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What Are You Drinking Now?

  1. What Are You Drinking Now?

    I'm currently enjoying a Flying Dog Dogtoberfest to take the sting out of watching Arsenal. It's made by a brewery not too far from my home.

    So what are you drinking?

  2. Arsenal fans tears ^_^
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    Newcastle United and Aberdeen Modern Day Legend
    4x500ml of Tennents Lager

  4. Chocolate milk.

    Yeah, I'm badass.
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  5. Russki Standard Platinum vodka. Thank you Arsenal I was saving it for weekend.

  6. LFCMarshall's Avatar LFCMarshall
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    • Quote Originally Posted by Jamie92 View Post
      Fantastic update, seriously it's quite amazing how much time and effort you have put into this. Premierleague is 99.99% perfect IMO!
      Quote Originally Posted by peskybendben View Post
      Another phenominal update there LFC! Simply outstanding, and by far the most complete and comprehensive update on the web today! I think I speak on behalf of everyone on this forum, when I say a huge thank you for this!
    Liverpool. YNWA.
    Orange Juice. I love the stuff
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  7. What Are You Drinking Now?-mainnews-53.jpg

    Which means "Sevendays Blooded Orange Juice"

  8. Everton Nice Guy Gramps
    Chilled bottle of Spanish White Wine (to accompony a chip buttie). Niice
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  9. A schooner of coffee.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by ajt09 View Post
    Chilled bottle of Spanish White Wine (to accompony a chip buttie). Niice
    Very classy.

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