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PDF Download Button thats Under most of the Addons for FM

  1. PDF Download Button thats Under most of the Addons for FM

    Just to Bring it to your attention that i had a mate call me last night ( Not so great with Compters who thought that the Green Download Button was an actual Download for his FM Kits ) , Turns out he was redirected to a site where he somhow downloaded

    WIN.7.ANTIVIRUS 2013

    This is infact a Horrible Virus that wouldnt let him remove it, Access System restore, Access Real Virus Checks and In turn Really Detroyed his Computer.

    This program is a Trojen Virus that is Very Difficut to Deal with.

    If anyone Has had this issue, and Has the same problem

    Turn off your Computer > Start it back up > Press F8 on boot > Start up on Safe mode with netwroking > Then Do the System Restore, it was how i managed to Talk him through it but He would not have known otherwise.

    Just a note for the Admins that One of your ADverts is infact a dangerous Virus.

    Nothing Wrong with the File if you Use the Small Blue Download button thats Above the OPEN PDF Advert Below ( thats the one i am talking about ).

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  2. Quote Originally Posted by Sean View Post
    Try the FMC Skin. I haven't tried it myself, but it's your best bet
    Just quoting Sean to make sure he sees this.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Jake View Post
    Just quoting Sean to make sure he sees this.
    No problem

    Just thought i would let you huys know as im sure you dont want to be having People Getting Dangeous Malware / Viruses that are a Pain in the ass to get rid off.

    Hopefully you can get to the bottom of it.

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