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managing Vauxhall Motors

  1. managing Vauxhall Motors

    im hoping to take Vauxhall to the Premier League, its my first time doing LLM and its hard

    1st Season : finished 4th or 5th, reached the playoffs and got knocked out in the semi-finals, pretty good for a mediocre team with the board expecting us to be relegated

    2nd Season : didn't renew unwanted players contracts and found myself struggling, coupled with some injuries, finished 10th in the league

    3rd Season : after bringing in some new players coupled with a rejuvenated squad, i finished 2nd, and reached the playoff finals, but lost on penalties

    currently in my 4th season~

  2. Keep it up and you'll get promotion seems like your working the club hard coming so close. LLM games are great fun. im currently with Cambridge and gotten them to league 1 struggled there for few seasons til i finally got up.... keep it going
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  3. i finished my 4th season 2nd place and reached the playoffs again and lost.. again. yeah LLM is quite the challenge, i used to only manage big clubs like Liverpool etc, and good luck climbing!

  4. finally got promoted in my 5th season, won the league, finished my 6th season 5th place, reached the playoff finals but lost on penalties

  5. Have a look at the thread 'Help The Aged' - I've taken Chelmsford up to League 1 in consecutive seasons - 1st Season:- 1st / 2nd Season:- Runner Up Auto Promotion / 3rd Season:- 1st and now sitting at the top of league 1

  6. I love LLM. It's so much more fun than just playing the "big" clubs. Can you recommend any low league star players?

  7. A must if you can in Chelmsford is either J.Slabber (SC) Welsh (AM/LC) or J.Ledgister (SC) - in my first season Slabber knocked in 38 goals in my 4-2-1-3 - slap bang in the center of the 3 strikers and when I'm losing I switch to 4-2-2-2 with two attacking wingers.
    Also in the 2012/2013 season first thing you do - go to Manchester United and 'loan' F.Macheda for no wages, no recall, End of Season and you should be lucky to get a future £40m+ starlet
    Nottm Forests Sebastio is also a good decent loan for free

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