Best Processor Type and RAM Speed?

  1. Best Processor Type and RAM Speed?

    Hi Lads,i'm going to get a new laptop/computer at christmas and wanted to know what is the best type of processor?
    e.g intel.I also wanted to know what would be a the best RAM speed for having a very fast fm game,my curent laptop runs 4gb and my fm13 runs slow.Is it just that pc's run faster than laptop's?,thanks

  2. 1) welcome to the Base
    2) wrong section mate, moved to correct one
    3) i7 is great with DDR3 1888mhz Transcend or Rigsaw RAM, 4 gb's should be more than enough for FM..

    I have an i5 with 4gb DDR3 1666mhz RAM and it runs great

  3. Peasy.
    The best PC setup as of March this year was;
    CPU - intel Core i7-3960X $1299 Ultrabook, SmartPhone, Laptop, Desktop, Server, & Embedded
    MoBo - ASUS Rampage IV Extreme $699 ASUS
    RAM - 64GB G.Skill Ripjaw 2133MHz CL 9-11-9 (8x8GB) $1800 G.SKILL- World leading DDR3 computer memory and SSD manufacturer -Home
    VIDEO - Leadtek GTX580 1536MB $2100
    PSU - Enermax Maxrevo 1500W $399 Enermax Technology Corporation
    STORAGE - 4x Corsair Force Series GT 240GB RAID 0 $2276 Corsair
    COOLING - Custom Water Cooling Loop $1350 PC Case Gear

    Prices are $AUD, 6 months old and times by 0.6 to roughly give pounds.

  4. Ok cheers Raikan and Roymo,sorry for putting it in the wrong place

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