Firing Blanks - FMH 2013 - Manchester United

  1. Firing Blanks - FMH 2013 - Manchester United

    Hi guys,

    After a long break from the Football Manager series (FM2005 was an obsession), I got FMH2013 on ios (iPad) last week and I find that I'm having huge difficulty scoring goals. I've started two games as Manchester United and have found, on both occasions, that I average around one goal per game, despite having Rooney, van Persie, Hernandez, Welbeck, Kagawa etc. playing a variety of roles up front.

    The flipside to this is that I seem to defend very well and concede, on average, about .5 goals per game. It's getting quite frustrating to watch games against 'weaker' opposition finish as 0-0 draws; the game passing by without any real chances being created.

    I'm beginning to wonder if my overall approach is way off. I've tried a variety of formations and none have been convincing. I wonder ifg it's actually my team and player instructions that are holding me back.

    If anyone can offer any help on the above, I'd really appreciate it.

  2. If you post your tactics, it'll be easier to help you improve your tactics. Just post a screenshot?


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  3. At the moment I'm persisting with a 4-3-3

    DR - Wing back
    DC - Central Defender
    DC - Central Defender
    DL - Wing back
    CM - Advanced Playmaker
    CM - Deep Lying Mid
    CM - Advanced Playmaker
    FC - Advanced Forward
    FC - Poacher
    FC - Advanced Forward

    Team instructions

    Mentality: Attacking
    Passing Style: Direct
    Tackling: Normal
    Pressing: Yes
    Offside Trap: No
    Counter Attack: No
    Men Behind Ball: No

  4. I'd say you are playing with the midfield line and the attacking line too far. Perhaps moving one of the CM to AM would help a less direct approach that would probably help in scoring goals.

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