FMH 2013 Good Players (On PSP)

  1. FMH 2013 Good Players (On PSP)

    All players i recommend were tested with Rangers and various other low league sides, players mainly tested with Rangers due to higher wage budget availability

    Craig Gordon - GK - Free (£3k-£4k wage)
    James McFadden - AM/F LC - Free (£4k-£5k wage)
    Royston Drenthe - M L - Free (£20k-£30k wage) large wage but excellent player
    Matthew Bates - D RLC - Free (£10k wage)
    Nuno Reis - DC - £2k (10k wage) - Olhalense on loan from Sporting B.
    Pavel Verstraete - D LC - £8k (£1,4k wage) - Zulte Waregem
    Bernard Malanda - D/DM RC - £22k (£1.2k wage) - Zulte Waregem. Lower league wonderkid
    Togay Arslan - AMC MC - £50k (£10k-£15k wage) - HSV II
    Paulo Hernan Hinostroza - M C - £22k (£7k wage) - Zulte Waregem. Difficult to get a work permit.
    Emre Can - D/DMC - £75k (£9k Wage) - FC Bayern II. A gem
    Lukas Raeder - GK - £60k (£1.5k wage) - FC Bayern II.
    Stephen Hendrie - DL - £22k (£500 Wage) - Hamilton
    Pablo Gil - D RC - £22k (£500 Wage) - Sparta Prague (transfer listed) Ace player

    The players mentioned above are mainly for teams with low transfer budgets but with reasonable wage budgets, if you want me to compose a list of players for bigger teams then i will do that happily

  2. Dellatore - SC - £6k (£2.4k Wage) - Deportivo Brasil - Great young striker with brill shooting, hard to get work permit though
    Sebastian Polter - SC - £45k (£13k Wage) - Wolfsburg - Cheap prolific goalscorer in my saves

  3. Lee McCulloch - Dmc/Sc - N/A (10k Wage) - Rangers - Intensive training shooting + heading go to 20 and scores a tonne
    Nicklas Bendtnar - Sc - Price Unsure (Wage unsure £20k-£60k) - Juventus on loan from Arsenal - Played a lot value goes to £24million, intensively trained he would probably be the best in the world
    Antonio Polischuk - Gk - Bosman (£4k Wage) - Shakthar Donetsk - Decent shot stopper
    Axel Witsel - DMC - £6.5million - (£65k Wage) - Zenit - Becomes insanely powerful and extremely influential
    Hulk - AM/F rlc - up to £10 million (some saves 7.5 others 9...) (Wage £120k) - Zenit - Playmaker, prolific scorer and terrific set piece taker
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  4. Ronaldinho Gaucho - AM rlc - Bosman from start (£30k Wage) - Atletico Miniero - Despite being old he is still a legend on the pitch, plus due to him having spanish second nationality no need for work permits !
    Paulinho - DMC - £6million to £8million (£43k Wage) - SC Corinthians - Brilliant holding midfielder who can keep the back four connected with the attack... bargain

    Found these through my Rangers save which branched of in two ways...staying and leaving Gers turned to two. Will do a save with all English leagues playable, if anybody wants a request for countries to load to find good players for that specific league the give me a shout
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  5. Paco Alcacer - SC - Bosman in January (£16k Wage) - Valencia - Was great for the 3 games he played for me, left due to big club clause release thing i forgot to remove so be wary for that and not be a muppet like myself

    Players below dramatically increase in value at start of 2nd season ;

    Mapou Yanga Mbiwa - DC - £5million or bosman in Jan (£40k-60k Wage) - Montpellier HSC - Strong and fast cb who develops.
    Bojan Krkic - AM/F RLC - £15million (£50k-£65k Wage) - Barcelona - Real star who will cost £30million + start of 2nd season
    Wilfrid Zaha - AM/F RC - £3.5million (£20k-£55k Wage) - Crystal Palace - In my Gers save he has gone to £15.5 million in the second season after a year with Chelsea
    David Alaba - D/DM LC - £15million (£60k Wage) - FC Bayern - Unreal how good he is, 2nd season value is £35million + if played
    Marko Marin - AM RLC - £20million (£55k Wage) - Chelsea - Cost depends on if you are rivals of Chelsea...Can get for £13million in January and will be worth £25million + if played regularly.
    Toni Kroos - AM C - £30million (£75k Wage) - FC Bayern - Cost will vary on leagues loaded in full. Can be bought for £20mill in January and will have a value of approc £37.5 million in season 2 if played a lot
    Joel Campbell - SC - £10million (£48k Wage) - Arsenal - Very young fast clinical finisher who develops to a world class player half way through second season... Will cost you £20million + in second season at least.
    John Obi Mikel - DM C - £24million (£60k to £90k Wage) - Chelsea - Cost will depend if your team is major rivals to them, value goes to like £27.5million and is a solid player within 2nd season...

