Sevco Too Easy(Rangers queries)

  1. Sevco Too Easy(Rangers queries)

    Just bought FMH13 for my android device, I decided to have a go as Rangers in the Scottish Third Div, and it is way too easy.

    I am wondering if others have had a crack at Rangers and found it to be too easy. I am into my third season, here is a list of my honours

    3rd Division Champions
    2nd Division Champions
    1x League Cup Winner

    Every 3rd Division Manager of the month and Manager of the year
    7x 2nd Division Manager of the Month and Manager of the year and my players dominating the Player awards.

    My w-l-d record is close to 100 played with close to 80 won and only 4 draws and 7 defeats with a goalscoring record of nearly 400 scored and 22 conceded.

    The only players I signed was James McFadden, Julius Aghahowa and Craig Gordon in the first season with Jamie Carragher, Phil Neville and Danny Higginbotham in the 2nd season.

    So, does anyone who manage Rangers care to share there opinion and how ridiculously easy it is

  2. How did u manage to get those players to drop to 3rd division? Lol

  3. Quote Originally Posted by andob123 View Post
    How did u manage to get those players to drop to 3rd division? Lol
    McFadden, Aghahowa and Gordon are free transfers, the decent wage budget I have is quite attractive, can offer players upto 10k a week

    Higginbotham, P.Neville and Carragher are also free transfers at the beginning of the second season and can get them on a decent wage, probably because they are the wrong side of 30 now, i find it unrealistic because not many players would take a drop like that in reality

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  4. But I must say for every McFadden, Aghahowa or Gordon, there are 10 who want nothing to do with me, they dont think I could meet there demands or not interested in dropping down divisions.

    I guess I got lucky with the signings I mentioned

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  5. yeah no bad signings for free cos they can easily do the job for gettin rangers to spl lol

  6. I deleted my first Rangers save and started again, just to see if I was lucky first time round.

    I have been thinking about why Rangers is a piss easy challenge and I think it is down to the fact they are Rangers and they kept a good side together when they reformed, my gameplay on FMH is unrealistic, it may also seem the players I signed may not happen in real life, but again, I put that down to the fact they are Rangers, they will always a good reputation whichever division they are in and will always be able to sign the McFaddens and Gordons of the world before the likes of Annan or Berwick.

    One thing I would also like to know, why are Rangers not on a transfer embargo in FMH or did SI choose not to implement things like that in the game engine.

  7. I have tried it, little over halfway through and - at least the first ten games - won every one of them with 6-7 goals and none conceded. Very easy league with Rangers. Also got McFadden. Won a cup as well. Challenge Cup or something like that.

  8. I think you will find it is art imitating reality, if you take the second largest wage bill in the country and apply it to a team in the bottom division with a huge reputation, and almost unlimited resources, then in a computer simulation you should never really lose a game, just goes to show what a poor job the current lot are doing, maybe you should give Mr Green a phone. ;-)
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