How to sell players?

  1. How to sell players?

    I have this on android and it is the first fm game I am playing. Every time I put a player up for transfer it always says no one is interested, maybe because their wages are too high.

    But I can't re-negotiate a lower contract because they won't accept it.
    So I am stuck with players like Rooney throughout my career because no one can afford him. Even if I list him at like 20m.

  2. Offer him to clubs...If that doesnt work then you either keep them or if you are really desperate to get rid of the player then offer him for free and when a club comes in for him do the money cheat to gain the price you want for him...Just a suggestion, dont do it myself but know of people who do, and it works great

  3. And how do you do this money cheat? Does it work on the handheld version as well?

  4. money cheat does work on handheld
    when they make the offer click 'respond' - ramp it up to £150m but DONT click 'confirm' instead click the home button top right, then click the envelope top right. click 'respond' and click 'confirm'

    WARNING: This takes the fun out of playing so start a new game to keep your main game pure then you can have some fun with it and just an additional note - just because you have tons of money players may still not want to drop a division or two to join.

    Plus, as soon as you have £150m in your account go to finances and adjust the budgets or you'll still have no money for the wages available - shift £3m from your transfer budget in to your wage budget and that should be fine.

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