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FM 2013 - IOS - Wonderkids - Good Players
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  1. FM 2013 - IOS - Wonderkids - Good Players

    I thought id start this off for the IOS versionlayer: Nicolas BelvitoAge 26Position: SC - Target ManPrice: Free in the first seasonClub: Orleans Loiret - FranceI believe he his an excellent player to have if your starting in a lower leaguePlayer: Zakaria BakkaliAge 17Position: SC - Advanced FwdPrice: Cost around 1M in first season, or available on loanClub: PSV - HollandOnly just ending my first season hope to find some better players.My Team: Clermont Foot Auvergne 63

  2. i found an amazing young gun called lenny nangis. You can sign him from stade malherbe caen (ligue 2, france) in the first season for about 100k - 500k. He turns into some player with incredible stats. Hard to sign though with a small team as top teams are always in for him. He is 18 and plays as an AM RL. Im pretty sure manchester united tryed to sign him in real life. He is a must buy as i once sold him off to real madrid for £60 million.
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  3. Ive found two very good youngsters!
    The first one is Daniele Rugani aged 18 Dc value £5k but is brought for about £500k
    The second one is Yassine Benzia, who turns to be an unbelievable forward! Also 18 but the cost he goes for is £3.5m-£4m
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  4. good central defender Kurt Zouma 3m-4m Euro 17 years
    Mauro Caballero SC 90k

  5. Tonny Vilhena ends up being incredible. Fantastic player.

  6. Most of these players I bought when starting the game or shortly after. I'm in season 2017/18 now in Premier League with Kidderminster.

    Ricky Franks -SC - Kidderminster - ?? (youth academy) ends up being a monster by 2015/16 season. Now worth 4.5m
    Miles Barry - SC - Bury Town - 160K - my best striker now in premier league worth 5.75M
    Ben Austin - DL - Kidderminster - ?? (youth academy)- massive player, never injured - 2.6M now
    Joe Newell - ML - Peterborough - 275K - my best midfielder, now 3.7M
    Tom Eastman - DC - Colchester - 300K - massive defender 20head,20tack,18pos many "green" attrs 2.8M now

    Another one that is great for lower leagues:
    Jamille Matt - SC - Kidderminster - ?? (started with player) - 30+ goals in 2 seasons, 20+ goals in all other seasons. worth 2.2M now, 27yo.

  7. If you're in the lower leagues get your hands on via loan or sale:-

    Kane Hemmings - Rangers (40 goals for me in League 1)
    Matt Smith - Oldham
    Macheda - Man Utd
    Guidetti - Man City

  8. alan halilovic - 16years old - 6~8M us dollar
    kovacic - 18years old - more than 10M us dollar
    both are croatia

  9. I picked up a Vicente Marin from Real Madrid - he was there at the start of the save but I can't find anything about him on Google so I'm not sure if he's a real player or a regen. I picked him up for 3m at the start of my Swansea save, he's now worth 20m after two seasons and has godlike stats.

    Crossing: 16
    Dribbling : 18
    Heading: 19
    Passing: 18
    Shooting: 19
    Technique: 20

    Decisions: 20
    Leadership: 20
    Movement: 20

    Pace: 17
    Stamina: 15
    Strength: 15

    Unselfish, plays well under pressure, can take an effective free kick.

  10. If you can't afford Neymar get Carlos Fiero - Fiero = £45m+ in two or three seasons time
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