    Last year there were rumors about UEFA planning to create a third continental club competition after the UEFA Champions League & Europa League. So, I think it’s best for the competition to be at European regional level.

    Introducing the UEFA Regional Club Cup which consist of four competitions for four regionals of Europe : Central, Eastern, Southern and Northern (Scandinavia, British Isles and Ireland).

    At least one of the next best placed clubs from nations of these regions (except the top 5 leagues of Europe : Spain, England, Germany, Italy, France) that did not qualify for either the UEFA Champions League & Europa League are eligible for these competitions.

    Note : -
    - To keep each competition to have the same number of nations (12-13 nations) a few nations are moved from their original region to another, for example : Albania from East to Southern Europe
    - Each competition starts with a group stage of 16 clubs, so there are 3-4 best nations that have 2 clubs qualified. The best nations are determined by the UEFA Coefficient Ranking

    Download link : https://www.mediafire.com/file/4m6h3..._URCC.zip/file

  2. hello, the Link doesn´t work any more!
    Is it possible to get the File?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by rama573 View Post
    hello, the Link doesn´t work any more! Is it possible to get the File?
    I checked the link & it's still working

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