  6. sorry about not recently uploading any players recently, will name a few the now and will start more consecutive post from tomorrow onwards hopefully

    Wellington Silva becomes brilliant when played at a high level in his favoured position. Have to use Spanish leagues as the one with all leagues selected in order to play him but is fairly cheap and a gem.
    Victor Wanyama, was great in FHM12 and is great this year...can be costly at times but is well worth it as he develops into a world class player when played often in a reputable league like Ligue 1 for example. Very versatile and a useful player to have, even if your money bags PSG or Man City !
    Ryan Shawcross is an underrated gem. Solid at the back with good tackling he is an ideal centre back to have in your squad...Prices vary on which team you are but is decent in all leagues and becomes an England International when used correctly

    Also a tip...When you are about to advance onto the next season make a list of good players who are retiring from the game...i picked up a 16yr old David Beckham regen from Man Utd on a bosman as well as a Ryan Giggs regen from WBA with the same stats as each retiring player... the nation and positions playable will be the same as the retiring player

  7. Raheem Sterling - AM RL - Liverpool - beast of a player..Wage about 20k - 30k in my saves.. Costs like £12 - £15 million in second season but is worth it, would think he would cost about £7.5 million in first season. Playmaker and influential player
    Dominik Kohr - DM - Leverkusen II - Costs £24k gets to at least £5million - Wage £5k. Solid holding midfielder who manages to link the defence into the midfield. Becomes German international after half a season playing at a top club.
    Adrian - AM/F RC - Atletico Madrid - Prolific Goalscorer...Value is £17.5million in second season so there is an opportuinity of a huge profit if you were to buy him in the 1st season. Wage would be £55k - £75k though in second, probably cheaper in 1st season. Well worth the money.
    Alex Song - D/DM/M C - Barcelona - £23million - £160k Wage - Unreal how good he gets, just seems to keep on improving as a player who becomes a rock in the team.
    Mauro Zarate - AM/ F RLC - Lazio - £5million - Wage about £70k - Easy to get as he usually gets transfer listed and unwanted by any clubs, due to this you can get him for under the £6.5mil asking price (i got him for £5mill). Becomes a brilliant advance forward and Trequalista or whatever its called...bags the goals in.
    Aleksander Kolarov - D/DM L - Man City - £1.5million - Wage is £50k to £70k - Gets transfer listed in January and gets cheaper as the months roll on by. Cheap left back who is a perfect player for a small team in BPL or in Champs League. Can play LM as well and is a superb set piece taker to have in your squad. Is also willing to take a wage cut at times.
    Stephane Sessagnon - AM/F RC - Sunderland - £2million - Wage £35k to £55k - Once again gets transfer listed in January and is a cheap quality buy for an ambitious side. Brill free kick taker and takes a wage cut 9 times out of 10.
    Kyle Bartley - DC - Swansea - £2.5million - Wage £25k - Well worth it, probably my favourite centre back in the game. If trained intensively he becomes best CB in the world and an England legend. Tall, strong and great leader at the back. However, sometimes he doesnt get transfer listed so price doubles at least so beware.

    Tip No.2, Search through the German reserve teams i.e Leverkusen II, FC Bayern II, as they have some gems at little prices...The likes of Emre Can, Dominik Kohr, Seb Polter are all there and will be great for profits or for trophies !!!!

  8. Back again with 5 new players not mentioned...
    1) Adrien Rabiot - DM C - Paris Saint Germain - Cost unsure sorry - Wage £5k - At the age of just 17yrs old he is surprisingly good. If used in his favoured position he becomes great. Usually is a top class Centre mid aswell so is a useful back-up player who is a future key player.
    2) Jerome Boateng - D/DM RLC - FC Bayern Munchen - £15 million max - Wage £90k average - This guy is easy to get and is brilliant for the money, would fit into almost every team. After a season he becomes 3rd in the top 5 defenders in the world in my game so as you can imagine would be good...Value doubles so 100% profit is easy to make.
    3) Ashley Young - AM/F RLC - Man Utd - £4.5 Million - Wage £85k tops - This pacey winger is a superb buy who is easily buyable to get as he becomes unhappy due to lack of first team action early on in the first season. Bargain buy. If you cant wait a few months then he costs £10.5 million to buy.
    4) Daniel Agger - D C - Liverpool - £7.5 mil to £10 mil - Wage £70k to £90k - Ace player for the price, such a great tackler and is a brick wall at the back. Prevents you from conceding soo many goals.
    5) Marc Andre Ter-Stegen - GK - Borrusia Monchengladbach - £5.75mill - Wage £55k - Great young keeper who becomes the next Oliver Kahn. Cheap and affordable in both cost and wage, However you must act quick as Barca and Real Madrid are after him. I think he has the best PA in the game for a young keeper.

    Tip no.3 : Train your players intensively. For GKs...Fitness, Tactics, Goalkeeping and Motavational all Intensive with rest at none...For Outfielders...Fitness, Tactics, Attacking, Defensive & Motavational all to Intensive with Goalkeeping at none. If schedule proves to be too tiring then switch the Intensive training to medium (Just set the same training but in Defending and attacking and select medium for all intensive training.) and put them on that. If fitness gets poor then in the Fitness training part stick on Fitness on Int, Motavational on Med with the rest on light to regain fitness. This will ultimately get the best out of your players and you will have aces...This method is a bit risky as players do become injured so a large squad is advised with this technique.

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