Hi everyone;

This summer my wife and I will be doing an eighty mile trek from Ilkely in North Yorkshire, across the Yorkshire Dales and into Cumbria, finishing at Bowness in Funess on the Eastern shore of Lake Windermere. We are doing this in order to raise money for the charity Epilepsy Action, Epilepsy has affected both of us during our lives, I suffered with the condition badly as a child and even had to attend school at a hospital for a while before I was finally given a medication that controlled my seizures, Thankfully as I have grown up I seem to have put the condition behind me and have not had a fit in several years now.
My wife on the other hand had the opposite problem, her Epilepsy manifested not in childhood but in her teen years, It has caused her great difficulty in education and keeping jobs which bread deep depression in her, culminating in a suicide attempt in 2012. Thankfully she too now appears to have found a medication which has her fits under control, she is now back in employment and in line for a promotion as well as doing a degree in politics, philosophy and economics which has given her a new outlook and zest for life, I struggle to believe she is the same woman who hit rock bottom just a few months ago.

Now that we have put the condition behind us we now wish to give something back to the various organisations who have helped us both over the years, one of those organisations is Epilepsy action who paid for Kayla to stay a week at the National center for Epilepsy in Chalfont st Peters for the testing that lead to her being prescribed the new tablets.
Initially we set a fundraising target of £300, However with almost six months still to go until the big day we are already half way to that target thanks to some generous donations, we have now raised the bar and wish to at least double that £300. Please, if you can help out even with just £1 it will help make a difference to someones life, Epilepsy affects not only me and Kayla but over 50 million people worldwide and charity's desperately need funding to help those sufferers. You can donate by clicking the link below or texting RKKA87 to 70070 followed by your donation amount.

You can also follow our training and fundraising progress on our blog which we shall be updating regularly in the build up to the event. Rick & Kayla's Training blog

Thank you for reading!