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  1. iPuddz
    Only really play CoD Blackops, since my I normally play other games on PC

  2. TeeMichaels Add me
    Games: FIFA 11, COD:Black Ops, skate 3
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  3. Ride The Walrus's Avatar Ride The WalrusPremium Member
    Liverpool A pretty cool guy.
    Let me know who you are.

  4. GT: FramedAdam
    Games: COD: Black Ops; COD:MW2; SvR2011; Homefront

    I know this is bit is a bit off-topic, but didn't know where to put it but:

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  5. WelshXtreme - Fifa 11, Black Ops, MW2, COD 4, SVR 2011,

  6. Gatez4000 - fifa 11, MW2

  7. GT: Witsel

    Play Fifa only really, got a few american games though, 88 GK who needs a club however.

  8. DoThePoznan

    Add away. Let me know who you are though via message or w.e

  9. GT: debsicus
    FIFA 11

  10. New77Era's Avatar New77Era
    Manchester United Reserve
    Gamertag: New77Era
    FIFA 11, Black Ops, NBA 2K11

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