iOs FMH13 iPhone - BILBOBAGGINS' 433 Tactic-image.jpgiOs FMH13 iPhone - BILBOBAGGINS' 433 Tactic-image.jpg
Hello Peeps, I discovered a tactic that's been working wonders for me and just thought
I'd share it here! Give a try and let me know how you do 👍
The most important players here are the mid and the forward.
Midfield: The BWM must be a defensive midfielder who can win tackles. For Liverpool I used Lucas Leiva
The two other mids must be good going forward and also defending. I used Gerrard and Shelvey.
Forwards: The center forward mus have good shooting attributes. A natural goal scorer. a poacher. I bought Forlan.
The other two forwards are defensive forwards so it'd help if they are quick young forwards who have stamina so that win the ball higher up the pitch.
Goodluck Vatos 👍