1. Help!

    I have just started playing fmh for the ps vita and I can seem to win a game is there anything I can do to win I have tried loads of tactics and none seem to work the longest I have lasted as a manager is till January 2013 help!!

  2. Please can you give an example on how many transfers you've made and what tactic you've used.

  3. I have tried season with hearts man utd athletico Madrid and I don't make transfers because I try to keep things standard in my first season, I have tried pretty much every tactic in every way so I don know what to do? Do you have any ideas

  4. If you are changing tactic after 1 game that could be why.

  5. I hardly ever change it though I have just started it again load of times and after each time I change the formation

  6. Can you give me an example of one formation you've used please?

  7. I like to use a 4-1-2-2-1 flat back 4 a cdm 2 cm's 2 wingers and a striker

  8. That seems pretty balanced to me, unless you've edited team/player instructions massively I see no problem in this aspect.

  9. I have tried changing it and I have left it neither worked

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