PlanetSide 2

  1. PlanetSide 2

    Anyone play this? Just re-discovered this (I played a few minutes of early planetside 1) So much like Tribes 2 and WW2 Online.

    Struggling right now on picking a class to stick as.

  2. I've had a real lota fun with it the past two weeks. I'd say just bounce between classes until you get a feel for the game, its real hectic and without a tutorial they dont leave you with much of a clue as to how to play. I'd say play as either an engineer or medic so that you can get a lota easy xp and creds by dropping ammo packs and healing/rezing people. Check out the social tab in the menu and join up in a squad that's coordinating well and its a ton of fun even if you're just following what everyone else is doing until the game makes sense, which is what I'm still doing hah.

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